Living with her

Augest 4 2015

How would it feel when

1) Some One waits for you even till midnight to have dinner with you ?

2) Some One serves you bed coffee ?

3) Some One makes sure that while you sneeze in your sleep the speed of the fan is reduced ?

4) Some One makes your wardrobe look very much organized ?

5) Some One irons and keeps your clothes ready on the bed so that you can wear it after your bath ?

6) Some One wakes up early in the morning just for making breakfast and lunch for you and makes them ready even before you get up from the bed ?

7) Some One puts up with all your craziness and just admires you for that

8) Some One makes it sure that you don't lack anything ?
These questions sound so filmy right? Well, I know of a certain someone  who does all these things and I am living with her for the last 2 years. Yes, Kavi and I have lived together for 2 years

Namitha's revenge!

February 10 2013

Dengue is caused by mosquitoes. For those who read my blog regularly, I am gonna reveal a secret now. I had a pet mosquito called Namitha. She was the creator of the deadly disease Dengue. Dengue is the Insect version of Bird flu. 

How the Dengue disease spread?

Namitha was rescued by me when I found her in a pool of blood. Apparently she had tried to bite my friend who in turn attacked her with his palms. I took her from the pool of blood, applied dettol on her wounds, and nursed her and she was back to normal within a week. As Namitha was a glamorous mosquito, all the romeo mosquitoes tried to woo her. But she had loads of attitude and she never fell for any guy. Even though she tried her level best to stay away from guys, the male mosquitoes in our locality tried different stunts to get the attention of Namitha. 

Show Rock Khan was one such mosquito. He was the only mosquito with six packs. Though he was old, he  was from Africa and legend has a belief that Indian girl mosquitoes liked African Male mosquitoes. Namitha was drawn towards Show Rock Khan. I found that they were in love when I saw them coochy cooching near the window in my house. I warned Namitha and told her not to trust all guys and I also told her that all guys were after her body. But she was blinded by her love for Show Rock Khan.

One day Namitha decided to elope with Show Rock Khan. I over heard their conversation. Yes it is wrong to eavesdrop. But I was possessive about Namitha and I did not want Show Rock to misuse her innocence. They had planned to fly away from my house in the night after I switch off the light. Namitha had the habit of whispering sweet nothings in my ears every night with a koiiiiiiinnnnnggggg sound. Once she does that, I would go to sleep. That night she decided to elope after singing in my ears. I knew that was the last koiiiiinnnnnnggggg sound that I am gonna hear from her. It was heart breaking for me. I tried to control my tears, but I failed.

[Read this line with an emotional music in the background. Please add some tear drops to your eyes to prove to others that you are involved in the story. If tears refuse to come, sprinkle some chilly powder on your eyes, cos you will have to cry more and more ]

Namitha flew away with Show rock khan. He did not marry her; but gave her 324 babies. He deserted her and started living with another mosquito. Namitha found it difficult to take care of the babies. She also decided to take revenge on all the male mosquitoes. She went on a killing spree and she hired the ranguski mosquito (The mosquito which acted in the movie Robot). Along with Ranguski mosquito, Namitha went on a killing spree. She became very notorious and she became the poolan devi of the mosquito world.  In the mean time Namitha showed symptoms of a dreaded disease that was never heard of before. The disease was so bad that it even had the power to kill human beings. Later human beings gave a name to that disease and called it Dengue.

Namitha died in the early hours of a sunday morning near my pillow. She came back to me and she took a vow never to bite me (The only guy she trusted in her life). I miss that koinnnnnnnngggg sound these days. Many other mosquitoes still sing in my ears. You would have heard that koinnnnngggggg sound too. But none of these voices can be compared to that honey melting voice that Namitha had.

Today when ever I kill a mosquito with a mosquito bat, I always remember Namitha. She never ever bit me. If only all the mosquitoes were like Namitha, the world would be a better place to live in.
Note : The mosquito bat is the greatest ever discovery of the 21st century

Note : The mosquito bat is the greatest ever discovery of the 21st century

திருட்டு மாங்கா (Stolen Mango)

February 09 2013

திருட்டு மாங்கா (Stolen Mango) is one of the tastiest fruits in the world. It tastes better than the normal mangoes. Even if you have a mango tree in your house, the mangoes in that tree stand no chance to the mangoes that are stolen from the neighbor's house.

