My Bicycle Memories

October 31 2010

 I was recently going through the photo album and I stalled on this particular photo. This bicycle picture spoke a million words and it pulled me back down memory lane and all those childhood memories flashed across my mind.
The first cycle in my life was actually a tricycle. It is still very much alive
The second cycle was a big bicycle. It was my cousin Shiva Anna's bicycle. It is in the picture.
The first bicycle that I ever rode was a BSA-SLR. And you know it was my 'cousin's cycle. I was ten years old then. The first monkey-pedal is very fresh in my memory along with my first girl friend Sharmi.(she is my uncles daughter too) I learnt to ride a bicycle in two days.
When I was fifteen, I got my first TVS champ 50cc bike. It was my dads bike. Each and every day there is a fight with my dad. I used it till class twelve

The last time I cycled was in the year 1996. Now it has been fourteen years. Time sure runs fast. I would like to talk about few techniques on mounting on top of a bicycle.
Mounting Technique

Mounting on top of a bicycle and parking your rear-end on the seat becomes a tough job if you are short like Sharmi. she stands a total of 160 cms. (Actually she is just 158.7 cms. But she has rounded it to 160cms). Mounting is very essential to ride a bicycle. There are two basic ways of mounting on top of a bicycle.
a) The Karate Kick technique

This is the easiest technique to get on top of a bicycle. The cyclist should use his hands to hold the handle-bar and he should stand on the left side of the cycle.The left leg should be placed on the pedal and using the right leg, the cyclist should generate velocity and when the cycle moves forward, the cyclist should perform the "Karate-Kick" move which would enable him to clear the bar and position his right feet on the right pedal of the cycle.
Care should be taken during the Karate-Kick move. If not properly performed, serious damage could happen on the groin-zone of the cyclist. The author of this blog has been a victim on a couple of occasions. Are you a victim too?

b) Monkey Pedal Technique

This is the basic way of pedaling in between the bars of a cycle to ride it. Instead of the "Karate Kick" move,the cyclist should leave his leg in between the center bar and pedal.

Now I have a question for the readers...
 why it is known as monkey pedal?

those childhood games...

October 30 2010

This picture was taken when I was 6 years old. My brothers SARAVANAN ANNA and Sridhar Anna  is standing on both sides to me. I do not have my two front teeth in this picture. I lost them during the Pakistan war. The reason for me adding my childhood picture is to pictorially represent the content of this post.
Ages : 10 and below, would understand this post better

"1, 2, 3,4,8,9, 13, 15, 28, 29, 42, 48,49,50. I am ready. Here, I come"... I would say this and start searching for my friends. It has been more than two decades now. But those hide and seek games of my childhood days are still fresh in my memory. Yes, I used to cheat with my counting.

Wearing a hat and climbing trees was another great excitement boosting sport. Climbing the trees is usually accompanied by having hi-definition gadgets like a "cheap catapult" and a "cheap binocular".

Collecting railway platform tickets/travel tickets and using them for trading games was another regular game that I used to play as a kid. I remember the fights that I have had with Satish anna  for those paper tickets.

Another interesting game was to break the legs of Heman dolls (My cousin's collection).

Ludo,Snakes and Ladders, Chinese Checkers, Stealing the red coin from carrom board were popular board games of those days.

I remember a game that Akila akka and Abi akka (they are my uncles daughter) used to play. The hopping-square game. A 4x2 table is drawn on the sand ground and the player has to hop on 1 leg and then throw the stone backwards in the last square box. I have forgotten the rules of the game. But I remember the girls used to love this game big time during those days.

There was this game played with marbles. My neighbour taught me that game. It was so much fun indeed.

On week-ends we used to go to the park and fly kites. My dad taught me to make kites.

Paper boat game is the most popular game during the monsoon season. Papers from rough note books are torn and are re-designed as paper boats and they are made to float in the water during rainy season.

Akila akka also had this habit of collecting Glo dolls ( Dolls that glow in the dark). I used to pluck those dolls from her and present it to my classmates (girls)

Another game that pulled me like a magnet was street cricket. I would come back from school and wait near the kitchen window and would longingly look at the empty ground near my house. Slowly my neighbours and street-mates would come to the ground with rubber balls and cricket bats. We would climb trees, break twigs and make stumps from them.

I recently came across this lovely video Krithi, Kavin and Charan playing together. I so badly miss my childhood now.
(Krithi and Kavin are SARAVANAN ANNA's Children and Charan is Sridhar anna's only son and He is the big BOSS in our family)

With the advent of internet and modern day electronic gadgets, kids these days live in a virtual world. Everything has become plastic offlate. The kids of the present generation do not have a single clue about the fun games that we played when we were kids. There are so many other games that we would have played in our childhood days. If you have any childhood game memories, please feel free to share in the comment section

The Bruce Lee & Master Zhu

October 29 2010

Warning: Extremely dangerous post. Readers are requested not to try this at home.

