Instant Meme 2010

December 31 2010

Nobody tagged me. But I saw this in some Blog when I was blog hunting. I liked the set of questions. So I thought of answering the set of questions as well as tagging a few people.
Here I go...

1.What does your phone look like?

2. What is on the walls of your bedroom?
Ants doing their ramp walk all the time. I have a Rajinikanth & AR Rahman poster that also has their hall of fame speech.

3. What is your current desktop picture?
Krithi! My God child. She is 5 years old.

4. Do you believe in love marriage?
Am a failure in that type. But I believe in happy marriages. So if you can be love marriage, why not?

5. What do you want more than anything right now?
Play AR Rahman music.

6 . What time were you born?
09.35 AM – as recorded in my dad’s old HMT watch.

7. Are your parents still together?
Yup. Dunno if my kid would answer the same way when he gets tagged with this.

8. Last person who made you cry?
Anitha. Check my earlier posts.

9. What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?
Any natural colour. Black soft hair with brown eyes. Or a Salma Hayek look alike would make me turn around and ogle.

10. Do you like pain killers?
I was on pain killers for more than 2 years when I had the problem. I like them when I am in pain.

11. Who was the last person who made you smile at the end of this year ?
*My niece Aishu; when She called me “uuuhhhuu mmma ma!” over the phone.
*When ever I see my desktop picture always My God child Krithi
*Vicky my bro's profile picture.

Wishing you all  a happy & prosperous new year !

Okay, the new year, welcome world. I am awake. Hit me with your best shot this year. I can take it!.

Too many fools, I believe

December 30 2010

to be loved.....
Internet tries to tell me all about Love
Yet I am mystified…
Night after night
Too much candy, I perceive
Too many fools, I believe

Love me
When the grass says I am yellow
Love me
When all the words fade
Love me
When the illness takes over
Love me
Whenever you find time to Love me….

Of that SMS musingly typed
One sluggish night,
Saved in Drafts, yet never sent

Love me
Like the spring in winters
Love me
The way you eat a chocolate cake
Love me
At every station
Love me
The way you want to love me

Of those calls expected after a stupid fight
Never answered;
Yet enough to light up her face

Love me
Under the vast blue sky
Love me
Under shadow of those heavy clouds
Love me
Under those satin sheets
Love me
Anywhere you want to love me

doodled by Pepsiboy

A Special Dish For This New Year!

December 29 2010

The chef is launching his recipe diary with a tough lesson. I request all my readers to take a pencil and paper and note the points , I am gonna write here. These points would help you in becoming a world class chef like me. Without much adu, let us get into action

"How to boil water? "
Ingredients needed:
Kitchen : 1 no
Human being : 1 no ( It can be you)
Audience : 1 and above( Passive audience to watch you cook)
Water : One liter
Container : 1 ( Please note that the container is not made of plastic.)
If the container is small and if it could not accommodate 1 Liter of water, then you can use more than one container for cooking.
Dress used by Mallika Sherawat : 2 Nos (For holding the container while conducting the cooking process. This is to increase the glamour effect while cooking)

The reader is requested to stop oggling at the picture and continue reading.
Gas stove: 1 no
Gas cylinder : 1 no
( If gas cylinder is not available, then there is no point of having a gas stove.You should have a good lateral thinking process like the author)
Kerosene stove : 1 no ( If gas stove is not available)
Clock: 1 no ( If the clock is not in proper working condition, another clock can be used)
Match stick : 1 box ( For those that do not know how to use a matchstick, The author would devote another post on it)
Lighter : 1 no ( Those who are scared of using a match stick can use the lighter )

Let us proceed step by step

1) The human being (cook) can go inside the kitchen
2) Connect the gas cylinder to the gas stove
3) Ignite the stove using the matchstick/ Lighter
4) Gently pour water inside the container and place it on the stove
5) The audience should clap at this juncture
6) From now on, the cook's hands should not come in contact with the container without the help of mallika sherawat's clothes
7) The cook can do an item number for his/her own song for five minutes ( The clock comes into use now)
8) Bubbles would form on the top layer of water with a zzzzzzblblblblu sound ( Bubbles accompanied by any sound other than zzzzzzblblblblu should be disqualified)
9) Water is boiled and is ready to serve
10) To test if water is boiled or not, the cook can immerse his/her right index finger inside the container. If heat-boils appear on the finger, then you can be assured that the water is indeed boiled.

I am Sure you all will enjoy this new year with tasty boiled water. If you 've any doubt, please call me to my personal number 9.......6669


December 28 2010

Shushma Swaraj tried the unachievable act by trying to hug MISS. Jayalalitha.(the class teacher of AIADMK students) Her attempt was unsuccessful.She could only cover 20 % of Jayalalitha's body and that itself was a record of sorts in recent times.
Miss Jayalalitha was under Mr.Pepsi's scrutiny yet again. This time, he caught the single-Virgin momma of Tamil soil red handed when she received a bunch of yellow roses from Mr.RAM-DOS. Mr. RAM DOS is the founder of DOS programming language and the speed of the computer is measured using his first name RAM.

Angry MAN-age-ment

December 27 2010

Last time, I got angry, I was slapped. I never get angry these days. Even if I am angry, I never show it out. The following three pictures are the pictures of the three most angry living beings on earth.

1) Bisa, the Chimp from Africa.

2) Kuruvammma, the bitch from Vannandurai, Chennai.

3) Terror Romeo, the immature bear from Tamil Cinema.
- Prabhupepsi

Are U superstitious?

December 26 2010

YES! I am superstitious...
I never believed in superstitions, fortunes,black magic, vOOdoo, witchcraft. But last week's incident has changed my take on the whole issue...

Last week's Issue

December  23rd 2010:21:30 hrs - I had Mutton fry and mutton sausage for dinner.

December 24th 2010:04:00 hrs - first call from nature.

December 24th 2010:05:30 hrs - second call from nature.

December 24th 2010:06:00 hrs - third call from nature.

December 24th 2010:06:39 hrs - I logged on to orkut. Orkut provides with a daily fortune service. My daily fortune for the day was, " You will prosper in what ever you do,today"
And I really prospered that day. I am glad that I did not have to prosper for one whole week.

I am superstitious now.

Why Men Are So Happy?

December 24 2010

Men are never depressed.
Men Are Just Happier People.
Men are very simple creatures.
The garage is all theirs.
Wedding plans take care of themselves.
They can never be pregnant.
Car mechanics tell the truth.
The world is their urinal.
They don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt.
Wrinkles add character.
One mood all the time.No mood swings
Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.
They know stuff about cars.
A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase.
If someone forgets to invite them, he or she can still be their friend.
Their inner wear is Rs 100 for a three-pack.
One pair of shoes is more than enough.
The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades.
They only have to shave their face.
They can wear shorts no matter how their legs look.
They can "do" their nails with a pocket knife.
They have freedom of choice concerning growing a moustache.
They can do Christmas shopping for 25 relatives on December 24 in 25 minutes.
No wonder men are happier !!!!!

Punishment for kasab

December 23 2010

The Kasab verdict sparked a trigger on Twitter and a hashtag #punishment for kasab became popular. Some of the tweets that caught my attention are added here.

Make him date Mayawati
Make KASAB to inflate the MRF blimp using only his mouth!!
48 hours in a locked room with nithyananda ( that is punishment for nithyananda)
Make him listen to Terror Romeo's speech (That is not a punishment. That is entertainment)
Make him watch "sura movie" hundred times.

Do you know English?

