I felt I gonna miss you Murgy.

March 31 2011

That is how I call him. He was with me for six and a half years.
Today he left me.(but I am sure I ll try to hold you)
Some good soul needed it for his/her usage and said my Murgy was in his critical position.
He is even a racer too.
Running around to find a good doctor(mechanic)  for my bike has pulled me out of the blogging world for a while. He is just a tvs victor bike. But he is my Allen Cathcart and my Harley.
Please don't go please Murgy.
I felt I gonna miss you Murgy. 

Too many fools in me

March 30 2011

My blog tries to tell me all about Love
Yet I am mystified…
Night after night
Too much candy, I perceive
Too many fools in me, I believe

Love me
When the grass says I am YELLOW
Love me
When all the words fade
Love me
When the illness takes over
Love me
Whenever you find time to Love me REKS….

Of that SMS musingly typed
One sluggish night,
Saved in Drafts, yet never sent

Love me
Like the spring in winters
Love me
The way you eat a chocolates or watermelon
Love me
At every station when your train stops
Love me
The way you want to love me

Of those calls expected after a stupid fight
Never answered;
Yet enough to light up her face
(than in her white saree photo)

Love me
Under the vast blue sky
Love me
Under shadow of those heavy clouds
Love me
Under those satin sheets
Love me
In side your blanket
Love me
Anywhere you want to love me!

It never ends, until it does

March 29 2011

I learnt two things a day before yesterday 
1. One doesn't HAVE to be politically correct to succeed. But failure is guaranteed if you're perceived to be too politically incorrect. Perception is belief!

2. We all derive security from the insecurities of others, especially shared insecurities.

Ah! Human nature is so not-infallible, yet so difficult to completely fathom...The art of listening is crucial to deciphering human nature, yet so incomplete. Is thinking such a bad thing then?

Ah! Should I even care?
And again, I HATE the word 'should'.

I realize you can find friends and allies in the unlikeliest of places, especially when life disillusions you from the established pillars of strength. I also know that friends leave me as soon as they get to know me well enough.
Should I keep wandering from pillar to pillar, then, or is there an end?

There's just one truth in life It never ends, until it does.

I know this post sounds orbit, but cmon, it;s 10:30 in the night, and I've an important project tomorrow. I'm not expected to be sane, am I?

GOD - General Operations Director (NS 2 Wireless Networks Simulation)

March 28 2011

GOD is general operations director who is aware of whole network topology. Here God sets the dist (# hops) between node 0 and node 4 to be 1. ( but why/where is this information used??-answer awaited from CMU) Communications Management Unit. 

The General Operations Director (GOD) object is used to store global information about the state of the environment, network, or nodes that an omniscient observer would have, but that should not be made known to any participant in the simulation. 

Currently, the God object is used only to store an array of the shortest number of hops required to reach from one node to an other. The God object does not calculate this on the fly during simulation runs, since it can be quite time consuming. The information is loaded into the God object from the movement pattern file where lines of the form.

$ns_ at 899.642 "$God_ set-dist 23 46 2

Are used to load the God object with the knowledge that the shortest path between node 23 and node 46 changed to 2 hops at time 899.642.  

The generator for creating node movement files are to be found under "~ns/indep-utils/cmu-scen-gen/setdest/" directory local ns2 installation. Compile the files under setdest to create an executable. run setdest with arguments in the following way:

./setdest -n num_of_nodes -p pausetime -s maxspeed -t simtime -x maxx -y maxy outdir/scenario-file

Note : That the index used for nodes now start from 0 instead of 1 as was in the original CMU version, to match with ns’s tradition of assigning node indices from 0.

Emptiness!! - The whole true story

March 27 2011

A song sung by ROHAN RATHORE from IIT Guwahati and he was suffering from cancer. He sang this song for Supriya a girl he loved more than anything and anyone in the world. Unfortunately she didn't return his love but this song was something he felt he had to do. He died just 15 days after recording this song. ( awesome song!! ♥ ♥ )

Oh love of mine, with a song and a whine,
You're harsh and divine like truths and a lie.
But the tale ends not here
I have nothing to fear
for my love is a yell of forgiving and hold on.

In the bright emptiness, in a room full of it,
is a cruel mistress - my heart!
I feel this unrest, that nests all hollowness,
for I have nowhere to go and I'm cold.

And I feel so lonely yeah...
There's a better place than this: emptiness.
And I'm so lonely yeah...
There's a better place than this: emptiness yeah...

Aa.. aa.. aa...

Tune mere jaana.., kabhi nahin jaana..,
Ishq mera, dard mera.. haaye..
Tune mere jaana, kabhi nahin jaana,
Ishq mera, dard mera

Aashiq tera...
Bheed mein khoya rehta hai...
Jaane jahaan....
Poocho toh itna kehta hai -

That I feel so lonely yeah...
There's a better place than this: emptiness...
And I'm so lonely yeah...
There's a better place than this: emptiness yeah... ya..

Aa.. aa.. aa...

