3 things to look at...

July 31 2011

While reading an article in a magazine, I found these 3 things worthy enough to make a note and now share with you :)
3 types of people :
Those who make things happen
Those who watch things happen
Those who wonder what happened

3 which can never be retrieved :
A spoken word
Time passed
Neglected Opportunity

3 which makes life so simple :
Be grateful for everything
Forgive those who hurt you
Give without expecting anything in return


July 30 2011

Very few people help us in life,

The rest just attend our funeral,

But will at least one among them,

Come along on the day we depart?

Parents, children, sisters, brothers,

Friends, colleagues, acquaintances,

Husband, wife, well wishers, associates,

Who will come along the day we die?

We are born alone, we die alone…

The Window !

July 29 2011

I miss all my friends here in blogger, Every one asks me "why you didn't blog?". I'm sorry for staying silent so long, ok I search for no excuses, the reason was I became a bit lazy and increased no of sleeping hours since the advent of monsoons :)
The other day I came across an old newspaper cutting in my cupboard, author unknown. But found it really nice and felt like sharing it with my friends here.

A young couple moved into a new neigbourhood. The next morning, while they were having breakfast, the wife sees her neighbour hang the wash outside. "The laundry is not very clean. That lady doesn't know how to wash properly, perhaps she needs a better laundry soap", she says.

Her husband looked on but remained silent.

Everytime the neighbour hanged her wash to dry, the young wife would make the same comments. About a month later, oneday the wife was surprised to see a nice clean wash on the line and said to her husband, "Look, she has finally learned how to wash correctly, I wonder who taught her this".

The husband said, "I got up early this morning and cleaned our window panes".

And so is with life : What we see while watching others, depends upon the "Purity of the Window" through which we look.

Before we give any criticism, it might be a good idea to check our state of mind and ask ourselves if we are ready to see the good in the person whom we are about to judge.

Ve a great weekend ahead :)

Never Give Up!

July 28 2011

"It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all" - J.K.Rowling
Sometimes things don't seem to work our way and we get disappointed.There are occasions when you succeed but there is every chance that you may get to face loss and failures, they are but a part of life.

It is natural to feel upset when things go wrong but how to deal with a problem is more important than the problem itself. Everyone fails at something at some point in their lives, so nothing to worry, we are after all human and not a machine.

The battle is not lost when we fail, but we lose when we decide to give up the fight. Failure is quite common but staying determined and focussed with a "Never Give Up" attitude is what leads us to success.

Have the strength to try again and again and never give up, nothing can stop you from reaching your goal :)

A Dream to Study Abroad

July 27 2011

While working at Sony Playstation Store @ Chennai, life used to be pretty ordinary - slogging all day at the office, sharing a rented room at Chennai and visiting home twice monthly. I was sick of the routine life, was looking for a change. Like every Indian graduate, even I too had a dream to study abroad and the time felt wrong for that dream to take shape.

First choice was America, because my brother were settled over there. My field of interest was Hardware  Engineering, so America was the most favorite choice, because it has got several world-renowned computer makers.
Learning American english was my next step but one of my uncles cautioned me that getting admission into American Universities is not a child's play and they don't give visa that easily. He then narrated his daughter's UK success story and suggested me to opt for Britain. After graduating, I can apply for jobs in America or other European countries. Thats when I decided that UK will be my destination for further education.

It was a struggle for my father to get my education loan sanctioned from State Bank of India and with a score of 7.5 in IELTS exam, I didn't got an admission, I experienced my first failure journey, which I will share as my next blog post....

A series of blog posts will slowly unfold my life over the years of my failures...!. 

Yes, I am Wrong...

July 26 2011

“Yes, I was wrong, I admit it was my mistake”, the room turned silent and everyone looked surprised. It was a brave confession indeed.

Aiming to be a perfectionist? No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, it is part of being human; but the question is....

How many of us have the guts and courage to admit?
How many of us accept our mistakes?

Ego stops us and we start sensing an inferior feeling when accept our mistakes. We teach the modern day kids about the virtues of being truthful but when we commit mistakes, we are always looking at a scapegoat who can take the fall. 

Along with courage, it even takes a lot of integrity to admit to one's mistakes. It is so difficult to practice this.
“There are no mistakes, only lessons”, says my mom.