I feel to write something about some good old memories from my life. When I was a 9 year old kid, I saw the movie," Enter the Dragon". I became an instant fan of Bruce Lee. From that day onwards my poor cousin Sanu would be at the recipient end of my kicks and punches. I would often stand in front of the mirror and admire my rib cage bones (I still do that) and scream like Bruce Lee. Out of rage, I have even gone to the extent of tearing pillows and venting my power output on the cushions. Such outbursts had resulted in my Mom and Samu Perima punishing me very badly. I am sad that the option of 911 was not there when I was a kid.

I soon joined a Karate class and after 9 days I got my Black belt in Karate.(hy its true believe me ya) Breaking a clay-brick was not a very tough job anymore. It was as simple as killing a mosquito. Throwing a clay-brick from the top of your house on the road is a simple method to break the brick. I was very good in it. I still do it with ease. When I entered college, I became eligible to become a Karate Master because I also learnt Kung-Fu and I had completed 4 dons after my black belt. But I never told any of my friends that I am an exponent of a martial art.

Soon, I started my career in aircel and my colleagues found out that I am a Kung-Fu Master. These were the same boys with whom I joined hands and formed the Biker Boy gang (Please see the photo to know about the dangerous Biker Boys). So after much pressure from my friends, I decided to teach them Kung-Fu. In Mandarin, the word "Zhu" is used to refer to a Master. So as a first lesson, I made my colleagues to call me Master.Zhu. They instantly obeyed my command because they knew that if they did not respect their master, they would be subjected to his wrath and his iron fists.(I was their Master)

I envisaged a plan and decided to teach them two Killer Moves that would topple any enemy.

1) The Power Lift
2) The Ostrich kick
The Power Lift is a very dangerous technique that can be performed only by expert Black belt exponents like me. If a person masters the art of Power Lift, he can lift even an elephant.
(Prabhupepsi preforming the Power Lift)

The Ostrich Kick is another extreme dangerous martial art move. This move is deadly and can be used to kill three persons simultaneously. This particular move involves great flexibility and the Kung-Fu exponent performs this move in mid air by jumping few feets above the ground. The exponent not only jumps few feets above the ground they 've to kick at least anyone who stands opposite to the exponent. This move instantly brings death to the enemy.
(My student Krithi is preforming the Ostrich Kick, Should be performed only by trained professionals. Don't do this stunt in your home, It ll be very dangerous to your family members )

The above two moves are very dangerous and I request my readers, not to try this at home or at market place or in the toilet. Coming back to the topic, I took my friends to the top of a mountain(ooty) and put them under rigorous training for 30 days. They became physically strong. But to perform the above two deadly moves, one should be emotionally strong too. So I decided to train them with a new form of meditation sitting in the steps and lean one after another. It is called Nithra Boja Asana. If they had meditated for 30 days, they'd have become mentally strong too.
29 days of meditation made them really strong and I knew that they were almost ready for fighting against the world. But on the last day, the unthinkable happened. All my efforts went down the drain because one of my friends (Shiva) did the unthinkable. The candid camera caught him red-handed. He wasn't meditating properly but was smiling during the meditation session and hence my dreams of building a strong team of martial art exponents came down crashing on the final day.

Shiva is now the father of a kid and his naughtiness still prevails. When I think about this Karate memories, a few drop of tears escape from my eye lids.

Note: I am pretty sure that the readers of would have realised by now that the whole post is full of lies. But I assure you that One thing that I mentioned in this post is absolutely true. Can you find what it is?

I met her.....

October 28 2010

"Some pairs are made in heaven, but some unusual pairs are made in the beach."

It has been two years. I was sitting in the Sims Park(coonoor) thinking about those good old days. The fun filled school life. Musical days in college. Memories are always sweet to cherish especially when we are alone.

I saw happy faces running around and playing in the park. An old man walking with his dog. A young couple playing with their little kid. A few bachelors sitting together and cracking jokes. Well I noticed them all.

I was sitting alone. It was a cold evening. The sun was setting. I noticed a man and his girlfriend walking on the grass. She was holding his hands and her head rested on his shoulders. I felt happy for them. But as they walked past me, tear drops welled my eyes. Anitha.Yes thats the same girl...
27th February 1996
I was a student in Seetharam masters tuition. The girls have just joined in. I was among the very few souls in tuition who wanted to have a good time ragging the newcomers.