December 22 2010

Why do I have (a)  bad English?
Every time I type a blog post, I always try my level best to avoid grammatical glitches and spelling mistakes. But I always end up making at least one error in every post. I don't know whom to blame? Should I blame my school? Should I blame my English teachers? Should I blame my folks? or should I blame my own laziness? I did my entire schooling in a place called Pollachi. I studied in six schools in my life .

Kindergarten to class 4 - Arokia Matha Primary School
English was an enforced language in that school. Our standard of English never improved. In fact, it got bad because even the teachers were not comfortable with the English language. I don't want to sound like a racist here. Still our English during those days sounded like the Chinese speaking English.The following are some of the conversations that my friends and I have had with our class teachers.

Miss, Gayathri was stole my rubber ( The usage of "was" to denote a past event was used by us and our teachers never corrected us) {Note:Rubber is the Indian English for eraser}
Miss, Can I go bathroom? ( I am sure that many of my readers have the habit of first call in the bathroom.) The word toilet was not much used in my school
Miss, I winned ( I have won)
The only solace for me was that we used to converse in English at home. But my sister Viji Akka had a good grasp of the English language. She used to correct me every time and hence I would often resort to speaking in Tamil at home. But still the sitcoms helped me to stay in touch with English. Invisible Man, Oshin, Street Hwak were some of my favorite programs on TV.

Class 5 to Class 9 - Scott Viswadeepthi Higher Secondary School
The first English medium school in Pollachi. It was started by Christian missionaries centuries ago. English was an alien language in this school. The yearly tuition fee was Rs.25. I was introduced to Tamil Golden words in this school. Speaking in English was considered a crime by every student who attended this school. Hence I never had an opportunity to converse in English.The teachers were very good. Yet the students were not up to the mark.

But again, the conversations at home helped me to stay in decent touch with the language.. My sister's vocabulary was in a huge margin and I failed to understand 90 % of the English words that she used.
When my parents found that their enforced method was not effective, they made it compulsory for me to read the "HINDU" newspaper everyday. I would spend time on the cinema column. It never worked for me. I had love for films; but I hated English very much. Little did I realize that the parents of my classmates from my previous school also had similar ideas. A bunch of guys from AMS School landed up in Viswadeepthi Higher Secondary School and we were so comfortable talking in Tamil.

Class 12 - Vidya Vinaya Vinodha School, Chennai.
Soon I figured out that Vidya Vinaya Vinodha School was in fact worser than my previous school. The students of this school were from the families of upper middle class homes , NRIs and VIPs in Chennai. Hence English came very naturally to most of them. But unfortunately, there were lost sheep like me too.

Most of the students were really good. Still the teachers were an utter failure. Jayanthi miss was the best example for this. The British Government should erect a statue for her for his noble deeds in English. She is still surviving as a teacher in the school. A present day student of that school took pains to scribble down Jayanthi miss's golden words in a piece of paper.

My English started improving only after I started writing. I also realized that even if one has a good grasp of the English language but still falls short of ideas and content, he/ she doesn't make a good writer. If only I had stayed inside my comfort zone developing an inferiority complex because of my bad English, I would have never started this blog in the first place.

I would like to thank my dear friend Sruthi, who takes time to constructively correct my English. There have been many such good souls who have helped me in my blog journey. I sincerely thank all you guys. This post doesn't answer the question, "Why do I have a bad English?". But still you would have sensed the take away pointers from this post, if you understood what I am actually talking about.

Do you think that you are not worth it? Did any one say to you that are a loser? If you are in such a position, I have a story for you

Once a farmer found an abandoned eagle nest and a warm eagle egg inside it. He took it to his farm & laid it in the nest of one of his hens.The egg hatched and the eagle grew up along with the chickens and spent its entire life in the farm with the chickens. It rarely looked up. When it was very old, one day it lifted up its head and saw above it a wonderful sight - an eagle soaring high above in the sky. Looking at it, the old creature sighed and said to itself,"If only I'd been born an eagle".

Many of us are like the eagle. We often curb our capabilities and slumber within our comfort level. We seldom come out of our shell and exhibit our full potential.

We might have attempted and failed in achieving our goal in life. If we see some one attempting the same thing, we often discourage them based on our experiences.

We all have an eagle within us. Do we realize that? or Are we still chickened to acknowledge that?

Agent Charan

December 20 2010

I had a very tiring day and just when I was about to hit the sack, my mobile phone started ringing.I looked at the mobile phone.It read, Prime Minister calling

I immediately knew that the matter was really serious.Yes It was the Prime Minister of the country. For those who never knew that the Prime Minister and I are very close friends, it is time that you realized that you are actually reading the blog of a very important person of this country. Let me get back to the point. I picked the call
Me: Hi Manny (Manmohan Singh -That is how I call him)
PM: Hi Pepsi boy. It is a very important matter
Me: Ok! Tell me. How can I help you
PM: The enemies have planned to attack our country. They have formulated a secret code and we need your help to decode this deadly code. Can you please save the country?
Me: Ok. Pull Anty for this call. Let us have a conference call
(Antony is the Defence Minister of the country and that is how I call him)
Ring... Ring
DM:Hello PM. It is a pleasure getting a call from you.
PM: Mr Defence Minister, This is a Conference call.We have the Most respected Pepsi, also in this call
Me: Hey Antony... 'ssup?
DM: Hi thala. It is my privilege. I was trying your number. But as usual you were busy on a call with some babe.
Me:Coming to the point , How can I save the country?
DM: The enemies have devised a code. They call it the "Purple Red or Yellow" code.We have no clue what it is all about. We need your help
Me: Go to sleep Antony and Manny. I'll take care of this
I kept the phone. My granny has adviced me to keep my telephonic conversations short and sweet.
I went to my bed and my thinking cells usually work in midnight. The moment I stepped inside my room, I had the answer to the problem. Immediately I came out of  my room, took my mobile phone and rang up my brother Sridhar Anna.
My bro has a Lovely Kid, Charan "2". I knew very well that this kid is the best in the business when it comes to code breaking. Charan has broken 24 toys so far and he is an expert in breaking the rules at home.

I told the matter to Charan and he said,"Do not worry, Uncle...I would break the Purple Red or Yellow code and save our country". I kept the phone and slept in peace.This little kid indeed decoded the code and saved our country. He is turning 3 tomorrow .  So letus wish him a Happy happy Birthday Charan.....


December 19 2010

India is a full of small time traders who are the retailers to major chunk of the population. My family buys milk from a milk vendor,called palkaramma(meaning: milk trading woman in tamil)whose real name many even dont know, Since to everyone she is known as and only as the palkaramma. Palkaramma has some cows and buffaloes with which she makes her living. We get fresh cow milk everyday delivered by the palkaramma. Yesterday she came to my house to give sweets for the birth of her grandson. My family’s dealing with these trader date back to more than 2 years. Its amazing to see that any amount of advertising and other marketing by packeted milk hasn't spoiled this relationship. This is what is the ”indianness” of retailing. Retailers in India are more than just traders,they have an emotional connect and a lifelong relationship with their customers.They are more like extended part of the family.

actually I am on diet!

December 18 2010

Two sandwiches,
Idiyappam with coconut chatni,
A Medhu Vadai,
Two dosais,
A piece of black forest,
Little bit of Sambar Vadai,
A packet of ground nuts,
Two Idlis,
A coffee,
A tea
2 Capsicum Bajjis,
6 Jamuns,
And rice with pepper rasam and Potat fries  .
All this is what I ate for a day!
Well actually I am on diet.

Nothing for me please!

December 17 2010

My friend Guganesh have come down to India from Malaysia.