/*English Translation of the Hindi Section of the Song*/

Tune mere jaana, kabhi nahin jaana, (You, my love, have never ever realized)
Ishq mera, dard mera (my love, my pain)
Tune mere jaana, kabhi nahin jaana, (You, my love, have never ever realized)
Ishq mera, dard mera (my love, my pain)

Aashiq tera... (Your lover)
Bheed mein khoya rehta hai... (remains lost in the crowd)
Jaane jahaan....  (My dear love, wherever ...)
Poocho toh itna kehta hai - (... asked, he just says ...)

That I feel so lonely yeah...
There's a better place than this: emptiness.
And I'm so lonely yeah...
There's a better place than this: emptiness yeah...

Download link of the song : http://bit.ly/rohan_rathore

Rohan Rathore - Emptiness Lonely Chords
The intro lead is played with a piano which continues throughout the song.

The guitar tabs are as follows. The tabs are given in a lower octave which
sound equally appealing. To math the original octave, place a capo on the
12th fret and follow the same tabs.


The song -

Ho love of mine..
with a song and a wine..
You're harsh and divine..
like truths and a lie..

but the tale end's not here..
I've nothing to fear..
       Dm                         C
for my love is yell of giving an hold on..

in the bright emptiness..
in the room full of it..
     Dm                 C
is a cruel mistress ho ho o..

I feel the sunrise..
that nest all hollowness..
      Dm                         C
for i have nowhere to go and im cold..

              F      Am
And i feel so lonely yea..
Dm                               C
There's a better place from this emptiness..
           F      Am
And i'm so lonely yea..
Dm                               C
There's a better place from this emptiness..

F  Am  Dm  C
yei yei yei ya...
F  Am  Dm  C
Aa.. aa.. aa...

Tune mere jaana..
Kabhi nahi jana..
Dm               C
Ishq mera dard mera.. haaye...

Tune mere jaana..
Kabhi nahi jana..
Dm               C
Ishq mera dard mera...

       F    Am
Aashiq teraaa..
Dm                  C
Bheed mein khoya rehta hai..
      F        Am
Jaane jahaan aaa..
Dm                 C
Puchho toh itna kehta hai..

             F        Am
And i feel so lonely yea..
Dm                               C
There s a better place from  this emptiness..
           F        Am
And i'm so lonely yea..

More about the song and the lyrics:

The track starts with an amazing combination of synthesizer and guitar. The work of the lyricist and singer of this song is simply "awesome". Pain just oozes out through the "alaap" in the reprise.

At last, I would just say that I loved this song, and hope all of you do like this song, I feel sad for the loss of such a promising talent of India, but more than that I feel proud of this guy. Hope the girl realizes the love of Rohan for her, maybe that was what he wished for ........

[NOTE] The authenticity of the story is not confirmed. It is based on what is spread over the internet through various blogs . Other people who claims this song haven't been able to come up with a proof, until then we have decided to stick to this story.

As per information on some blogs I got to know that the original composer of this song is Gajender Verma, and due to this very reason he is now claiming legal copyrights to this song. Some of the Emptiness videos on YouTube have been removed due this very reason. Aseem Ahmed Abbasee and Moonami Roy have written this song.  So the whole story about Rohan Rathore has been cooked up for publicity of the track.

[NOTE] Folks I got to know of it from some blogs and social networking sites.

Now here is the true story behind Rohan Rathore

Some of the people( who wanted to earn by charging people for downloading this song) knew the song was good. But an underground track does not reach a wide audience easily.So they needed some means to publicize this song. Then they thought of attaching a story to it. And they munched up a story that had all the elements that typical Bollywood type movie has. It had all the elements COLLEGE, LOVE and then CANCER. It is more or less Karan Johar type masala movie material. Those people very well knew that they should target the younger generation. So they made up a story to target these people. And India these sort of eye-catcher romantic story spreads virally. And finally those morons who wanted to get share out of profits of this cheap and shameful publicity stunt had with them real good marketing strategy. And also the promotion using social networking sites helped them in their viral marketing campaign. So in short the melodrama around so called IIT-G student "Rohan Rathore" is just a cheap marketing strategy.

I can only suggest that youths nowadays should reason the authenticity of such story like "Rohan Rathore" before believing them as most of the times they are the means adopted by some idiots in-order to reap profits.


Aware of Kids

March 26 2011

Warning Note: This Post contains nude pictures. So Young children are requested to read this post when your parents are not around

When I was a little kid, I was a terror in my neighbourhood. When ever we visited our neighbours' houses they would keep a constant eye on me. I had the habit of fiddling with anything that I could lay my little hands on. Even at our place, all objects were placed at strategic positions that I could not reach. I have thrown flower vases out through the window,broken show-case glass panes, pelted my neighbour's pet dog's rear end with stones,peed inside the well. I also had the great habit of bed wetting. Now I have mellowed down big time and at times I miss my naughty childhood in a big way. Old age is catching up pretty fast. But everyone has a child inside us and that child makes us happy every now and then.