"Whats your name?",my rough voice echoed through her ear drums...
"Anitha",a soft voice soothed my ear drums ...
27th February 2001
College day celebrations. She was sitting in the crowd. I was on stage with my band. I did not take my eyes off Anitha. She had her eyes fixed on mine too. The vacuum between us was so thick that I could actually cut it with a knife.Lady in Red. My friends knew that I dedicated the song for her
27th February 2002
Six years of togetherness. We were sitting in the same park.(those days we use to go ooty our favorite one day trip) We are loving six years now. Neither of us ever start our goodbye talk each other. But we knew in our hearts that we were in tears. I finally popped the question, "Shall I go to chennai? I am sure I ll back within a year!"... A few minutes of silence.. Our eyes spoke the language of love. Our tears finally blossomed in the park.
27th February 2003
I am no more in college. I have passed out of college. I am working now. I call her to remind her that this was the day that I first spoke to her and this was the day that our love blossomed between us. I talked for five long hours. The heavy phone bill said it all.
27th February 2004
I am now in Chennai and she has passed out of college. She is working in a school in Pollachi. I took leave from office and went all the way from Chennai to Coimbatore to see her. We had a great time. I knew she missed me a lot
"When will you marry me?"
"Wait till I get a good job"
"But my parents are looking for a guy for me. It is very hard to convince them. You are Tamil.  I am a Telugu. You are a mudaliar. I am a chettiar. Do you think that it will work out?"
" Why such a doubt after four years? That too on a special day?"
"Just wanted to ask you! Do you think that we could make it?"
"What ever happens, I am sure that we will make it through"
27th February 2009
Our marriage was stopped and it has been four months. But I still can't find where she is!!!
Why did not she tell me that she is leaving me?
I can't forget this day...
27th October 2010
It has been two years.I was sitting in the Sims Park thinking about those good old days.........
........I felt happy for them. But as they walked past me, tear drops welled my eyes. Anitha with her man. I have finally seen her after two long years. She did not notice me. I was not a part of her world anymore. "Even Humorous people have sad memories", I thought to myself and walked into the sunset with tears.
- Prabhu

Who is my kind of gurl?

October 27 2010

I never felt that I was missing Anitha in life until I realised that I am still single. So if you would ask me whether I would be ready to mingle; the answer would be a loud NO. I find it really hard to handle myself (No pun intended in this line)and I do not want to think about settling down now(Ok no sad stories). There should be only one chatterbox in the family and I strongly believe that it should be me. So should I find a dumb girl? I guess this has nothing to do with my latest attraction towards blondes. Sharapova, Kournikova, Boomika, Anushka; Are you girls listening?

I wanted to marry Sania Mirza, because if she had become my wife, I could accompany her to the grandslams and sit in the crowd and start a conversation with a pretty girl in the crowd. But things did not go as planned and Sania got married. I was still ready to accept her. But when she was blanked in the US open second round 6-0,6-0 by Flavia Pennetta, I changed my mind. I don't wanna marry Sania anymore.

It is really hard to find a silent, calm girl. So the probability of me finding a calm girl is nearly nil. Hence I am finding alternate methods to adjust my life, if I end up with a chatter box as my wife. This is the kind of car I would buy. I would make it sure that my wife never gets to drive the car.
Do I have any other options? Should I marry a call center girl/ telemarketing girl. I have got a very poor relationship with telemarketing girls. When I was working in the IT Industry, I used to receive regular phone calls from telemarketing girls. I didn't have a clue how they used to get my phone number. I would at least get two calls every week. I soon found a way to deal with them. I am gonna write about three conversation-incidents I had with telemarketing girls (TMG).

1) The caring girl
Prabhu: Hello! Who is this? ( I did not know that it was a call from a telemarketer)
TMG: Hello Sir! How are you today? (I hear a girl's voice. My eyes go big)
Prabhu: I am fine. Can I know who this is? ( In my best tone)
TMG: Sir I am calling from ABC company. Is it a right time to speak to you? (My eyes go small now and I have had more than enough from telemarketers. So I think of playing along)
Prabhu: Yes! This is the perfect timing to talk with someone. I wanted to talk with someone. You know onething; No one cares for me these days. I am glad that you called.
TMG: But sir! I called to inform you that...
Prabhu: What is your name?
TMG: Oh sorry sir. My name is Suneeta (OMG why you are hurting me again and again)
Prabhu: Wow. that is a lovely name. I had a classmate. Her name was Suneeta too. She is dumb. Hope you are not like her.
TMG: Sir, I called to inform you that we have an offer
Prabhu: An offer? Wow! You are so sweet. How thoughtful of you. Is it a free flight ticket to America? My brother's are there.(She may thought Seriyana Perumai peetha karayana irupanatiruke)
TMG: Excuse me sir. But I called to inform you...
Prabhu: Hey Suneeta. I need to go and brush my teeth now. Why don't you give me your mobile number? I would give you a missed call tonight. We can talk freely. I would pour my heart out to my new friend
That was last time I ever received a call from Suneeta.

2) Airtel Customer Care girl
Back then,I had a Airtel phone connection. So I used to get calls from Airtel customer care girls on a regular basis. At first, it was fun to receive calls from them. But when it became an habit, the calls became an headache. One day a girl named Brindha called me and tried to get me to sign up for the Family and Friends Plan.When I replied in a husky voice, "I don't have any friends. would you be my friend?" she hung up.