What Indonesianwalas were in the 70s, the Malaywalas are today. They always come back with goodies for everybody. This being the Christmas season, I wouldn`t be off target if I compared him to Santa Claws. Oops! Santa Clause.

Living up to the expectations – in fact even exceeding him – he bought me an Ipod. He had called me one month earlier to check what I wanted.

“I am coming to India next month. Anything I can bring for you?” It was him on the speaker phone and my parents listening.

My parents have always taught me to refuse at least three times before accepting anything. So, I quickly said: “Nothing for me please. Nothing for me please. Nothing for me please,” and waited for him to respond.

It was him who spoke again: “No da macha, I want to gift you something. Thought I should check with you and buy you something you need.”

I had only three seconds to respond. The character of a man is decided in these three seconds. I had a few options – refusing his gift and telling him that I would be excited if he stayed with me for a few days, was the best option. The worst option was to list out the things I wanted from Malaysia – barring logs of course we have a sawmill.

With the fear that he might give in any moment and say, “OK then, no gift for you this time”, I replied: “I really think you should not take all the trouble.”

“It is no trouble at all. In an hour`s time I am going out for shopping and I could get you whatever you want.” Thats my true friend.

My mind went racing. I had bought gifts for so many people (none exceeding Rs 300/-). Before I walk into a store, I have always asked myself a few questions -

Do I really need to gift this guy – will he be useful to me?
Will this guy ever gift me back?
Will this gift ensure better results when I forward a resume to him?
Is there a possibility that I am overdoing it – will he/she be happy with a Rs 200/- gift?

My mind came back to the present. I had to quickly come up with a gift item…else I might be gifted with a Gillette deo, a Gillette shaving foam and a Gillette shampoo (if at all Gillette makes that). The problem with suggesting a gift was …I didn`t know his budget and I didn`t know what the Malaysia is famous for, besides teak woods and logs of course.

If he were in Iraq…I could have asked for an armored tank.
If he were in Palestine, I could have asked for an AK-47.
If he were in Pakistan, I could have asked for a kilogram of RDX.
If he were in Russia, I could have asked for a pinch of Polonium.
If he were in Netherlands, I could have asked for some cocaine. Apparently, it is legal to buy and sell drugs there.

Since he were sitting in Malaysia, I said: “I am fine with anything as long as it is a Ipod supporting mp4.”

He reached India today and I have my Ipod. The problem is….I should gift him something for his wedding. I tried to argue with myself…but the argument ended with a cost of 5000 bugs, a Titan wedding watch for this monkey & his wife.

I am happy to be single

December 16 2010

I would like to confess that Anitha was the first Y of my life. I still love her. But every time I think of Anitha, her hubby's huge frame also comes into the picture. On such occasions I would immediately stop thinking about her. Sometimes I wish that I had a girlfriend; but I have to admit that I am indeed happy to be Single. Quite recently, I read an article about Alfie - The thirteen year old Dad. Now a days Alfie's face appears in my dream and he gives me a great complex for being single.

Devotional delights - Harivarasanam

December 15 2010

Composed by Sacred Chants
Background score by Stephen devassy
Story Narration by Prabhupepsi
Mixed @ Google Valet Store

My Football Poetry

December 14 2010

My first day in the football field
I did not have a proper shield
Like a lightening came a boy so small
And kicked the wrong Ball
Harley's, Planes and Racing Cars
I even saw my grandpa's and some twinkling Stars
Agony and pain was in a Tangle
I thought I was in Bermuda Triangle
I limped,then I fell and I crawled a mile
Painful memory; But now it just leaves a smile

We all have painful memories. Some memories would have been so painful when we encountered it. But when we turn back and look back at those painful moments, we might end up having a smile in our faces. Everyone would have painful memories - be it emotional or physical.
But do we cling on to the painful memories?
Do we have the strength to look at such moments and Smile

Note: Painful memories that you have come across,can be shared in the comment section. Please note that the aim is not to vent or crib in the comment box, but to convey your positive take on painful memories. It might be soothening for many pained souls.

Computer lab

December 13 2010

School Days would be the most memorable phase in every one's life. Most of you would have passed out of school long back. But still when you read this post, you will remember those days for sure.

The fun all of us had during those days would be still fresh in our memory. The crushes on teachers, First love, class room bench fights, blackboards, stealing chalk pieces, Physical education classes, eating under the tree while crow shits on your lunch box, spraying ink on your classmate's white uniforms, assembly prayer prayer , writing nicknames of teachers on toilet walls,copying in exams, threatening your enemies not to talk with the girl you like, class tours, gangs in classes, slam books, last bench boys like me are some of the incidents that float in the top of my mind when I think about my school life.

But one incident that all of us loved the most would be the two hour class session that happen in labs. The first real exposure to team work begins in these labs. The labs are places where experiments are done. Talking about experiments, I remember a  quote by Dave Barry "What ever you do, maintain a very good rapport with lab assistants. They help you during practical exams."

Computer Labs
Computers... Computers... Computers... When I took computer science as my specialization subject in school, Computers were just making inroads into the education system. I wanted to become an IT geek. I have ended up as an Blogging creep.

"Basic" programming language was the most happening programming language then. If one could remember the DOS prompts by-heart, then he was treated as a computer genius.

The first thing that comes into my mind is playing games in the computer lab. Dave,Maria, Prince of Persia and sky roads were the major games during those days. If you know the cheat codes, you are a computer genius. The Internet images of our favorite heroins like Aish, Jflopez,  Madonaa.....was also making inroads. The corner computer in the computer lab are always used to view Internet pictures. The lab assistants also joins in for company. When girls are around, the boys seldom use the corner computer. Any boy using the corner computer, automatically became the bad boy among the girls. Switching off the computer when someone types a long program gives you the kick. Also unplugging the keyboard and mouse wires from the socket would make the user go bonkers for sometime. I don't know much about the computer labs of the present generation students.

You can share your lab memories in the comment section.

Happy Birthday Thalivaa!

December 12 2010

You are my Idol, May this B'day brings you peace and joy. Love you  Thalivaa!

To the perfect couple

December 11 2010

Wishing you a happy wedding anniversary Anna & Anni 

Criminal Protection act

December 10 2010

For those who do not know, I would like to remind that this blog is strictly copy-right and copy-left protected under the Corporate and Criminal Protection act. This act was jointly cleared by Suresh Kalmadi and Mr.Nithyanandha(Ranjitha's fiancee). So if you wish to forward any of my posts, please provide the URL of this page.

DO NOT IGNORE THIS. Last week my friend ignored what I said and in five minutes he had a crow shit on his head. So save your heads now!! Forward this to everybody you know and enjoy the following benefits .

50+ forwards : You will no longer get caught by your parents while trying to flirt with the girl/guy.

40+ forwards : Guys, your friend's girlfriend will kiss you within the next one week. Girls, the guy you love will stop flirting with other girls.

30+ forwards : You will meet the love of your life in the next one hour. Please move out of your home and walk around your street to experience this reality in your life. Make sure that your dad's friend doesn't catch you walking around in streets.

20+ forwards : You will get married in exactly one year from today. After one year, if you are still unmarried, please forward this to 20 + friends.

10+ forwards : You will go on a dream date!! (Remember to sleep well)

1-10 forwards : Guys, you will get a chance to take a Hot Girl for a ride on your bike. Girls! Please make your younger brother to sit between you and the guy to prevent damages.

0 forwards : Guys, you will be slapped, cussed, by a girl, her mother and father and you will also be punched in your groin by a three year old kid. Girls, Your boyfriend will ditch you. Remember! No one will charge your mobile phone and give you free lifts on the bike/car.

