Pleasant Sunday!

January 30 2011



Exhaustive Practice with DVR

A cozy nap

Eavening with impressive weather :)

Good Company/ Cool frnz

Barton Park in Poppys Hotel


Ice cream dipped Frappe

chat session

Cochin Road

Pop Corns


Boiled Corns

The Vintage Pub

Beer mugs

2 Beer Pitchers

senseless illogical fun :)

Paneer Pakoda

Stroll @ Sleek for coolers

Paratoa/Butter Chicken

Walk Back home

Too many thoughts

Feel good factor

sexy sleep

Sometimes long sentences make a little difference!!

Time with "Sudarshan" and the so called "motherly person", 'the good company' and 'the worth mentioning day'!!!

:) :) :)

Almost Single

January 29 2011

She was never ready to accept his proposals....
May be he did wrong, may be he was right...
But while parting, he gifted her a book titled "Anything for you...." by Tushar Raheja.

In return she also gifted him a book which goes by the name of "Almost Single" by Advaita Kala.
After years during a casual cleaning process in the shelf, I realized, coincidentally the title of books matched exactly for each other and the respective thoughts.

Late Night Walks

January 28 2011

No assignments and no piled up pending work!
The cool wind at a winter night, rustling though the trees!
The peace of the late hour, the free flowing thought process!
Lesser disturbances and all the agreements with mother nature!
Makes the long relaxing walk at late hours more soothing than the cozy sleep in a warm blanket after a tired day!!

That's what I am relishing on these days... :)

Today, let's try!

January 27 2011

I came across many interesting blogs all the while & one post from my friend Sruthi's blog I just felt like reading twice....

Let's build a new world
Let's think a fresh thought
Let's break another rule
Let's water an old drought
Let's smile a new smile
Let's wipe every tear
Let's fight a new fight
Let's bring someone near
Let's just give one more shot
Let's discover a new stream
Let's just start from scratch
Let's dream a new dream
Today, let's try.

Can we 've some coffee?!

January 25 2011

@ Barista in Coimbatore with Sakthi & Siva after three long years!
Had a great coffee guys, love U!

to do nothing

January 24 2011

There's so much to do in life and i am unable to catch all times i compare my life with others' at times i try to catch up with them at times i project myself to match them i strive and struggle to reach near them.. and in all that i tend to forget my own identity my own individuality in search of others's excellence getting lost too much looking at them... too much.....and the individuality struggles to find 'my very own...' I pause, sit aside, do nothing and try to catch up with the world... trying to get all what i want, while keeping ma bum stable on the bed it feels as if it's a fight between two forces, two gravities the force of reality and the force of dream....

But all m able to do is "to do nothing"

Tooooooooo muchhhhh it is


January 23 2011

Another year went past with out A*****...
Number of blog posts crossed 300 mark...
Another project started, probably it was on a high note..
Another business will be mine...

but above all it's hardworking time...
Sitting here in my room, Sakthi Gardens... All I need for now is good projects/ Clients and some challenges...

God be on ma side... Need your wishes...

Let the confidence, positivity Prevails
Let the success be mine...


I don't like publicity!

January 22 2011

OK. Now! Stop drooling!! Can we get into the subject? I said STOP ogling at the picture. You might want to know who she is. If I say that she is my girlfriend, I am sure that you are not gonna believe me. How many lies can one digest from this blog? But Hold a Second. What if she is really my girlfriend? Still not convinced? All I could say is that the dame in this picture is taken.

Do you know that I have an alter-Ego? If you don't , it is high time that you got to know about Mr.Pepsi boy. He was the brain behind this blog. He acts as an agony-Uncle for many souls around the globe and even for some Men from Mars. In this post, he is gonna answer some personal questions that were sent to me by a few sincere souls who needed an answer. As I am busy with the girl in the picture, Mr.Pepsi boy would answer the questions.

My Vacuum Cleaner doesn't suck the dust particles. What should I do?
- Minisha Lamba
Buy a broom stick.

I don't have any talent. But I still want to be famous. Please Help
- Anonymous

Please get in touch with Nithy(Nithyanandha). Take three photos with him. You will be an instant success.

I'm not selected in the Indian Cricket team for the 2011 world cup. This is not fair
- Sreesanth

Join the Indian Cheer girl team and support the team.But beware of drummer Sivamani. He would smack your rear end, if you don't dance to his beats.

I am a 30 year old guy who is still single. What should I do to get a girlfriend?
- Anonymous

Are you Prabhupepsi?

I like the Tamil actress Tamanna. How should I let her know of my Love?
- Siva Kumar, Age 42, My friend Sakthi's  hubby

Since when did human beings start falling in love with white Lizards?

The other day, I saw a girl in a low waist Trousers. She wore her jeans in such a manner that everyone could see her underwear. Should I also wear my jeans like that? I am a 18 year old confused boy.
- Mike

You can wear a low waist Jean; or you can even avoid wearing a trouser. But make it sure that you not in the vicinity of Dogs.

What Should I do to get a sexy Body like Prabhupepsi?
- Salman Khan

Eat junk foods! Stay foolish! Always eat much & I am sure No diet.

Who is the girl in the picture?
- Tapsee Pannu

If I say that she is Prabhupepsi's fiancée, would you believe me?