3) Sharmi?
Once I got a call from a telemarketer and she sounded like my Sharmi. I kept on insisting her that she was indeed Sharmi. I asked to stop playing a joke too. "Come on Sharmi, cut it out! I found you, How is uncle, aunt and specially your fiancee? Atleast will you name your son, Prabhu?". The caller hung up. Now I think it was really Sharmi at the other end.
My tryst with call centre girls has yielded negative results so far and hence I decided to call my friend Adarsh to give me advice about girls. Adarsh was my class mate and he is like the Mamooty of Thalapathi, of course I am the Rajini too(ithu surya sir! nerpu, orasathinga) . When ever we got emotion he hug me and say "Ivan pinaa enoda thalapathi" He recently got married. I rang him up.
"Hey Prabhu buddy. How with you? Long time thalapathi".
" Yes Adarsh! How is married life?"
" It was good in the beginning. Now its boring?"
" Why? You were very good with girls and you ditched every girl in college. Now your folks found a cute girl for you. Why is it boring?"
"Marriage is like a body spray thalapathi. It is fresh and nice in the beginning. But very soon the scent mixes with your sweat and combined effect is bad."
" So should I go for an arranged marriage or should I go for love anyone again?"
" Well! Let me tell you something. Marriage is like a river. The bridegroom is a creature who doesn't know swimming. Arranged marriage is an art in which the bridegroom is pushed into the river by his folks. Love marriage is the art of committing suicide in which the groom takes the plunge all by himself" for god's sake you didn't get married with Anitha thala!
"That is sad. I am scared of getting married now"
" Well. Let me tell you some thing more about life. Life has only two paths.1) Career and 2) Love. Career is nothing but building your career. Love is nothing but building your love"
"Err. How many pegs down?"
" Now pouring my 7th peg thala. Lemme tell you about two more things about life"
" I'll call you laterz bro"

Moral: Never ask advice from a drunk friend.

Nine Nutty Memories

October 26 2010

This past week, I had a few weird learning experiences. I just wanna share it with everyone.

1) Do not use the mobile phone while taking a bath. Chances are that your mobile phone might end up in the water bowl and the soap might end up in your ear.

2) Do not use ear buds on your ears while seated in the back seat of a car and especially when you have someone driving the car like ronaldo's nanny.

3) Do not talk on the phone while eating out. You might poke your nose with the fork.

4) Never scare a small kid in a shopping mall by showing funny faces. The kid might spit on your face.

5) Never give missed calls to your newly-married friend. His wife might call you back and give a five minute decent speech to you.

6) Bitings dogs never Bark.

7) When you are in the bathroom, make sure that you latch your door knob properly. Your brother might have the shock of his life.

8) If a city girl  accidently happens to be your travelmate, she will surely have a Sidney Sheldon Book in her hand. She will have the amazing capability to jump from page 44 to 163 in just 5 minutes. She will also keep on scratching her head. Yuk. It is not a dream come true to have a hitech girl as your travelmate.

9) When you decide to quit orkut for ever, you will receive three testimonials and fourteen friendship requests.

Why did archimedes run naked?

October 25 2010

The Archimedes Principle - ( The lie that is taught in schools)
Archimedes took to the streets naked, so excited by his discovery that he had forgotten to dress, crying "Eureka!"

Archimedes Principle ( The truth - decoded by  Prabhu Pepsi)

Archimedes was in love with an Indian aunty and her name was Rekha (feel as kadalora kavithaigal heroine). While he was taking bath, he saw Rekha along with another guy through the window. Archimedes got angry and jumped out the bathtub and ran into the streets shouting " You Rekha! You Rekha!; You ditched me". You Rekha was wrongly interpreted as Eureka and the rest of the story is wrongly taught in schools.

Why am I writing this now?
When I was in Kindergarten, I proposed Sharmi( My first girlfriend & My moraponu too ) for the first time. She said in a stern voice ,"Prabhu! I will fall in love with you if you get first rank in class". I never got first rank in my entire school life and my true ISO certified love was never accepted by Sharmi. But on the final day of her holiday before going back to her place(koduvai), she came to me  and said, " Prabhu! I will accept your love if you become a famous personality in India". But Sharmi did not keep her word. Because She is getting married to a tall, dark and handsome guy ( I am short(er than him), fair and not so handsome) and is now the English Professor in a college.

Yesterday, when my blog made some news in the national scene, I called Sharmi over the phone and this is how our conversation went
Ring Ring.. Ring Ring

Sharmi : Hello! Me: Hello Muthalagu ( In my best husky voice)
She immediately understood that it was me
Sharmi : Hey Prabhu soluda! Long time. Eruma How are you?
Me : Yes. I am fine. How are you?
Sharmi : I am fine. My job keeping me busy da
Me : Thats sweet. I always think about our childhood days.
Sharmi : Yes. We had a great childhood life
Me : Do you still think of me?
Sharmi : I am now committed and I am three months elder than you idiot.
Me : But you promised me that you will reciprocate my love if i become famous in India
Sharmi : Yes. I did. But you never did anything worthwhile
Me: But you know my blog is the Awesome, most honest blog in India and I am in 75th place.
Sharmi : Don't Lie.
Me: I am serious.
Sharmi : Was the rating done by INDIBLOGGIES ?
Me : No. It was not a rating by indibloggies
Sharmi : Then. Please do not even mention about it to me.
Me: But Sharmi...
Me: OK. Sharmi. If I am selected as the best blogger by indibloggies, I will surely call you.