How ever the kids of the present generation are more dangerous than the notorious terrorists of the world. The kids of these days should be banished behind the seven seas. I recently saw a picture of a three year old boy. He is a brat of the first order. He is an underwear fetish. Check this photo for yourself.
The lady victim stopped wearing an underwear after this fateful incident. Do you remember my seven year old neighbour, Ryan? He has a very bad habit of giving me mental-complex problems. His mother showed me a picture of Ryan, when he was in first grade. It was a romantic photo indeed. But when a 30 year old single guy comes across such a picture; jealousy and anger knows no bounds.
Let us talk about a world issue now. The American President, who came into power because Oprah wanted him to be the president has all the traits of a chameleon. When he contested for presidential post, he used his name like this - Barrack Hussein Obama. But recently when he addressed the Islamic nations he projected his name like this - Barack Hussein Obama. He learnt his lesson from a five year old kid, Gary. Obama wanted to prove to the Americans that he is just a commoner and hence he walked into a supermarket and started shopping. He even wanted to let everyone know that he is very good with kids. The below picture was taken just five seconds before Obama was slapped by Gary.
Coming back to Ryan; When Ryan was a one year old baby, he ate his Dog's legs. I hope that Ryan will not be arrested by M.Gandhi and her gang. I am at least happy that the Dog was a bitch (female dog; The author was not trying to sound gender biased).If only it was a male dog, Ryan would have eaten something else and would have conducted a free vasectomy ceremony to the poor dog. The bitch is still alive, sans two legs, one ear and the tail. The bitch looks like a hen now.
If you had given your hand-phones to a little child, you would have been a victim of any of the following
Huge telephone bills
Strangers calling you in the middle of the night and warning you not to give prank calls
Impaired phones
Your girlfriend would have left you
Your boyfriend would have left you
The author of this blog is a victim too. He advices the readers not to give their mobile phones to little children;especially if you have a flip phone, keep it far away from little children.
I said "Ouch", when I saw this picture. What was your immediate reaction?


Girlfriend 1.0 to Girlfriend 2.0 :)

March 25 2011

Dear Tech Support Team:

Last month I upgraded from Girlfriend 1.0 to Girlfriend 2.0. I soon noticed that the new program, Girlfriend 2.0 installed itself into all other programs and now monitors all other system activities. Applications such as Party Nights 10.3, Cricket 5.0, Week End Vodkas 7.5, Sleeping When Chatting 2.8 and Outings 3.6 no longer runs, Crashing the system whenever selected. I can’t seem to keep Girlfriend 2.0 in the background while attempting to run my favorite applications.

But I am sure I am loving the Girlfriend 2.0 so much and the ‘uninstall’ doesn't work on Girlfriend 2.0.

Please Tech help needed!


“A Troubled User”(Prabhupepsi)

REPLY from the support Team:

Dear Troubled User:

This is a very common problem that people complain about. Many people upgrade from Girlfriend 1.0 to Girlfriend 2.0 , thinking that it is just a Utilities and Entertainment program. Girlfriend 2.0 is an OPERATING SYSTEM and is designed by its Creator to run EVERYTHING!!! It is also impossible to delete Girlfriend 2.0 and to return to Girlfriend 1.0. It is impossible to uninstall, or purge the program files from the system once installed.You cannot go back to Girlfriend 1.0 because Girlfriend 2.0 is designed not to allow this. I recommend that you keep Girlfriend 2.0 and work on improving the environment. I suggest installing the background application “Yes Dear” to alleviate software augmentation. The best course of action is to enter the command C:\APOLOGIZE because ultimately you will have to give the APOLOGIZE command before the system will return to normal anyway. Girlfriend 2.0 is a great program, but it tends to be very high maintenance. Girlfriend 2.0 comes with several support programs, such as Wakeup alarm 2.5, Care 3.0, Food remainder 1.5, Do Quarrel 4.2 and Love 9.0. However, be very careful how you use these programs. Improper use will cause the system to launch the program Nag Nag 9.5 and Bad words 6.5. Once this happens, the only way to improve the performance of Girlfriend 2.0 is to purchase additional software. I recommend Hugs 2.1 and kisses 6.0


DO NOT, under any circumstances, install Secretary With Short Skirt 3.3. This application is not supported by Girlfriend 2.0 and will cause irreversible damage to the operating system.

We are dangerous Kids!

