Can’t stand this chennai heat.

April 12 2014

Can’t stand this chennai heat. Last evening had good half-and-half bath in besant nagar beach. Well it wasn’t intentional. We just went to have our feets washed but the gushing water tempted us and swept us by our feet. But the bag hanging behind me didn’t allow to get drenched. As we were children we never had any such issues of carrying mobiles, credit cards, docs and such responsibilities. Wish we had a remote control to rewind our lives back to childhood.

நல்லவன் வாழ்வான்!

April 10 2014

Thanks to smt. Jayantha Sri Balakrishnan. I was so touched with your speech.great thoughts and expression of words.simply Inspiring!!!
If you can't see this video pls do watch on this link

Courtesy: Angupradeepa Sundarrajan