BANG. The line went dead

Two hourss back, I was applying dove soap on my face when my friend called me on the phone and said, " Prabhu! You are pitted against one of the Most honest and awesome blogger in the country. Check the indibloggies final list". I immediately checked the indibloggies list to see my blog selected in the final 5 of the best honest blogs in the country.Now the voting phase has started. All you have to do is click this
 and then vote for me. 

Vote for Prabhu Pepsi.My blog is in the "Most honest indiblog category". It is the 5th category. If i win this award,
I promise to Construct roads in all the rural places of India
Ban professors from entering colleges ( This line is used to garner student votes)
Make threat-calls to all the bad bosses in IT firms ( More votes from IT employees)
find girl friends for all desperate bachelors
find handsome hunks with six packs like surya for all the love thirsty-girls.
This voting is open for even children below 18 years of age. My nephew Kavin(6y), Charan(3y)and my niece Krithi(6y), Swetha(3y), Aishu(5 weeks) are also voting for me.

Winning this award will also enable Sharmi to fall in love with me. If that happens, Sharmi's fiancée will run into the streets shouting, " You Sharmi! You Sharmi! You ditched me". That will make him famous like Archimedes.

Gabtun's 9 mantra for a happy life

October 24 2010

How to lead a Happy life?
The whole world is searching to find an answer to this question. Many experts have come up with many theories and mantras to inspire people to lead a happy life. Such mantras are well suited for many and ill suited for a few. I was under the assumption that a 100 % successful mantra was never ever proposed by anyone. Very recently I discovered that "Gabtun" VijayKanth has proposed "9 mantras" for a happy life. He practices these 9 mantras in his life too. Very few practice what they preach.

If you are not familiar with Gabtun, you are wasting your time on this earth. He is the Past, Present and Future leader of this world. He has killed each and every Single Bagisdan (Pakistan) Terrorist. 26/11 happened just because he was sleeping that fateful night. Osama Bin Laden is under hiding because he is scared of our Gabtun. Without much ado, let me state the "9 fold mantra for a happy life" by Gabtun

1. Be Sincere

2. Fall in Love
If love like this exist in real life, i do not want to be a part of it.

3. Understand your Life's purpose

4. Get married and produce babies

5. Be Professional in your actions

The compaq laptop was infected with a deadly virus after this photo shoot was over and it had to be trashed

6. Meditate everyday

7. Adopt a pet animal
The dog went into amnesia after this photo was taken.

8. Indulge in sports activities
The Dog died after this picture was taken. The remains of the dog were scrubbed from the bottom of Gabtun's slippers. Please do not allow Menaka Gandhi to know about this

9. Fight against Injustice

Note: This post is dedicated to M.Raja (The photographer of the last photo). M. Raja died of depression and heart failure. 
aaaaaaahhhhhhuueeee varatuuuumaaaa.....

Childhood Ambitions

October 23 2010

I was going through my Dad's photo album and this picture caught my attention. This picture was taken in the 1970's. My dad is in the picture. This picture conveys the message of humor to us.

Every Human being would have a childhood ambition. My dad wanted to become a successful business man. The hardships that he went through to achieve his childhood Goal were many. I am proud of him because of what he has achieved in life. His ambition never changed and he held on to his goal and worked hard to achieve it. He started his business in the 1970s and he is still with the same firm reaching heights.  Running with the same firm for close to 40 years is something that I could not even fathom in my dreams.

I have changed 2 business in 2 years. My childhood ambitions kept on changing with time.When I was three years old - I wanted to become a cop. But when I was six and half years old I fell in love with Sharmi. Before I turned Ten, I had already wanted to become a train driver, Astronaut, doctor, District collector, Bike racer and Chef. But when I turned ten, I was still chewing my finger and hence my only goal in life was focused on quitting finger chewing.

When I entered my teens, I became a great fan of PC Sriram and hence I wanted to become a camera man. I started watching detective series too and hence I also wanted to become a detective. By the time, I was done with school, I thought that being an computer profession would be cool. As soon as I joined B Sc computer in a college, I realised that being an computer professional was not at all a cool thing. But very soon I realised that over the years, I developed a strong sense of thinking out of the box. It took me many years to realise the potential that was sleeping somewhere near my small intestine.

There are two kinds of people
1. People like my dad, who realise their potential at a very young age and work towards achieving their Goal.
2. People like me, who take life as it comes and in the process realise their potential.
If you have not realised your potential yet, keep on experimenting with life. One day, you would realise your potential. On that day, all your failures would act as a great case study material for you to present to the future generation.

If someone asks you the million dollar question," What is your goal in life?" and if you do not have a specific answer, he might even put you down by saying " You are not serious in your life yet". Yes! You might not have been serious in life. But still there is hope and you can always realise your potential anytime in life.