March 24 2011

Disclaimer: CG (Child Guidance) reuired for reading this post
Some Kids can knock us down with their intellectual brilliance. Here are some conversations that prove this statement right

Pepsiboy : ( let me start from me ok!) - Age 9
Qns: What is the difference between Self confidence and Over confidence?
Ans : Self Confidence = I wet my bed, Over Confidence = Only I can wet my bed
Sudarshan : Age 9
Radium was discovered by Madman Curry.
Nicole : Age 6
Popular authors can win Pullet Surprise
Sruthi : Age 17
Beethoven had ten children; he practiced on a spinster in his attic
Ramesh : Age 8
Teacher: one plus one =2
Ramesh : One cow plus one apple = 2???
Senthil : (Age 9)
Antidote: The medicine that kills dotes.
Pranav : (Age 4) who is this Uncle?!
Myself : Hy Pranav I bought you fresh natural cookies allot and you ll really like it kiddo!
Pranav : Just I need only JEMS! don't try to impress me ok, got it!
Threetha : I wanna meet tom and jerry
Myself : Sure kiddo I ll take you to Disney world ok
Threetha : Why should't we invite them to our home ll they come?!
Myself : Oh Sure kiddo! (I need to be back with my fancy dress competition stuffs)
I promised Priya, that I would do her tag today. But I just came across this quote...

" Dont put off something for tomorrow, that you can do the day after"

- Pepsiboy

Son of Gun

March 23 2011

As I do not have the license to possess a gun, I wrote an email to the president of India to grant me license, so that I could also corner glory for India in the coming Olympics. But after typing a detailed mail to the president, I figured out that I do not have the president's email id. Thus my love for shooting was nipped in the bud.

Abhinav Bindra won India's first ever Individual Gold in Olympics.His prowess in the 10 meter shooting event, gave me the urge to buy a gun.

With a dejected heart, I went to the local market and bought a sling-catapult. My neighbor’s cat died that very same day.

The diva of the future

March 21 2011

You would have seen Taylor Swift singing to glory and taking America by storm. Even Miley Cyrus has captured every one's hearts with her voice. This post is about the pop star of the next generation. Theertha (5 year old kid) is all set to become the diva of the future.
She get intro by singing to me today in phone. She can reach heights by her singing talent. What a voice da?! as like her mom.... All she needs is a special care and she will sing her rhymes and if someone singing in the background. Theertha does the rest. She acted as if she is the pro singer with rhythms .....what I was felt today..... 

Miss. Little. Theertha I wanna you to be a astronaut and I should be a part in your life... will you kiddo?! 
Love You Kiddo!
- Moms Donkey

Three stiches *2times

March 21 2011

Dated on March 11 2011 but right now I check this photo in my cellphone.....Actually I forget it ok!
Never ever play with a one year old baby, especially when the little one is having all the strength in his hand. Chances are that he might show his canine skills on your fingers by closing the door in one hand.

I am typing this post with my right hand.
The three stitches on my left index finger says it all.

Swedha 007 the detective!

March 20 2011

Not every family is blessed with Great-brains in every generations.But there are very few.

My Grandfather was first started a hotel in town. Its always a great feeling to go to my old family house, where His name still holds great respect among the people who live in the locality.CHINNA SWAMY MUDALIAR......I use to translate like SMALL GOD CROCODILE WHO!

My Grandfather was a walking encyclopedia. He not only worked in the hotel business, but also kept his hands clean and tidy and he was known for his straight forward nature.

My Dad is also a mill owner and we have a saw mill in pollachi till now.

My Dad's son,"Me" did not want to follow in my grandfather's footsteps and hence took the decision to become a humor blogger.

My Niece,"Swedha" is showing signs that she has the Brain-ingredients of becoming the next secret agent of the country following agent Charan (pls click the link to know who is agent Charan).
Swedha called me up today and asked me,"Maamaa! (Uncle!), What is Chellam?". My thought travelled across my entire head and couldn't decipher the reason behind Swedha's question. "Chellam" is tamil for " Darling". I asked her why she wanted to know the meaning for the word Chellam. Her answer made me smile.
Maama!, Vicky Uncle, came to our place this evening and he carried me everywhere . We played peek-a-boo, catch-catch and we even went for some super-cycling. He thought that I was not listening to him. But all the time, he was talking on the phone with someone. I guess it must be a friendship or classmate call and while talking he used the word,"Chellam" in each and every line.
Apparently, Swedha had overheard a romantic conversation between a guy and his lady-love.The guy might have been in cloud 20. But Swedha, because of her super-detective skills plucked the love-code out of thin air and passed it on to me and it has ended up here as a blog post.
Well readers! Talking about lovey-dovey names, a few names strike my head at this juncture "Rasagullah, Jelaabi, Buji, Chakarey, Sweets". 
 My romantic creativity is very poor and hence I could not think of any more romantic names that I could use for my niece .
 Please help me in pouring your thoughts on romantic names that you'd like to use to address your better half. Wear your romantic caps and let the creativity flow. Till then Let Agent Swedha discover more through her secret-agent skills.
ok bye see you!
(She use to say like this when she bang her phone)

PS: Pranav will be my next hit.(he is my friend Senthil's son)

Nothing should happen till she speaks

March 19 2011

This post is about my personal life so no humor only serious craps ok sorry my readers :(. I should record this for my sweet heart ok!

Mood has lifted. Mood is lifting for the past 20 days. Please don't lift too far, too high, I don't like it. But It does only cause of my REKS!.