-Pepsi boy ( The forward idea was copied from a mail forward )

Believe me, I 'm a Scientist!

December 9 2010

In early January of the year 1994,when I was in class-9, my biology teacher said that AIDS was a sexually transmitted disease. I counter attacked her with my statement saying," Ma'm; Birth of a baby is the only sexually transmitted disease". I was sent out of class. That was the exact moment I decided that I would become a scientist. I started working towards my goal. Immediately, I called up my friends Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell and gave them a ten minute pep talk. The very next year, they came up with Dolly (The first cloned female sheep). The world never knew the actual brain behind cloning. Now for the first time ever, this secret is revealed in my blog.

If you closely follow my blog, you would be knowing that I am a world famous scientist. I have described my findings in the sidebar. If you haven't noticed it, I am posting it again in this post so that you don't have to search for the message in the sidebar

I started discovering many things about animals. I would soon publish all my discoveries in book form. Please buy the book when i publish it. One such experiment made me to study about cows. I went to my Uncle Aruchamy's farm(Sharmi's dad) in koduvai and asked his permission whether I could conduct some experiments on his cows. He was more than happy. My experiment was to find out, if a cow could yield more than 20 litres of milk.

So I took a bucket and went to the farm and started milking a cow. After one hour of milking, there wasn't much milk in the bucket. I was disappointed and came back home with a dejected heart. Later when I talked with Uncle Aruchamy, I came to know that the only animal in that farm was actually a bull and not a cow. No wonder the bull smiled at me, while I was milking it.
My discoveries in the field of animal science was soon recognised by scientists around the Globe. Animal scientists even tried mating lions and tigers and came with a new animal "Liger". I even advised them to go forth in their scientific research to produce "Girze". They have tried all possible ways but all their efforts have failed so far. Will the world ever see Girze?

True Gandhi

December 8 2010

Note : Students do the darndest things. They do not even spare the Father of the nation.

Student Name : Adarsh. 
Occasion : Mock Press Competition.
Adarsh donned the role of Gandhiji . The Judges asked him, " Among the present day celebrities, who can you associate yourself with?"
Adarsh (Gandhi): I would associate myself with Amir Khan and Mallika Sherwath. All of us shed our clothes to reveal our belly buttons. I do it for our Nation. Amir does it for salman  and Mallika for Cash.
Result: Adarsh was eliminated in that round.

Student Name : Prabhu. 
Occasion: Secondary School History Examination
Teacher: Write a Note on Gandhi Jayanthi.
Prabhu(myself): Gandhi Was a Great Man, Jayanthi is a super Hot girl. Gandhi loved Jayanthi. One day he proposed to her. She said Yes. Then they got married. Their wedding day is celebrated all over the world as "Gandhi Jayanthi day".
Result : Prabhu was sent out of the class. He started this blog page and started to rant.

Student Name: Guru(my bro). 
Occasion : Art class
Guru was playing with two ten Rupee notes and suddenly the fashion designer in him, emerged out in art form.
Result : Guru is now in Chennai for his graduation in civil due to his artistic skills.

The fight with my family

December 7 2010

When I was in class 9, my love for Anitha reached its romantic pinnacle. I made a pledge that I would marry no one else other than Anitha. That pledge even made me a good boy and I stopped drooling over other girls in class that even included my Maths teacher. I used to follow Anitha everyday to school. Her blue school uniform that swerved with her rhythmic walk is still fresh in my memory. She always had a மல்லிகை பூ in her hair. I can still sense the fragrance. I soon found out that she used closeup tooth paste. The very same day, I shifted my brand loyalty from Colgate to Closeup. Even this morning, I used closeup while brushing ( Yes I took a brush today).

Coming back to the topic on my love for Anitha, I soon realised that I could not lead a life without her. So I decided to convey my decision to my parents. After much thought , I decided that I would open the subject matter on a weekend. So when saturday finally came, I woke up early in the morning, brushed my teeth with closeup, took a warm water bath(of course with our traditional hamam soap(நேர்மை நா என்ன மா?) and even drew a faint black line between my nose and my upper lip with my pencil (A sign that gave me enough confidence to talk with my parents). I went to the kitchen made my own coffee and went to the couch and had a refreshing drink only to realise that I had mixed the black pepper powder instead of coffee powder. But Legends do not go down without a fight. So I drank the whole cup. I even glanced through the headlines in the newspaper ( To impress my dad, cause he always used to tell me to read english paper and keep myself updated with the developments around me). Then I went to my parents and told them that I need to talk to them. They did not bother me. But when I put a serious face and hardened my voice and repeated the sentence, they knew that I was really serious.

So the next moment we( Me, my mom and my dad) were in the bed room. I was at my personified best and this is how the conversation went.

Me:Hi paa. Without much ado, let me come to the point
Mom: Hey! your pillow is stinking.. Did you chew your finger again?
Me: Please be serious. I do not want to deviate from the topic
Dad: Ok go ahead.
Me: Look everyone! I am in love with a girl.
Mom: At such a young age? are you not ashamed?(அடி செருப்லா~~~~~)
Me: I am 15 now. I will be soon a major. ( I even kept my index finger near my nose, so that they would notice my mush and understand the fact that I am a big boy)
Mom: Who is she?
Me: My tuition mate, Anitha.
Mom: That little girl who always rings in early morning?
Me:  She loves me, so only she....
Mom: But she is from a different caste.
Me: I do not care. My love for her knows no barriers.
Dad: So what have you decided?
Me: I am going to marry her
Mom: What if we do not agree?
Me: I ll do register marriage.
Dad: In that case, you would not get your monthly pocket allowance of hundred rupees.
Me: I do not care. I just want to marry her
Mom: I will tell to your class girls that you still chew your fingers.
Me: Huh! As if I care!!!
Mom: No breakfast for you!
Me: I will eat at Anitha's house
Mom: But her father ll never allow you
Me: Grrrrrr. I told you not to talk like that
Dad: I won't buy you the TVS50 bike
Me: I will walk to school
Mom: You are not marrying her
Me: Yes! I am gonna marry her
Dad: I won't allow you to watch Tom & Jerry anymore ( I never expected this to come from my dad)
Me: But paa! You can't do this to me
Dad: Yes! no more cartoon at home.
Me: Ok! In that case I am not marrying Anitha
Mom: Good for all
But still my love for Anitha continued...

Stephen Devasy

December 6 2010

YOU ARE MY IDOL......U have inspired me to start playing music:)

My Confessions

December 5 2010

Warning : Reading this post is like inserting your head in lions mouth. You get a terrific feeling and people will notice it too

(Prabhu's finger chewing days)
I have not made this known to anyone yet. For the first time in my life, i am confessing a few bad things I committed in my life. It doesn't matter if the reader forms a bad impression about me after reading this post (As if Pepsi boy has a good impression amongst people)

Death of Tinku
In the summer of 1988, my neighbor's cat "Tinku" were found dead inside their Well. The reason for their suicide was not known. No one suspected Pepsi boy's hand behind their death. Jimmy Carr's quote, " Cats have nine lives, which makes them ideal for experimentation." acts as a guilt nullifier for me now.

Sate Uncle's Glass window
There was this grumpy old man, in our locality. He was very rude to all the children in our locality. When I was a young boy, I used to play street cricket with my friends. Many a times the ball would be hit inside the backyard of Sate Uncle's house. He was very strict and he would never give the ball back to us. There were times when we would sneak inside his house to reclaim the miss hit ball. But at such times if he catches any one of us, he would smack us to glory. Eventually we stopped playing cricket near his house. But his glass window was constantly pelted by some unknown creepy Boy. No one suspected the Prabhupepsi then.