Sometimes you have to aim at the target and shoot at it. Some times you have to just shoot blindly at the wall and call it the target. None of us are failures.Let no one despise your ambitions and do not allow anyone to steal your dignity.

Note: I did not intend to take this philosophical turn. But this is a much needed message for a few of my friends who are going through a tough time in life.

I would like to congratulate Mayilsamy Annadurai and his team for successfully launching the 6 satellites in orbit.You guys have done our country proud. If only the rocket had fallen inside the Bay of Bengal, I would have had an opportunity to pull your legs. Never the less, good work.Next time, please send Jayalalitha and  T.Rajendar to space too.

PS:  Jayalalitha leaving lots of arikai's actually all mokais  and T.Rajendar acting as a hero again.

One Question: What was your childhood ambition?


October 22 2010

I am just a man of words
And my words are not all mine

Promises between entwined fingers
Empty apologies over bland confessions
I am just a man who swindle with words
Abiding by them is not my game

So I make you laugh
My humor is but borrowed
So I make you think
My philosophies are all adopted
I maintain, I am just a man of words
And my words are not all mine

I preach, I pretend, I presume
Don’t even try to ‘touch’ my heart
I am as deceitful as I seem
So I am your world or its crucial part
I don’t give a damn if your world falls apart

I am a man going nowhere
I am a man coming from nowhere
Living now, living to the moment
Submitting to illusions, misleading myself
When all I have are fleeting glimpses
Of a past that I betrayed
All I have are obscure dreams
Of a future too insecure
I am just a man of words
And my words are not all mine.

PS: Taken from music moods

You’re not in a relationship!

October 21 2010

The other day, this friend of mine was cribbing about how his girlfriend was ignoring him and being stupid and dominating. I told him that this happens because he takes all the scrap. The day he decides to give it back to her, things would improve. And his reply was – “You’re not in a relationship. You won’t understand.”

Fine, I’m not in a relationship but I’m not stupid. I have never been able to understand how boys can let girls dominate them. And this is not an isolated case. I 've seen quite a few people like this. They will do whatever their girlfriends tell them to do without thinking twice about it.(once I was also like that) It’s a relationship dammit, She hasn't bought you or something. And I don’t understand these girls either. How can you dominate somebody or encroach upon their privacy like that? Back when I was thinking I was gonna become an computer professional, I knew quite a few girls who used to go to hackers to get their boyfriend’s e-mail ID hacked so they could have an idea about what he was doing and whom he was talking to. Last Saturday too, there was this gurl on Road who said she spied on her boyfriend and had fights with him because he was talking to “unknown gurls” online. Give me a break, madam. How would you feel if your man decides to hack into your account and check how many boys you’re friends with? Or how many sites you have subscribed to? How would you feel then huh?  But you won’t understand. Just like I won’t understand because I’m not in a relationship.hmmmm!


October 20 2010

Why do sometimes we get stuck with our thoughts...

It's as if replay button is pressed permanently.
The thought you want to avoid keeps coming back, again & again!
The thing you want to hate is the only thing you want to love.
And the thing you want to avoid is the one that stands tall in front of you all the time!
Why does it feels a little Strange? A little bad? A little unfair?........???????

She speaks my heart

October 18 2010

She speaks my heart and she's the one I speak out mine too...
Here's what is put so beautifully what was felt so deeply...
I could never have put it better than this:

Be prepared
Prepare to leave this place
Prepare to start again
Prepare to see a new beginning
Prepare yourself for an end
Prepare to look for a fresh match
But just in case…
Am I prepared for the mismatch?

Prepare to take the memories now
Prepare to make new ones
Prepare to pack the bags
Prepare for the worst and make the best out of it
Prepare to leave the door open forever
But just in case…
Can I close it one more time!

Should I flaunt the fear..
Or should I fawn it?

Prepare to leave the past behind
Or am I just forfeiting it…
Prepare for the legal escapade
Or am I breaking some rules…
Prepare to be curious all over again
Or will I be prying?!

Prepare to finish for THE start
Prepare to lay down my cards in the world…
Prepare to be in delirium
Or is it just an uncontrolled nothing!!

Am I preparing or am I all set?

To Someone Special

October 17 2010

You know I gave this life to you
The one with your choices, your friends, your love
You were lonesome, I offered you company
You were disoriented, I showed you direction
You were befuddled, I picked up the puzzled pieces
And arranged them all right for you
They are all mine: the pieces, the choices, the opinions, the people
Remember ALL MINE TO BEGIN WITH and all mine all the while
You got inspired, you imitated me and got lucky
Lucky coz you had me, me in first place
I wish… seriously I do at times
That I could go back in time and reverse it all for you
I hate to see you happy without acknowledging the factor
And no, I don’t want acknowledgement
I just want it all back…everything to where it started from
I liked you smiling, its not even bearable at times now
I loved those hugs, they suffocate me now
When care becomes an obligation and sticking on a duty
The feeling cant be called hatred, it is mere lack of love
Lack or rather slow disappearance…death of love
Yes, the love has slowly and knowingly disappeared
And lets not pretend to each other what we are not
Coz that’s pretty much not in my capacity
But I know I cant have my way and we have to go on
Here on, henceforth, meeting like lovers, strangers inside!