I am now on the other scale. My head is singing at me, it's a struggle to sit still and I am becoming increasingly sensitive to color. Soon I shall starting wanting to throw my arms wide and shout that color is enough! color is compensation for all suffering! Oh dear REKS.

Interestingly this scale can lead to an outward appearance similar to extreme brokenness, which is me on the room with my eyes closed. It's just that in one scenario I am sick and paralyzed and exhausted and in the other. I am incapacitated by the surges of bliss in my blood. In one state I can't even start the washing up, in the other I can't finish it because I keep having to stop to jump round the room cause of my REKS.

It's nowhere near that bad now, and hopefully will go much further cause of you REKS. I am just a little jittery and spangle and there are a few odd shifts in reality. It isn't entirely comfortable and although in some ways I feel good I still think I like it and should have till my last breath cause of my REKS.

I saw my Councilperson yesterday. She took me to the library and we talked in the car. No need to look for subtle triggers for this mood change, it seems an obvious result of the increased medication. When we got back she phoned the consultant, who said that aripiprazole can cause restlessness and if it's that it should settle, and since aripiprazole is used for Schizophrenia  it should keep a lid on it anyway, and I can drop the citalopram back down to 30mg. My Councilperson felt I had good insight. I feel like I have just realised I have a mood forgetting my disorder. (REKS don't feel bad ok) Cause I went to Rajan uncles funeral. But my Councilperson said that she said is 100% correct if not today then when you ll face?! like that.

So I had an idea let's see - come home from hospital, begin to have meltdown for REKS, But can't get sectioned (yes, AGAIN), then crash into the worst kind of agitated depression. Nice one, PrabhuPepsi. You really excelled yourself this time cause only of my REKS.

I'm home on overnight leave now and I feel all on edge and I'm finding it hard to settle cause she was in her dad's place. I need to remember that it is always like this, making the transition between hospital and home, and it will get better. I was ready to die last year, I don't know if I have ever felt so desperate, but I have recovered before and will recover again cause dono if i ll see my REKS. The only positive I can wring from recent events is that I seem to have got back on track rather sooner than in previous episodes cause she ll make come out of it. I'm just tired right now. And it was only a section 2. In my screwy world this is progress.
Shut down world, Nothing should happen till she speaks or msg cause my heart is weak.


March 18 2011

PrabhuPepsi is gonna publish his first ever book. My girlfriend Reks is gonna be the heroine of my book. Of course destiny is the Villain.

PrabhuPepsi is the hero of the story? Is it me? The font size says it all (I am very shy now) Unbelievable sources reveal that Pepsiboy is the romantic hero in the book. So will Reks  fall for Pepsiboy? And at last Who will get Reks? destiny? or that mystery character? Wait till the book is released. By the by, How will Reks look like?
Like this?

Or like this?

I guess she will look like this
So what is this book all about? Communal harmony? By the by, do you guys know who Reks is? Does this post sound Greek and Latin to you? Then you should read THIS to know about my girl. Will keep you all posted about the book.

Still have to go back home......

March 17 2011

Only for my Reks!. So nobody claim its written for you guys! just kidding ok.... The below lines are true and written honestly ......just Manny is calling me. And I said that "I ll catch you later ok". Hey I am Manmohan Singh, I am ur Prime Minister ok?!  Oh I love you my friend and what happened to our Sonia Ji I miss you  guys so much but I have no time rite now!:(. I got my life back so I ll never have time to see you guys...sorry! and the main thing is  don't disturb me .....not  blowing my trumpet for my self ok. Just wanna scold me?! call me to my assistant @ 9566422220 he ll convey ok...... Bale bale bale ahaje muchkudiya!!!!.

Only For My REKS 
I see I think I consider
I look I feel I say
Certain things are hidden
Some get to see the light of day
Cause you send me your photo know?!

I express I reveal I confide
In the tiny closures of heart's sides
Pretending to myself all is good
Creating spaces within my own hide
Like my Reks!.

I ponder, I provoke, I question
Every move that life takes upon me
I want to know where my life is heading
I don't want to get lost.

I ask myself - what next?
I try to comprehend, but cant
I contemplate in the far silent spaces
And loneliness finds me again at last
Cause you found me know!

I want to say, but I cant
The urge for silence takes over me again,
I have to face it all on my own
I should start learning to absorb the pain
Cause you didn't answer my prayers know!:(

These little jerks cannot move life so much
For the bigger ones are still to come
I m now in the open field that is far safer
I still have to go back home by holding your hands REKS...

How do I pay for all these invaluables?

March 16 2011

Moving on
The light
has changed.

The agony
is nearly over.

It'll be morning
soon, hopefully.

I need to act
fast, very fast.

The night will
be over and lost.

But the dark treasures
should not be lost.

How do I carry
all that I learnt?

How do I pay for
all these invaluables?

How do I fly into
the morning, one-piece?

Will a part of darkness
linger into the morning...

...inside me?????