When I was a kid, I used to wait for the summer season. That's the season the mangoes will dangle on all the mango trees. There are two ways to steal mangoes

1) Climb the mango tree and pluck the mangoes
2) Throw stones at the mangoes and pick them from the ground
Let us analyse these two methods

1) Climb the mango tree and pluck the mangoes

You should have a very good idea about the physical structure of the tree. You should also be a good climber. Once you climb the tree, there is no looking back. If the neighbor has a dog, make sure that the dog is sleeping. If the dog is awake, then the dog should be your friend. Otherwise, you are in big trouble. Make sure that you are wearing an appropriate dress while climbing the tree. If you are wearing a lungi or a skirt (In the case of you being a girl) there are chances of you giving a heart attack to the neighbor if he catches you in the act. In this method, the mangoes do not go through torture. This kind of plucking a mango is very similar to catching fish using a net.

 2) Throw stones at the mangoes and pick them from the ground

You should have a good aim. If the tree has lots and lots of mangoes, you don't have to worry about your aim. All you have to do is throw a stone at a bunch of mangoes. Make sure that there are no glass windows near the mango tree. If there are glass windows, it is better to use the first method unless and until you have a great aim. This method comes handy when you have a partner in crime. One can throw the stone and the other can retrieve the mango. The retriever should be good in running, climbing walls. If the neighbor has a dog, the retriever should be as fast as Ussain Bolt. This method of stealing a mango is like catching a fish using a fishing rod. The mango will go through great deal of pain. The mango will actually look like a heroine without make up.

After you get the mango, you can just bite it and eat it. Otherwise, you can hit the mango on a stone and burst it open and eat it. If you have the patience, you can use a knife to cut the mango into pieces. Add a pinch of salt and chilly powder and taste the mango. It would taste amazing.

Disclaimer : Stealing is a crime.
If tobacco companies can come up with such a disclaimer, why can't I ?

Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom

February 03 2013

Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom is a Tamil movie that hit the screens. The movie talks about a guy who loses his memory and then regains it. This post is born from the title of that movie. This post has a tamil touch to it. But once when you see the pictures, you will understand the meaning.

1)Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom

2)Naduvula Konjam Mudiya Kaanom

3) Naduvula Konjam Roada Kaanom

4) Naduvula Thopulla (Belly Button) Kaanom

5) Naduvaiyae Kaanom

Banu akka's lemon tea

February 01 2013

The Chef inside me is back alive. I am addicted to Hot Lemon Tea. When ever I go to a eat out, I always look for Hot Lemon Tea.  
Finally I have found how to make my own Hot Lemon Tea. Thanks to Banu akka for teaching me how to make this. 

For all those who want to make Hot lemon tea at home, I am gonna help you all out here.

Hot Lemon Tea

To make Hot Lemon Tea for 4 people, you will need
1) I bowl of water
2) Half teaspoon lemon zest
3) Half teaspoon lemon juice
3) Half teaspoon of Tea leaves (Long leaves preferably)
4) Sugar/Honey to taste

Step 1

Boil water. If you do not know how to boil water, please see my inspiring post on how to boil water [ link ]. Once the water is boiled, switch off the stove.

 Step 2

Zest a lemon and make sure that you have 1 tsp of lemon zest. All you have to do is scrape the lemon peel and you have lemon zest ready.

Step 3

Now add the lemon zest, lemon juice, tea leaves to the hot water and close the lid to infuse the tea.

Step 4

Now add sugar/Honey to your taste. Hot Lemon tea is ready.

How to Drink this?

Take a warm water shower in the evening. Dry your hair , but not your body. Leave the hot water droplets on your skin. Put a chair on the balcony. Now drink the Hot Lemon Tea. Look into the starry sky. The feeling cannot be explained in words.

The recipe was given to me by Banu akka. She is a world famous food blogger/ food photographer / food stylist. Anyone will start cooking when they check her food blog [ link ]. Today she celebrates her 17th wedding anniversary. Prabhupepsi conveys a wonderful Hot Lemonish wedding anniversary wishes to her.