Two Minute Review : ENTHIRAN

October 16 2010

‘Enthiran the robot’ film is in theaters now. Thanks to everyone all over the world who enjoyed, supported and appreciated the film. As a true Rajini fan I am very happy that the film is appreciated by the critics as well and was given 5 stars in many reviews and 4 – 5 in others. I am delighted with the box-office records south, north and all over the world.  The most exciting appreciation from Director K.Balachandar to Shankar. He is one who is very successful more than 30 years as a film maker and he is Shankar's role model too He sent him an appreciation letter which made him in an emotional high. I am attaching his letter here with his permission.


October 15 2010

Post rains. 
Calm air. 
No voices in head. 
A special playlist. 
Little moments. 
Fix you. 
Yellow light. 
Breezy balcony. 
No mosquitoes. 
Black sky. 
Music getting pleasant. 
Further silenced. 
High hopes. 
Fresh ideas. 
Blank paper. 
Indulgence in nothing. 
Smiling to yourself. 
Alone and happy. 
In a long time. Bliss.


October 13 2010

I Was going through an article which i dont no why i liked very much..................
                            IT Goes like this .............

A marine posted in afghanistan received a letter from his girl frnd back home.

Dear Rocky,
                   I no longer love u. Plz return the photo of myself that i send u.

The marine was deeply hurt. He collected from his frnds fifty seven photographs of their girlfrnds sisters etc and wrote back..........

Dear Becky
                   I m sorry that I cant remember u . Plz take ur photograph from the file and send the rest back to me. Take care, bye.

People I met...

October 12 2010

Everyone is special in his/her own way. But then there is something called general opinion. Fortunately or unfortunately, I met a lot of above normal people. To name a few:

Saravanan Anna : Genius (my guardian angel)

Sruthi : who can give complex to even her superiors/seniors

Pooja : everyone wants to be with you and even want to be like you.

Priya : Engineer by destiny artist by choice

Sudarshan : one of the most popular characters of IIT Madras

Vicky : put him in any group and he will be accepted as most responsible in the lot

Sakthi : cracked CAT without studying

Shreeja : quizzing wizard and not aware of his own potential

Siva : silent assassin

Adarsh : industrial department stud

Arthi : became famous in her final exams at Vidya Vinaya Vinodha and now recognized home maker.

Manoj : Happy go lucky. His lady luck is too strong.

Senthil : Don't ever study with him.He will score decently and you will fail.

Ramesh Yoga Anand : You can trust and seek any help any time.

Asuka : Awarded medal from Indian Mining Society for her 'outstanding contribution to mining industry' plus she can beat me in GTA 4.

Guru : who needs to be intelligent when you look so great... just kidding.. he is intelligent too…..

My school is always cool

October 10 2010

Today, I am feeling Nostalgic after checking out a junior’s farewell album. So I am missing my school days, school life and everyone associated so badly. The last time, I went my school was about three and a half year before starting my blog. So I am putting up ten things, I miss about my school not in order of preference.

1) I miss morning assembly. I love mantras with so much emphasis on pronunciation and all of us enchanting together. I miss those occasionally performed havan.

2) I miss encouraging teachers who made me what I am today.

3) I miss all my lovely friends. Thanks to social networking sites which brought back many of them.

4) I miss playing basketball and dumb charades in school bus and lots of other adventures. Once I slept in school bus, missed my bus stop and landed up at a teacher’s(Mrs. Jayanthi's)  home. That teacher was famous for being too strict but had good time with her. I truly love her and she happens to be the Best Mathematics teacher.

5) I am missing those classrooms, lab, corridors each and every part of my school.

6) I miss eating ghee roast almost daily in canteen.

7) I miss playing all sort of weird games in free period.

8) I miss standing together in punishment with our hands up. :P

9) School picnics and school trips (Pondichery trip was simply awesome).

10) I miss going to theaters, elliots beach, MGM and music shows after every exam with friends.

Will surely visit my school really soon :)
I am not tagging anyone but if u like this post and you miss your school life then just do it. It will surely take you down the memory lane. So just go for it.

10 ways to get late for work

October 9 2010

Having observed my travel patterns to work over the past month or so, I have managed to come up with this list. Feel free to add if you wish.
  1. Wake up way past the usual hour.
  2. Wander about listlessly in a groggy state in your pajamas
  3. Stroll instead of walk to the bus stop
  4. Miss the bus, then miss the auto or train 
  5. Respect and obey your road rules should halt in every signals and I am sure you ll 've 30 minutes.
  6. Engineering works (this could lead you to skip an entire day's work)
  7. Don't go in private buses instead go for govt buses for 100% technical failures
  8. Realizing you forgot your phone/ID card/wallet while at the bus stop and then going back to get them.
  9. Get caught in a downpour with no transport and a umbrella to see you through - find a shelter to keep yourself dry.
  10. And finally set off for work, realise you have locked yourself out without the keys to the front gate and wait till one the neighbours does happen to step out and thus let you out. - oh the joy!! 