Death of Julie
Julie, was my neighbor's pet dog. He once tried to commit suicide by hearing my guitar play. He was this nagging, irritating dog. He never allowed me to enter my neighbor's house. So the day julie ate too much of rat poison and died, no one doubted Pepsi boy's hand behind the whole incident. The rat poison that was in the store room of my house went missing.That does not mean that Prabhu poisoned Julie. Who asked Julie to eat Rat poison? Rat poison is meant for Rats and not for dogs.

Cry Babies
Why do young babies cry when Pepsi boy is around? Does he pinch them?

Exam fever

December 4 2010

It is not that easy to become a Hero to Zero in No time. This is a post about the class tests and examinations that tortured us during our school days. I was a champion of sorts in getting zero marks in class tests and examinations.

When I joined a new school in Chennai for Class +2, I became a hero with my joke-cracking skills , own composed stories about my past and my secret weapon - caring and fighting for my friends. My friends were also scared of me because of my Karate skills. It was the best three months of my school life (August1997 to March1998); and then the Mad-Mid term Test came into my life. I never knew that a simple school Test would change my status from a Hero to a Zero in a jiffy.

You might think that getting Zero marks in an exam can be easily achieved by not writing anything on the paper. There is no thrill in getting zero marks by not writing anything on paper. The real achiever is one who fills up the examination answer sheets with his literary, logical and analytical skills and still manages to get zero marks for the paper. I fall under such a category.

Zero's have been a part and parcel of my life. Getting zero marks in exams is an art by itself. I had mastered this art at a very tender age. Very few recognised my skills in this area. If only the Ministry of education had noted my skills, they would have conferred me with an honorary a Doctorate(like this) or at least a Masters degree. My teachers had a very bad habit. On all other days, I was allowed to sit along with boys in classroom. Three boys would sit on one bench. But on exam days, I would be made to sit between two girls. That was the time that I realised that "There are two women on either sides of every unsuccessful man". Girls never helped me during the school exams. If only they had helped me, I would have been in the Venice Beach, California now. ( I am not referring to Julia Roberts)

Exam time is the only time when I become a sincere prayer warrior. Even If I had not touched my text books, I would pray very sincerely as soon as the question paper is handed to me. When I open my eyes to scan through the dreaded question paper, at least one girl (either the one on my left or the one on my right) would say , " Sir, Can I have an additional sheet of paper". During those days,getting an additional sheet of paper was seen as an achievement by itself. The main answer paper had 4 sides. More often I would find it very difficult to cross these 4 pages itself. After receiving the additional sheet from the teacher, she would look around with an attitude. Finally she would see me still struggling with the first page of my answer sheet and would sarcastically smile at me. The Mike Tyson within me would urge me to punch her nose and bite her ear. But because of the Invigilator, I would curb my inhibitions. In the mean time, I would start decorating the front page of my answer sheet by writing my Name, Sex, Class, Roll Number, Date of Exam and Subject. Many a times I had forgotten the subject name. The question paper would save me on such occasions. By filling the first page with such details, I would complete half a page of the first side of my answer paper.

Another problem that I faced was a compulsory rule that every page should have minimum 25 lines each. No wonder I almost never got additional sheets during my exams. But still during every exam, I tried my level best to cross past the Main answer sheet. This was basically because, I never wanted the girls sitting next to me to come to know that I don't know anything. At times, they would be curious to know what I wrote on my paper and hence they would try to take a peek into my paper. At such times, I would hide my answer paper with my hands and stare back at them with the look that conveyed the message ," Don't try to copy from me". I would also add some spice to my stare by giving an innocent stare at the teacher that conveyed the message ," Madam, This girl is trying to copy from me". These are moments when the Non-verbal communication is executed in a perfect synchronised manner.

During one exam I discovered a technique to fill up the content in the Main answer paper. I am sharing this technique with the present generation students. This might be helpful for you. This technique might be old and it is from the old school of thought from the early nineties. But still it would be effective. Have you seen a Three column Blog Template with a header and a footer slot? This is the principle that goes behind the technique. Use your pencil and ruler and draw Big margins on all four sides of the paper and thus the central portion becomes small. Make sure that you leave a little space at the centre for filling with some answers.

The girls sitting besides me would have two sketch pens at least while answering the questions. They would underline important words with fluorescent color sketch pen. They were the brain behind the Internet SEO techniques. They usually decorated their answer papers after writing the answers on the paper. But I had the habit of decorating my paper with boxes and curved margins even before I wrote anything on the answer sheet.
After doing all the decorations, I would skim through the question paper. It would be Greek for me. But brave people like me would still attempt to answer them. For the question " What is the chemical formula for Nitric acid?",the answer would go on for four pages and before long, I would have finished the main answer sheet. If you had seen MGM productions, you would have seen a roaring Lion. When ever the Lion roars, Tom ans Jerry would be screened on cartoon network. Similarly when ever I coughed, it was a signal to the whole class that I was about to stand up for requesting the additional answer sheet. The whole class would look at me in admiration. The girl sitting next to me would try her level best to avoid eye contact with me. But I would make throat-clearing noises till she looked at me. As soon as she looks at me, I would give the attitude-look (Johnny Bravo style) with one raised eye-brow and that would make her to hang her face in shame. Then I would sit down and finish the additional sheets in no time too.

Coffee with Married Life

December 3 2010

There is a big connection between Coffee and Married Life. The Coffee Taste, has a direct relation to the number of years the couple have journeyed together in Married life.

Scenario : Husband returns home after a tiring day at work
Hubby :Hunney, Am I troubling you by asking you to make coffee?
wifi : That's alright Darling. I know what my sweetheart likes. I'll add some decoction coffee (Brewed coffee) to the full-cream milk and let me add fine sugar and believe me you will Love it.
Married Life = Less than 6 months
Hubby : Hunney,There is not much milk in the coffee
wifi : Yes. I know. The Milk is in the refrigerator. I am tired. Please boil it and add to the coffee.
Married life = Just completed 1 year
Hubby : Hunney,Can I have some coffee?
wifi : Please wait. Let me finish this episode of FRIENDS on TV. Can you please boil the milk. I will come and add coffee to it.
Married life = 2 years
Hubby : Hunney, What is this? There is neither milk nor sugar in this coffee. Don't you know that I don't like coffee this way?
wifi : Can't you drink like this at least one day? Do I have to do all the work ?
Married life = More than 3 years
Hubby : Hunney,Why just a glass of water? Can I have some coffee?
Wifi : Do you think I own a coffee estate? Coffee powder is in the kitchen and milk is in the refrigerator. Make some for me too
Married life= More than 4 years
Hubby: Hunney,Can you please open the door? I need to come inside the house.
wifi : Wait! I am tending my crops in Farmville.
Married life= More than 5 years
Hubby : Hunney! I have brought you cappuccino coffee and brownie cookies from Starbucks
wifi : Don’t you know that I like Mocha better than Cappuccino? Now, Make me some fresh coffee
Married life= 6-10 years
Hubby : Hunney! Do you need Hot coffee or cold coffee?
Wifi : How many time should I tell you that I prefer Cold Coffee on Thursdays?
Married life= More than 10 years
Note : Did you notice that the Hubby always uses the word “Hunney” all these years?
Additional Note : Pepsi boy is still single and He doesn't drink coffee....
Latest News : Pepsi boy has been invited by his friend and his wife to their house for a cup of coffee. They are married for 5 years.......

Care to be my roomie?