World Cup Funs 2011

March 15 2011

India is a cricketing team that always appears strong on paper. But in the Ongoing world cup, they are seen stumbling along. They defeated the minnows like Bangladesh, Netherlands and Ireland without much hassle ( Err, They struggled to get past Ireland ) ; but found the going tough against England and South Africa

Barring Sachin Tendulkar every member of the Indian team have let us down in this world cup. Sehwag,

Yusuf, Virat showed momentary forms but lacked in consistency. Dhoni's not-so-brilliant moves which won

him the inaugural T-20 world cup is not reliable anymore. Bringing on Nehra in the final over against SA

where he was molested by Peterson was a classic example.

Joginder Sharma was lucky against Pakistan in the T20 finals. But things are not the same anymore. Raina is still warming the bench and Ashwin (who can be a real threat) is still waiting for a chance to grip the ball. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has something to say about cricket. Last year even my 73 year old neighbor started talking about world cup football when Football fever gripped the world. I can sense the same thing. In another two weeks, we would be talking about IPL. The Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Katrina Kaif, Blimp, Ravi Shastri Jokes will be back in action.

For the last 20 years, Indian Cricket has heavily relied on Sachin Tendulkar. The team has let him down many a times. The team has let him down in this world cup too. What will Team India be without Sachin? A question for which many would never have an answer. The Indian team that won the first T20 world cup in South Africa did not have Sachin. This is a clear indication of the fact that our team could indeed perform without him. But what exactly is the problem now?

How can this problem be rectified?

Should Mandira Bedi be brought back to the Indian Dressing room for some pep talk?
Should someone stuff a cork in Navjot Singh Sidhu's mouth?
Should Sreesanth lead the Indian Cheer girl's team and cheer the team to Glory?
Should Dhoni be replaced by Deep Das Gupta behind the stumps?
Should India's greatest all rounder "Ravindra Jadeja be included in place of Sehwag?

Questions are many. But If anyone can come up with a solution, I could try to talk with BCCI and implement the solution to benefit team India. We don't have much time in our hands. If the Indian team's performance continues the same way, we would even see them making their exit from the world cup. The Indian Cricket team has even practiced some steps that would help them to minimize damages when angry fans attack them from behind. This is one of the moves
The spin department has lacked the sting in this world cup. Harbhajan , who was not at his best, found his form in the match against South Africa. When even my 3 year old niece would have selected him to bowl the last over against South Africa in which the Africans needed more than a dozen runs to score, Dhoni did the unthinkable. Nehra was given the ball and the Africans had a ball. Nehra was brutally assaulted. When two cricketers (Sachin and Bhajji) perform amazingly well only to be left high and dry, they can either get angry or sad. But in the case of Sachin and Bhajji, they just laughed it off and started playing "Ring aring of roses, a pocketfull of posies, atishoo, atishoo, all fall down"
Some one becomes the butt of all jokes in every World cup. It was Gibbs in one of the earlier World cups when he dropped a sitter from Steve Waugh. This time, for team India, the undoubted joker is Ashish Nehra.
But still, Kamran Akmal beats Nehra by a large margin with his drop(pings). We would have heard the famous quote that behind every successful man there is woman. On the same lines , we can very surely say that behind every successful batsman there is Kamran Akmal.

Will Team India win the 2011 World cup for the country and for the Little Master?

Are you low, sad and angry because of India's performance in this world cup? Just one look at this smiling face would drive all that feelings into the trash bin.
Sachin! We adore you

Will You Be My Valentine Reks? ! ♥

March 14 2011

There are a few people in life..
Who make you want to live more..
Feel good about yourself..
Smile to see them smile..
Take care of yourself..

To one of them..
I want to say..

To my grandpa

March 13 2011

Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round thy table. (Psalm 128:3)

Tough I am not Christian I use to read bible.

God blessed Mr. Muthu Swamy Mudaliar(My grand dad) with 10 children and Sixteen grand children's. My name is Prabhu and I am the 7th Grandson of Mr.Swamy I call him Thatha and he ll call me Raja Prabhu (King Prabhu)

My memories of Thatha dates back to the mid eighties. Thatha and Paatimma (Grandma), stayed in koduvai at that time. My parents and I stayed in Pollachi, then. We used to go to koduvai every summer holidays. I used to have fun at Thatha’s place. All my cousins would come to koduvai and I would have a great time. It was not the age of television and computers. The games we played then are still fresh in my memory.Paper boats, Mud castles,Running around the house,climbing trees bathing in the well at the farm...

I still remember the green color cycle, Thatha used. I used to play with its pedal. It has fallen on my head more than once. As a kid, I used to help Thatha wear his shirt. In the evenings, I used to apply paraffin oil on his feet. Thatha had a big black mole on his spine.I used to get scared of that. Thatha used a specks. I always loved to flick his specks and play with it. It was the symbol of the eighties of a teacher and I became teacher and take class.

We used to have prayer two times in a day at the temple. As we were little kids, we used to wait for the prayer to get over, so that we could go out of the temple and play. Thatha had two basic rules for his grand children. These rules should be followed if we had to go and play. The rules were simple.