October 8 2010

People make mistakes. They're allowed to. We're allowed to. We're human.
Forgiveness is greater than revenge.

Many people are afraid of losing face. When we make a mistake, we look around to find a scapegoat to point the finger at. We should always remember that when we point one finger at a person, the other four fingers are pointing at ourselves.

You can never have everyone praise you, nor will everyone condemn you. Never in the past, not at present, and never will be in the future.

It is not easy to change.And it's foolish to expect people to change. Only because 'we' believe they're foolish the way they are. It would be less painful to change ourselves and lower our expectations.

Everything we do and believe is at some level a manifestation of our love and hatred for ourselves. "I" is the most dangerous word.

Life resides not in a momentary anger, and the insignificant pain we feel.There's a lot of pain around ur, and a lot of happiness too, Life resides in the rare moment we see that pain, and 'know' how trivial the I is.

Life lives in the tiny feeble hands of the three year old who helps his grandfather cross the road.

Learned Lessons

October 7 2010

There are some things you just don’t do. They say it for a reason, and maybe you should just respect that.

That’s how the harder lessons are learnt in life, perhaps. Time travel should be possible only for you to possibly undo those moments. They can wreck quite a few. I’m barely holding fort. Is there a rescue? Or do you survive giving up? With nothing to look forward to. This doesn’t need to sound that depressing. But that’s what happens when you’re eating up on the inside without reason. Count twenty hours on the total.

You fight. You distract. You react. And so the cycle goes. Somethings are just better off having not happened.

Some nights...

October 6 2010

...I wish I could just disappear.
Cleanly, soundlessly, as if I never ever existed.

Unnamed Emotion

October 5 2010

My insides are flooded with an unnamed emotion. A part of me craves for acknowledgment, begs me to allow it to breathe and exist, pleads me to save it from the darkness it's banished to. There are no takers for its humble servings. There is no place for vulnerable innocence in this world. It belongs to a different world. A world for me alone. 

I am both the criminal and the victim

October 4 2010

We all hate being taken for granted, yet the people we love the most, especially our family, are the ones we take for granted all the time. People can't live with each other, or without. I mean, more than six billion on the planet, yet the amount of loneliness on earth is amazing. Isn't that ironical? We spend years waiting for a few moments. It's driving me crazy.

You never realize how much you love someone till you seem to be losing them, or till you see them hurt, a hurt you could have probably prevented by being there for them, and then you can't stop crying. Why can't people just always be there for those they care for? What is the point of loving if you couldn't show up when it mattered, if you couldn't give love when it could heal? Everyone should have people who could be their strength, and who would trust them unfailingly come what may. Otherwise it gets so so alone, especially because so often there are such people in our life and yet we don't have faith, or don't believe they really care, because they aren't there for us when we need them. Nobody should feel so helpless.

And nobody should have to stop talking when they realize no one's listening. Because it makes people do crazy things. Negative energy is as powerful as positive energy. And when you realize you're losing someone because you didn't support them and weren't there for them when you needed to, there's no feeling worse than that helplessness, that guilt.

Dialogue from yesterday's play:

One of these days, I'd be gone. You'd be gone too, sometime, but in the interim, don't spend time wondering how it would have been had you given me some more time when I needed it, because in that moment of pain, I won't be able to be there for you.

Sometimes, you're both the criminal and the victim.


October 3 2010

There is very little to say, such is the emptiness.
Not sadness, nor joy, just a void, and darkness.
From life, I take a break, for merely existing
Reality can happen, stepwise, shakily, certainly.
Tomorrow is beyond knowing, yesterday already over
And today, it's not even happening, not in the sun or in the rains
Today is just waiting, for one day it will be, maybe
But at this moment it crumbles, along with something in my veins

Thought of the day

October 3 2010

No matter how bad you are, you are never entirely useless... can always be used as a BAD EXAMPLE!

Read this after my Death...

October 2 2010

(An old one...Dug it out from a personal diary)

"Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am in the thousand winds that blow.
i am in the diamond glint of snow.
I am in the smile upon your face.
I am in the happiness you embrace.
Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there. I did not die!"

Half Truth

October 1 2010

The bed-sheets are crumpled. The pillows are still wet with passion. Her distinctive odour pervades in the room. The door is shut, the curtains are drawn, but currently they do not conceal anything. Because there is nothing.
But, that's only half the truth.

The night mocks at me from outside the window. The lone flickering candle mocks at me from inside. I lay on the floor, hungry, by the bedside, in waiting; the bed, the clothes, the aroma in the sheets- they all itch against my skin. Every inch of my existence feels incomplete. Shadows from yesterday fall upon my abandoned body. I hate their touch; I blow the candle away.

The 3 a.m. breeze whistles past the house. It is slightly chilly outside; I am very cold.
It is a silent, serene, peaceful night.
But that's only half the truth.