December 2 2010

That's my room. This is where I sit and type most of my blog-posts. My dresses are on the floor and one of my socks is on the ceiling fan (You couldn't see this in the picture). I am looking for a room mate (Preferably females). You can sleep on my bed. You can also use the television. But please stay away from my computer and my music stuff. I also promise to cook food for my new room-mate (females are welcome to apply for this post). The new room-mate will also be taken along with me for all my trekking adventures.
Care to be my roomie?

What a friendship ya!

December 1 2010

Pre-note: I thank my friend Adarsh for sending a very precious picture to me. This post is built on the picture he mailed me.

Note: This is the most touching post that I have ever written. I am very sure that this post will move your body, soul and mind.

A very touching moment
(Dedicated to a wonderful feeling called-FRIENDSHIP)
Year : 1975
Situation : Last day of school

Arjun Singh and Pargat Singh are very close friends. The whole school talked about their friendship. They had been friends right from their kindergarten days. They have studied together, roamed around together, sat together in school, ate together. They both wanted to become Police officials and serve the country.But today was a day they always dreaded. It was their last day together.

On their way back from School Arjun started talking

Arjun : Bro! I am moving to a different city to study. I will miss you man
Pargat: I will miss you too mate. But nothing can break our friendship. We will at least meet once every year.
Arjun: Yes that is a deal

and they parted with tears in their eyes...

As time went by, both got busy with their work life. They kept their promise for two years and after that they moved on with their own lives and in the process Arjun lost his contact with Pargat. Time went by and both became Police Officers.

Year: 2009
Venue: The Police station where Arjun works

Tring... Tring...

Arjun picks up the call and he gets a pleasant surprise...

"Is this Arjun?"
"Yes. Who is on the line?"
" Bro. Its Pargat! I just found out that you are posted in this station"

Tear drops welled up Arjun's eyes

Arjun: Where are you?
Pargat: I am standing outside the Police station. Come Out
Arjun: Is it? I am coming right away.

Arjun rushed out of the Police station and saw Pargat standing outside. They were seeing each other for the first time after thirty years. He wanted to go and hug his friend. But he could not hug his friend. It was a very touching moment for both of them [link]. Have you ever seen a touching moment like this?

Dirty Cane

November 30 2010

I was very good with numbers till I was 15. But when I completed my class 1o exams, I decided to major in computer Science for my higher secondary education. I neither had great love for computers nor did I want to become a computer engineer. Still I wanted to major in computer science for three reasons. I was very bad in drawing and if I had to major in Bio-Maths, I would have had to draw many Biological and zoological diagrams.

By taking computer science elective, I could become a computer science whiz by becoming a world class programmer in cutting edge programming languages like BASIC, PASCAL ( Back in the year 1996, these were hi-5 programming languages indeed)

I could also play mind boggling computer games like Roadrash, Prince of Persia and Lion king. ( Some body would upload these games in the school computers via a floppy diskette). I learnt all the cheat codes in all these games.

There was a problem. The school(SRMHS), where I did my class ten did not have a computer science course for higher secondary education. So I was left with the only option of finding a school where computer science subject was taught. Hence I landed in MCET campus school. It was a new school for me with a new environment.

I was one of the bright lads in my previous school. But in this new place, I was totally out of place. The only saving grace was my love for the subject Mathematics". I was very sure that I could blow away anyone with my number tricks. Shakuntala Devi's puzzles were solved in a jiffy. Yet I never knew the surprise that was waiting for me in this new school. The first week in the new school, all of us tried to garner attention by telling the best possible lies that we could tell our new classmates. I soon had a small crowd around me with my wits. The subjects that I had to encounter in the next two years were announced. They were

Tamil ( Though I took Tamil as my second language, The Tamil ma'm was HOT and we tease her when she gave intro to us by asking "mam how should we call you?.... miss, madam, amma or atha....?)
Chemistry ( This was one subject that I was very good at)
Computer Science( Though I did not have a great liking towards this subject, my bro's(SARAVANAN ANNA & Sridhar anna) genius cells were flowing in my veins)
Physics ( Read it as lab games)
Mathematics ( I was the guy to watch out for. I was very confident that there would be no one to beat me on this.)
But I was wrong. The Devil came in the disguise of my mathematics teacher. His name was Mudaliappan. He symbolized all that was evil. He would walk inside the class frowning like a Gorilla. He would always have a cane in his hand. Everyone hated him for that one reason. Yet I believed that I could confuse him with the genius mathematical brain that I had. After the first week, the ice was broken and we had our own gangs. He wants me to sit in the first bench. But because of my gigantic stature, I had to sit in the last bench in class.  Yet I managed it.

Mudaliappan took special interest in my poor bum. He often tested the flexibility of his cane on my bum. On one occasion he caught me singing inside the class. He exercised his cane lashing skills on my bum and I found it hard to sit on the wooden bench for one whole week. Very soon, I developed an Mudaliappan-phobia. He had a very bad habit of making the students answer mathematical formula and when they gave an incorrect answer, his cane would do the talking. I still remember that Friday afternoon class. He suddenly asked me ," Prabhu! Can you tell me what (a+b)^2 is?". His eyes were burning like red coals. He was flexing his cane too. I had a gulp in my throat. My mouth became dry and the mathematical genius in me committed an instant suicide. "Can't you even tell the answer of a simple formula?". I still did not answer. The cane played music on my bum. The girls in the class saw it. They enjoyed it too, because I was the only MALE CHAUVINISTIC PIG in the class.

My friend Bharathi's butt was also pampered to glory. That day , we decided to take revenge on Mudaliaapan sir. Bharathi and I hatched a plan to flick Mudaliaapan's cane. Without the cane, he would only be a half tyrant teacher. He was not effective with the other canes. The cane that he had was so special. It would bend like an elastic wand and when it comes in contact with our rear ends, we would hear jazz music in our ears.
Mudaliaapan sir kept his cane on his bike. The cane was always tied to the side grip of the bike. I and Bharathi went to Mudaliaapan sir's house that night. It was 9 pm. The bike was parked in his front yard. Only the street light was on. His house was locked and the lights inside the house were switched off. I climbed the compound wall and jumped inside, ran to the bike, took the cane and jumped out of compound wall. It all happened in no time. Bharathi was waiting outside on my blue TVS champ bike. We escaped from the scene. Bharathi drived as fast as he could. Our hearts were pounding faster. But soon everything returned to normalcy. I was the most happiest boy in the planet. I broke the wooden cane into two and threw it in a dustbin. I had a peaceful weekend.

After the joyful weekend, I headed to school. Finishing the morning assembly, the school principal (Mr.Krishnasamy ) came forward to give an important announcement. "Prabhu and Bharathi are requested to come to the principal's room". Bharathi literally wet his pants even me too. When we walked to the princi's room , we were greeted by Mudaliappan Sir. He had a brand new cane in his hand. I heard unpleasant non stop music in my ears for ten minutes. At the end of the music session, I was lying on the floor. Bharathi was also in a similar condition.

Moral : If the light inside the house is switched off, it is very difficult to spot people inside the house. But that doesn't mean that people inside the house cannot notice all that is going outside the house.

Latest News: I met Mudaliappan sir after 14 years. He still remembers the incident.


November 29 2010

This whole week, work is taking its toll on me. So my alter-ego "Mr.Pepsi boy", asked me to take some rest so that he could kickstart his punch-line series.

The punch-line series is officially and unofficially commencing with this post.The readers are adviced to take heed to Mr.Pepsi boy's golden words because he always over flows with knowledge.