1.Memorize sacred chants according to the age (i.e. if my age was 3, I was supposed to memorize three  scared chants. 4=4  and 5= 5 sacred chants and so on)

2.Respect the elders and never lie.

Thatha had a strong panel of five members who used to check whether we abided by his rules. The five members were Thatha, Paatimma and their three daughters that included my mom, “Mythily” and her two sisters, “Meenakshi and Geetha”. The latter four were lenient and they would help me if I made any mistake while reciting the memory verses. But one could not escape from Thatha’s glare, when a Ramayana verse is wrongly recited. Though Thatha had a hearing problem, one cannot fool him when it comes to reciting the scripture. The initial days were easy. But as I grew older the quantum of memory verses also increased and I still remember the days when I used to see my cousins with faugh as they played outside while I memorized verses after verses everyday.

Then every day afternoon we were supposed to sleep in the hall. All the grandchildren were obedient and they used to sleep. But being the black sheep among the grandchildren, I used to sneak out through the backdoor into the farm. I had two partner in crime; my cousin, “Akila & Abi”. But we regularly get caught by Thatha and we end up kneeling down every evening.

Friday night family prayer is an event that I would not forget in my life. It lasts for at least one hour. Every member in the family, prays in that family prayer. The prayer chain starts from the grandchildren, battened on by the parents and then concluded by Paatimma and Thatha. By the time the prayer gets over, we “grandchildren” would be snoring.

Thatha and Paatimma used to take Ramayana classes for the slum children and we used to sit along with them and listen to the scripture. Thatha was indeed God’s marionette. He used to get up as early as three in the morning and pray with Paatimma.

Thatha went into God’s hushed seclusion on March 13th, 1987. I remember the long car journey we had. We reached koduvai that night. I saw Thatha for one last time. He was dressed in his white silk shirt and dhoti . We all sat around his body. Finally before the coffin was lowered into the pit, Paatimma led us all and we all said in a chorus, “The lord gave and the lord has taken away; may the name of the lord be praised”.

Twenty four years have gone by. Many a summer has come and gone. I have met my cousins a lot of times in the last twenty four years. But it’s never been the same as it used to be. I miss the memory verse recitals, the chants, the pongal occasions , Friday night prayers, the games I used to play with my cousins. If not for the summers I had in the mid eighties, my faith would not be as solid as it is now. I never paused to think, and debate the alternative possibilities about anything. Such things are not necessary in the black and white world that you thought, existed. It was not necessary to understand the gray, till you start missing it. I still remember Thatha’s grin. He had it even in his last days. I am sure he still has it wherever he is now.

- Prabhu.N @ Pepsi (6th Grandson of Shri. Mr. M. Swamy)
( Taken from the autobiography on my grandpa. All sixteen grandchildren wrote their memories of their grandpa. This is my contribution to the book)


3 idiots!

March 12 2011

Name : Senthil
Sex : Male
Date of Birth : September 21 1979
Hobbies : Dancing like grandpa, Wearing fashionable dresses
Achievements : I can memorize 3 pages and say in a minute wanna tell?! (macha nee kela?!)
Strengths : I can easily climb the roof  in my bedroom
Favorite Super Hero : Michel Jackson. I am the dancer of the universe

Name : Prabhu (Pepsiboy)
Sex : It is a bad word
Date of Birth : Younger than those 2 idiots 15 June 1980
Hobbies : Eating Slate Pencils, Sucking Fingers, Biting My Classmates
Achievements : Wetting my bed every night
Strengths : I can go to the toilet alone at night time. I do not fear darkness and even heights too.
Favorite Super Hero : Super-man. I love his red underwear.

Name : Ramesh Yogananth
Sex : Male
Date of Birth : November 22 1979
Hobbies : Applying mommy's talcum powder on face 200gm/day, Always trying to Sit near the blackboard before the first bench.......   
Achievements : I know to mimicry 
Strengths : My smile in any sad situation
Favorite SuperHero : Prabhu not this Pepsiboy!(Great Tamil Actor Sivaji Ganesan's Son..... Still I am following his diet you know).
Click the picture to get the better view

Google Valet Store Crisis Response

March 11 2011

2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

A massive 8.9/9.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean nearby Northeastern Japan at around 2:46pm on March 11 (JST) causing damage with blackouts, fire and tsunami. On this page we are providing the information regarding the disaster and damage with real time updates.
The large earthquake triggered a tsunami warning for countries all around the Pacific ocean.

Local Japan Emergency dials:
171 + 1 + line phone number to leave a message
171 + 2 + line phone number to listen to the message

Phone numbers to consult about missing persons: (Japanese language)
Iwate: 0120-801-471
Miyagi: 022-221-2000
Fukushima: 0120-510-186 / 090-8424-4207 / 090-8424-4208

Donate to the Japanese Red Cross Society to support those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Your donation must be between 100 and 50,000 yen (2000 yen is approximately 25 US dollars or 1125 INR).