We justify mistakes for the sake of our ego. Sometimes it is best to say, very simply, “Yes, I made a mistake”, marking an end to an argument.

Accepting the blame, even when you have not done any mistake by resisting the temptation of justifying, for the sake of loved ones is the quality of a wise man.

There are people who deny their mistakes; they even go for counter allegations. But a dignified apology can go a long way to restoring trust.

The most powerful trait of a person is to readily accept his/her shortcomings. Nothing can be more appreciable and so truly respected.

Yeah, the best thing is to stick to the truth. Simply accept what we are and what we did. This way, we can improve a lot.

I accept my mistakes and make sure not to repeat the same again. It is the key for my much better life.

A hug a day keeps the blues away

July 25 2011

When was the last time you were hugged by someone, was it months ago, weeks, days or just minutes ago? Hugs are so special, no matter how many we get or give, there is still space for more :)

"A hug a day keeps the blues away" is so true, cause hugs boost our happiness levels, they relieve us from stress, nervousness, anxiety and pain. A hug is considered as the rainbow after rain.

There are different types of hugs based on who gives them to us, some carry love, care, affection and some are just casual, conveying friendship. But every hug is special in its own way!
On a day when you feel so down, when hope seems to fade and feel you are lost, a hug from someone who cares, be it family or friends, makes the heart light. Hugging is such a wonderful tonic which makes us feel energized and gives sufficient emotional boost.

Opening of arms, a warm embrace, a gentle pat on the shoulder, a few words whispered like "take care", "good luck" and that takes hardly a few seconds, but hugs, like miracles, surprise you as to how precious they are in churning out contentment and happiness.

A hug never goes in waste, it gifts us with happiness through the warmth and care of hearts embrace. So start hugging more and see your life turn more beautiful :)

How many hugs do you get or give on an average day? Did you hug someone today?

Well, heres a friendly hug to all those who are reading this post, have a wonderful day ahead :) take care :) cheers!!

Guess Why Obama Called Me?!

July 24 2011

Last night, I was busy on the phone with my butterfly. Suddenly He came in the second line. Yes it was the same guy who won the US presidential elections by speaking my lines -"Yes. We Can". I did not pick his call.
Why did Obama called me?

Why does he have to call me in the middle of the night?

Osama is already dead. Still Why did he called me?

Why isn't ground-nut frying a peaceful job yet?
Any guesses why he would have called?

I know all details :)

July 23 2011
Hi everyone!

This is Krithi here. I am writing this post as my chitapaa is busy on the phone with his girlfriend. The other day, I over heard him speaking on the phone. He tried cracking some jokes, that were not funny even for a six year old girl like me. I feel sorry for my future aunt (Butterfly) for listening to all the PJs that my chitapaa cracks over the phone.

He also tries to be romantic over the phone. He uses some funny names to address her. A few of the names are "Kutti, Chellam and Thangam". He uses more funny names. I will reveal all those names soon.

The other night, he was reading bed night stories for me, when his mobile phone rang. He picked the phone and started talking on the phone. I was angry with him because he did not complete reading the story for me. He started telling all romantic stories to my aunt. I acted as if I did not understand anything. But I know all details and I bless him his tale should end happily:)

A Reason Why I am Not Blogging!!

July 22 2011

I was away from the blogging scene as I was on a one month fast, fighting against corruption. But being someone who is modest and homely, I did not publicize it like the Hazares and the Ramdevs. I finally broke my fast when I found that Terror Romeo Rajendar is gonna act again.

I am back!!

July 21 2011

Finally, I am back on blogger!!! After 1 month of staying away.
I missed my friends, missed reading their blogs, I'll try to catch up and read as many pieces as I can! :)

Life has changed in a big way for me, I am presently in Chennai, doing my business projects and I've got bundles of new experiences to share, so I'll be back to writing!!

I was intending to get back with a poem as my 'come back post' but its really so hard to actually rhyme lines poetically, tried since last week to frame it properly but looks like I lost touch or may be I need more time to pen down those thoughts!!

I've decided to change my style of writing to being more narrative and casual, more like a conversation. I love blogging, cause its such a simple and easy form of expressing oneself :)