Ok here we go... It is Punch-Line time

" Never Run behind a Girl.. You might overtake her"

-Mr.Pepsi boy ( MBBS,M.E,ML,MBA,CA,DCBA,SSLC,Ph.D)

Two Minute Review : Nandhalala

November 28 2010

Mysskin's 'Nandalala' is a movie with artistic features without losing the popular elements.

Though the accusations that he has 'adapted' the theme of Japanese film 'Kikujiro' are quite reasonable, there is no denying the fact that Mysskin has proved yet again that he is a good filmmaker. He has the talent to transfer the emotions on screen across to the audiences - which is something unique.

'Nandalala' is all about two people who are in search of their mothers. Destiny puts them together. They travel through several places to reach their respective destinations.

The journey by Bhaskar (Mysskin), who is mentally disturbed, and Akhilesh (Ashwath Ram), a schoolboy, has been told in a gripping manner.

Their journey turns out to be a revealing experience that changes their lives for the better. Both walk around without knowing the harshness and striking realities of the world around them.

Battered and bruised by many, they also meet some good people who help them a lot. The travel reveals the greatness of human life. Many times hostile people turn out to be good after realising the real position of both of them. Their innocence, helplessness and affection change others too. The scene that shows a physically handicapped person moves the audience. Even the climax is quite emotional and heartening.

Cinematographer Mahesh has done a marvellous work. The visuals are quite amazing. The way he has captured the landscape of Tamil Nadu is excellent.

Ashwath Ram, Mysskin and Snigdha have done their parts very well. Their performances lift the film to another level.

Mysskin, who is known for shaping even the small characters well, has done it again. The characters of the tender coconut seller, granny, maid, policeman, lorry driver and ice cream seller are pleasant to watch. The dialogues are realistic and poignant.

On the flipside, the fact that Mysskin has got inspired from 'Kikujiro' does cast a shadow on the merits of the filmmaker.

Though he has deftly adapted the original to fit into the Tamil milieu, the repetition of the characters like the bald two-member biker gang guys, the farmer and the lorry driver from Kikujiro seems to be too much to digest.

Ilaiyaraaja's music is a huge plus point to the movie. His background score adds immense value to it. The sequence when Mysskin meets his mother and the lullaby that Ilaiyaraaja sings in the background would bring tears to anybody's eyes. Still I 've  my tears.

Despite lacking originality, 'Nandalala' works in a big way with its stunning visuals, music, script and performances.

Am I unlucky?

November 27 2010

100% I am...
I have never been lucky all my life. My stars did not shine as they were supposed to.. When I fell in love with Aishwarya rai , she fell for Abhishek. I went without food for three days. I am not lucky when it comes to riding my bike too. My Victor GX bike is an example and you'll understand what I am trying to convey, if you take a look at my bike. My biking skills reach its pinnacle when I ride it. The dis-oriented shape of my bike is a clear indication of my riding skills. But then man was never destined to be lucky. If that were true, he would have been a woman.

Here are ten reasons why I call myself unlucky

1) I had my first love failure when I was six when my then girlfriend,"Sharmi" went away with  her parents.

2) Two weeks back,I was playing street cricket with some ten year old kids and this girl,"Mouriya"(she is just 9 years), bowled me in the very first ball. My dreams of hitting sixes and fours vanished

3) When I was in school, Mr and Mrs. Crow had targeted my Lunch Box more than a hundred times

4) I never had a girlfriend during my childhood days

5) My 12years love with Anitha ended up in great tragedy. (Apparently Anitha is now happily married with Karthik and they ve one kid)

6) I have scrapped Mr. Orkut, himself. But he never bothered to scrap me back. I guess he thought I was gay.

7) My bro, "Guru"(name not changed cos of cruel intentions), used to sleep on my pillow  and I used to sleep in his pillow.

8) I scored a centum in Physics in my +2 Board exams.(100 out of 200)

9) In Our class(Bsc comp sci) twenty students was rejected in their final project except me.( can u guess why?)

10) If you are wondering why I added point number 7 and 9 in the unlucky list,
7) I have to admit that Guru had an habit of pillow wetting by chewing his finger and spray his saliva.
9) Twenty students did their source code themselves and copied the design phase from me. But I did the design phase myself and copied the source code  from them.

This post is dedicated to my little bro guru.

That blue TVS champ

November 26 2010

I remember those days. A couple of decades back. That blue TVS champ. My dad used to ride it. He was the exact replica of spb (in keladi kanmani), with his leather helmet. I could easily recognise my dad riding down the way even if he was half a mile away. He was never fast nor furious. His maximum speed used to be 30 kmph.

On evenings to the tuition my dad would  drop me and my cousin sarvan on the 50 cc bike. Me and my cousin would fight it out standing in the front. Our fights ranged from simple verbal clashes to biting and pinching. He would be the barrier between me and my cousin on such occasions. My cousin would tickle me from the back and I would retort by pinching his legs.On various occasions, my dad was on the receiving end.

Days went by and we both had a new position in the bike. we was only allowed to sit back to my dad. The bike journeys were always nightmares for my dad as the fight between me and my cousin took new forms.

One day the ever so fighting pair of me and my cousin sarvan, took our war skills to new heights when my father decided that enough was enough. I was made to walk home that day.

On another occasion, I was standing in the front as usual and due to my hyperactiveness, I gave a throttle to the accelerator and hey presto, all three of us were on the ground.

I also remember the time when I had to puncture my soft bum with a TT injection because , my index finger was badly injured.Apparently , my finger had found its way between the break lever.

Yesterday I saw a documentary on old bikes on T.V. , and I was taken back down memory lane.

I miss my dad's blue TVS champ.

Terror Romeo Rajendar

November 25 2010

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for any fatal injuries attained by the reader while reading (viewing any clips in this post.
Note: If the reader is still alive even after reading the whole post, he/she has attained the strength to tolerate any form of physical/mental torture.
A recent survey was conducted by HSBC - Hot Sexy Babes Committee to find the sexiest man in the world.
 The result of this survey says only one name. Did I mention his name? Those who took pains in checking the subject line would have known his name by now. But for the sake of the uninitiated, I take this opportunity to introduce to all my readers; "The one and only"," Glamorous", " Sexy", "The man with six bags", " The multifaceted" - TERROR ROMEO RAJENDAR

Terror Romeo's Jurassic Portfolio (Otherwise called as Navaratan Poses)-video feed from Indiaglitz

If you are still alive even after seeing the Drop Dead video, continue reading...
His birth is a mystery to the greatest scientists everywhere. Just when the scientists were about to lose all hopes in finding the truth behind Terror Romeo's evolution, they happened to watch a program on TV. The program was about the evolution of the Universe. The atheism theories
(i) Inflation Universe Theories
(ii) Big Bang Theory
made them to approach the mystery from a completely different angle. Finally afters years of hard work and research, they found the answer to the mystery and a new name was given to the theory -"Gang Bang Theory".

Only a few people in the world have had the privilege to come out of a movie hall alive after watching a Terror Romeo movie. The author of this post(Pepsiboy) is one among the very few such brave souls. Such is the intensity of all his movies. In almost all his movies, the heroines would crave for our Terror Romeo. They would chase him like a dog chasing a car and finally out of sympathy, Terror Romeo would accept their love proposals.  Recently, Terror Romeo Rajendar went to Mexico for his latest film shoot Oru Thalai Kadhal (Single Head Love). I assure my readers that his Mexican visit has nothing to do with the Swine flu outbreak in Mexico that has spread across the world. Terror Romeo recently entered the Guinness Book of World Records by becoming the only person in this world who could perform as hero, director, camera man, music director, editor, touch up boy, light boy, stunt man, dance master and everything. Answering to reporters about his achievement, he showed his simplicity and his Nationalistic feelings. He also explained the gang bang theory. The gang bang theory is a phenomenon in which a person is delivered via C-section delivery mode where the delivery is done by the person himself.