March 10 2011

PG NOT required for reading this post: Children below 18 years of age are not requested to take guidance from their parents and in the process spoil their image as well as mine.

Two Pictures that made me ROTFL.
The first one is that of a bet that I lost to a friend of mine. He challenged me to eat some cornflakes. I agreed. But later when he showed me the picture, I had second thoughts.I even backed out from the challenge.
Anyone game to eat the cornflakes?
The second picture is that of an amazing man. This guy is a medical wonder. He might be the eighth world wonder or the blunder, but believe it or not, this guy has his heart in his abdomen. Strange?

see for yourself.
( Guys. My work demands me to be out of station in a couple of days. Will post some interesting news from Trivandrum soon)

Pepsi Blog Laws

March 9 2011

1.This blog is a Humor Blog
2.This blog is not here to make any political statement.
3.This blog is not gender biased.
4.This blog is a collection of lies.
5.This blog is the first ever blog in the world.
6.This blog was planned in the year 1980. The author was two months old then
7.This blog doesn't encourage blog-fornication. So Please do not try to advertise your page on this site
8.This blog does not promote vulgar language
9.If you do not know how to paste, please do not copy.This blog is copy-right and copy-left protected.
10.The reader of the blog can intimate the author with funny suggestions. But refrain from getting intimate with the author. Pepsiboy - CFO (Chief Fun Officer) PrabhuPepsi Blog

Bikes, Computers, Apparels

March 8 2011

PG required - Children below 12 years of age are requested to ask their parents to explain certain parts of this post.Anyways the author is pretty sure that the children would be the ones who would be explaining the hidden meaning in this Adult post

This post is not about my friend Senthil. He has this habit of talking insane topics when no one is interested to listen.No ! I am not gonna write about him.This post is about Branding. The reason behind me pulling Senthil into this topic is mainly due to the fact that he was the first person who opened my eyes to the concept of Branding.We were in College. Those were the days when mobile phones and hi-tech electronic gadgets were not introduced into the market. Every guy in college wanted to be one step ahead of the other guy in one way or another. Different routes and methodologies were adopted by every guys to garner attention. Bikes, Computer Accessories and Apparel were the few things used by the college guys of our era.
In our College we were three guys who used these things to make the babes fall for us. When it came to bikes Senthil, it was Senthil's bike he gave me to the college for the first day. He modified his Hero Puch bike into a sports bike and the babes went gaga over his bike riding skills from school itself. That too only in first year then he changed it and me too got my own bike,  All guys prayed that he and I should fall from his bike at least once. But we was way too super cool. We was the Dudes to watch in our college.
Talking about Computers and stuffs ,it was my turn to take the center in the class. I would always dream about the babes going crazy over my computer gadgets that too I had a IBM laptop in my first year itself. But when ever I bring it to college most of my friends will come to my class and take to their class and have attention of girls acting like Bill Gates was his cousin. The girls would just go crazy at them and start screaming cause they are from different departments and don't know anything about computers. Even when I  get back from them to my class the battery shows low. Somewhat I never ended up as the girl's guy in college.

And finally talking about apparels, it was again Me and Senthil. He could sweep any girl of her feet and heels with his cool dressing. When my turn comes My bro was in US at that time so he send lots of T shirts given in his office that too all related to computers like JAVA, CISCO like that. Back to Senthil he always wore super-Branded apparels and beat us all in the trade of dressing up for the occasion. When I used to have three pairs of lee jeans, he used have more than 10 pairs that to all Levis trousers in college. He was the first guy who have different sets of dresses in the college. But I used to tease him that I have Imported form US and you got in India. I am talking about the year 1998. Wearing a Levis jean was something very big then.
 Most of the guys would wear Bata/action shoes and we would always be in Reebok/ Nike. He was the first person who took branding to a new level in college.
Branding has its plus points and in some cases it even pulls in political insurgence. In Russia a very popular American condom was banned. The name of the brand was PUT-IN condom. It was Vladimir PUTIN who was heading the government and hence the condom was driven out of the country.
The best case of innocent bargaining power of the consumer is that of Ben Johnson's. I hope everyone would remember his world record beating run in the 100 meters in the Seoul Olympics.He Shocked Carl Lewis and the entire world with that run in 9.79 seconds( The author of this blog takes time to blow his own trumpet now. He still holds his college record for running 100 meters in 11 seconds flat)

Coming back to Ben Johnson,he was disqualified and his record was scratched off because his urine samples contained Stanozolol ( A performance enhancing drug). The Olympic committee did not even give Big Ben a Chance to plead for innocence. But I take this opportunity to voice my support for Big Ben after two decades.

The Real Ben Story ( Explored and Discovered by Prabhu Pepsi):
Two months prior to the race in the Seoul Olympics, Big Ben and his wife were on the verge of a break up. Big Ben's sexual performance was in question. Just to prove her wrong, he took to performance enhancing drugs to save his marriage. Little did he know that he was misled by the pharmacist. At least my readers now know that Big Ben is innocent.