The iconic figure of Terror Romeo cannot be encapsulated in an ordinary post like this. He is an institution by himself (Please do not ask for any seats in that institution). When I watch his movies I always sit at the edge of the seat because his performances can captivate anyone. He sure leaves a lasting impression in our hearts with his performances. For many, those are the Last impressions in their lives. The one accolade that is still eluding Terror Romeo is the Oscars. I am adding a video of his soul-crunching  terrific romantic performance in one of his super-hit movies. Please watch this video. It brought tear drops to my eyes. If this performance doesn't get him an Oscar, I don't know what will?

Still shocked!

November 24 2010

I have never felt ashamed of anything in my life. I have cried, laughed and exhibited all forms of emotions all these years. But the one emotion "shyness" has never crossed its path with me. My parents were little bit worried when they found that I was indeed growing crazier and crankier by the day and even at night (cause my finger chewing skills grew to new design heights every night.) But that was a long time back. I don't do it anymore.

When I was ten years old, my parents were so much worried, because complaints about me poured from every nook and corner of the town. My school teachers would call my dad to school every alternative day complaining about something or the other. The neighbors fussed a lot too. I wanted to be a Sachin Tendulkar and they blamed me for the broken Windows. I am pretty sure that if I had continued playing cricket, India would have found another Sachin Tendulkar. I did not continue with cricket and hence became "The Prabhupepsi".

One night, my dad and mom were discussing about me. I was in the 7th grade then. I knew that the topic was about me because I couldn't hear their conversation. The next morning my dad came to me and said ," Prabhu! I have something to say to you. Listen! I know you are smart and hence I want to find out your IQ level". Indirectly he was telling me that he was taking me to a psychiatrist. I understood that the IQ thingie was just a spoof. Anyways I got excited with the whole idea because that is gonna be my first meeting with a psychiatrist.

That afternoon, dad, mom and I went to meet the psychiatrist. After a two hour session with him that included various tests the doctor told my dad that I was perfectly alright. My dad could not believe his ears. The IQ level was indeed high and my dad never expected that too. My dad sure started doubting the whole medical system.

Days have gone and nights have flown by; but the craziness is still piling up inside the brain of mine. Sometimes I am happy for it cause it helps me to smile. This blog of mine, I just wanna keep on writing. After twenty years, I will compile everything and print it down as a book and I will surely have a good time. I hope to read this very post in that book too.

Yesterday,I was randomly going through some world news in the Internet. One headline caught my attention. It read,"I am a serious and a shy girl - Julia Roberts". That's when I realised that the psychiatrist was right in his statement about me too.
Now you would surely agree with me when I say that I am the type of guy when some people meet me, they find the answer for the question "Why God doesn't answer some prayers"

Why God doesn't answer some prayers?

November 23 2010

My first prayer was taught by my Mother. The prayer was very simple. It just had six words. It was "Thank God. Save all of us".When I woke up in the morning, I used to say this prayer.The same prayer was said before every meal also.This prayer taught me to Thank God for each and every single thing in life.

When I was Three years old, I remember my first meeting with Doctor. I had never remember seen him before that. Suddenly in a peculiar place a Big creature emerged from behind and started walking towards me with a big injection. I started crying out loud and my parents couldn't control me. My dad told that it was not for me and he will allow me to play with a parrot toy bell if I am quite. But that did not stop me from crying. The Doctor came closer to me and injected me and he gave me a chocolate. Not knowing what to do, I ended up biting his shoulder. Apparently, he happened to be my family Doctor.

Next time, I prayed to God that Doctor should not come along with the Big injection. God answered my prayers. When we went to his clinic he didn't put any injection. He had not forgotten the Love-bite yet.

God answered my prayers...

In fact when I wrote my secondary board examination, I prayed to God that I should get above ninety in at least one of the subjects. I had five subjects in my board examination.When the results came, I looked with eager eyes at my marks in the school notice board.
Science - I didn't score above ninety
History & Geography - Great marks. But not  above ninety
Tamil - Good marks. But not above ninety
English - It was 75 out of 100
Till now I was pretty disappointed . But When I saw the last subject, tear drops welled up my eye lids. God had indeed answered my prayers. I looked around. No one saw it.
Maths - Above ninety. Yes I had scored above ninety at last.
Joy and happiness knew no bounds. I ran around the school premises and yelled out in Joy. Suddenly I stopped running. Some thing in my mind said that I had to take yet another look at the notice board. I came back to the notice board and saw my marks again. It read , Maths - 96 out of 100.
God had answered my prayers. I had scored above ninety in one of the subjects. I realised that I should be very clear when I pray. Talking about unanswered prayers,I prayed continuously for 14 years that Anitha should marry me. She should be my only wife till my last sec.The only prayer I wish for 14 years and I am honest that I never ever prayed anything than this. Finally She got married too. God never answered that prayer of mine.  The same God who answered my prayers more than once did not answer this prayer of mine.

This question will be ever in my mind for many years... No wonder!.
God does not answer certain prayers ......WHY?

Relationships & Senses

November 22 2010

When a friend of mine(Dr.Sruthi, dentist) approached me and said,"Prabhu! Why don't you write an article on your favorite subject-Psychology", I gave much thought to it and finally decided to write one article on the same. After digging my brain for a while, I decided to pen an article on Relationships. This article is embedded with psycho-Analytical statements.I would refrain from using technical language to make this post reader-friendly.

Relationships are built on Trust. So to understand the term-"Relationship", one should exactly have a very clear idea about TRUST.
A couple ended their relationship after loving each other for more than twelve years . When a common friend approached them and asked the reason behind they splitting up their answer was,"we have never understood each other and we don't trust each other any more". So It took 12 years for them to realize it?

Doesn't that sound Strange?
Why do people fall out of trust?
Can we conclude "Lack of Trust" as the reason behind relationship failures?

When such questions arise, we should test our own Senses. Yes! The Five Senses. We all know that the five senses are
1) Sense of Sight
2) Sense of Taste
3) Sense of Hearing
4) Sense of Touch
5) Sense of Smell
These five senses play a very major role in the decision making process of any human being. But can we Trust these five sensory inputs of our physical form? The answer is No. Our senses deceive us every minute.

Deception in sight
Place a stick in a bucket of water. It appears to have a bend,but we know that there is no bend in it.Yes our eyes deceive us.
Deception in Taste
Eat a bar of chocolate or anything sweet & then drink milk or coffee with sugar in it.Our tongue will say that there is no sugar in it.
Deception in Hearing
If we think that we can at least trust our ears, we are complete fools because our ears doesn't pick up millions of radio frequencies.
Deception in Touch
In a physics laboratory we would have done the experiment with hot & cold water.Take two containers of water, one hot & another cold. Place one hand inside hot water and the other hand inside cold water.After 2 minutes reverse your hands.The cold water will appear hot & hot cold.
Deception in Smell
You could even survive without a bath for one whole week. No one around you will know it if you spray perfume all over your body.

Yes our senses are the greatest deceivers

People often say that Trust can be built over a period of Time. But again we can never Trust Time. People often fall out of relationships not because of lack of trust, but because they never understand the value of Relationships. Yes! Self realisation is needed to strengthen a relationship. You either have 100 percent Trust or No Trust. There is nothing in-between in Trust.