My simple life :)

January 21 2011

1. Get up before 8:30
2. Brush teeth2.
3. Drink water
4. Loo
5. get into track pants
6. Drive to Gym
7. Workout
8. Return & take bath
9. Take a local for office 9:30
10.Slog for at least 12 - 13 hours &  attend client meetings.
11. Return Home traveling in a local
12. Munch on something (proper dinner is rare)
13. Write a post in my blog & Internet for a hour.
14. Sleep
15. Restart from step 1. till weekend arrives... on weekend keep getting stuck on step 14 & step 13

Introduction to CCTV Camera's

January 20 2011

Google Valet Store along with Green Vision Technologies started making wonders in CCD Camera's with NAT Technology. Having a CCTV camera installed in your residential and commercial areas is not a new thing. With the changing times humans have adapted well to the environment with the use of gadgets for a safer tomorrow. These days the world is faced with many potential hazards be it in your home or work place, everyone wants to prevent them. This has given a rise in the increase of surveillance in all areas, it has become more than a necessity. We work hard all our life for making the home it is or building an empire. We want to safeguard our belongings and loved ones in the best way possible; these security cameras are an ideal solution to all your problems.

The closed circuit television alias cctv nanny spy camera will do wonders in any place where you install them. These devices provide you with in hand physical proof if any unfortunate thing were to happen. At the work place the buildings are having these models and preventing thefts and causing intruders to be at bay. They reinforce a sense of uniformity among the staff and increase interpersonal skills when they are installed in the interiors.

Features of a CCTV camera:

The advanced features seem to increase by every minute, as with the advances in technology you can benefit from the additional features to benefit you. The features such as controls for foreground and background color, split image, color or b/w presentation. Depending on the number of CCTV cameras you want to install depends on two major criteria's; firstly the vastness of the room you want to cover, for a mansion one would never suffice, Secondly the value of the investment that needs surveillance. You can go for a higher end model like color rotating camera with remote if you want constant monitoring of the valuables be it money or papers in a firm.

Additional Features you might want to consider:

Ask as many questions as you can to yourself which will give a clearer picture and help you narrow down your needs and the list of choices you have in mind. Some more additional questions, that are back of our mind but you do not consider are-

What is the level of magnification controls provided by the device? This is of crucial importance to distinguish a potential and suspicious intruder from a guest at home or workplace. It is of great value to catch him right in act of crime.
Is the camera color or black and white?
What is the size and weight of the system?
Will the CCTV accept video input from a computer?
Does it support split screen (horizontal and/or vertical)?

Since quite some time now they have been around be it in airports, museums, government buildings, hospitals and major industrial market, you name it they have this gadget for security purposes. The other alternative the security guard cannot be at all places, the investment made in a security camera is one time any place big or small can incorporate them to reach great heights.

What's next pepsi boy?

January 19 2011

Fullness in life
So very me
What's next ??
Whatever it is, it's gonna be full of energy, enthu, passion & fun....
Its not that hard to imagine. All you have to do is put your mind and a freezing soul into it.... and when you can imagine, you can do wonders.

Nice Times
Better Times
Good Times..........Prabhu

Happy I am!!

January 18 2011

'U have gained some weight', said my trainer!

'more than some', I replied

'No fried, no sweet, less carbs, no choclates', he barked!

I stepped back, took out chocolate bar from my bag & bit it twice before offering him! Shot 'F' word twice & hopped on tread mill...

'M moving on with Cardio...Can we start', I said!
'Prabhu....', he paused
I am a foodie....'F....'
WOW...& I rejoined Gym after 6 months!!

“They’re not empty calories if they’re full of AWESOMENESS!”
Let's take a pledge 'we'll not Diet until......whatever...whatever... " :P
Happy I am!!

Oh Pepsi boy....what was that.... phew.... :P

January 17 2011

Ohhh.. dear Pepsi boy......oh boy....oh.... is it happening to me.....Pinching myself into reality check...yeah, its happening to me....Only God knows what wrong I did????
What is this ?? Is it what you get when you put in the best ??
May be.....yeah, may be....

I am finding myself too immature to understand the complexities of human behavior propelled by negative human thoughts..... Too immature to understand the craziest things human brain can make someone do, which are equally crazy....this is unthought of, unimagined of...

For best of my interest, I must recall those lovely lines I used to scream in school days.....

Everyday can be a beautiful day,
Just take a look around you
and think about all of the
wonderful things you have
to be thankful for.....
the Sunshine,
close friends,
and beautiful dreams.
The storm is never half as bad as it seems,
Don't let the rain ruin your day.
When the dark clouds move in
because the GOOD TIMES are on the way!

Love ya Pepsi boy my dear


January 16 2011

Who am I to decide, whats right & whats wrong?
I am the small fish in quite a big pond!
Who am I to forgive?
I am just a little older than grown up kid!

All I know is that I put in my best
and was so much willing to adjust,
The love I gave had everything in it,
The love I gave had no conditions attached to it;

I never hid anything, I never pushed anything,
All I wanted was to be with her & to keep her with me;
But someone stumbeled somewhere,
It was not a justification to my intense dedication;

In the end all it mattered was that I loved...
I do wonder, is it that mankind has gone through such an amzing mutation??
Can emotions be so strongly controlled & the thing built for months be thrown in a day??


Oh dear Bloggy
you are still the bestest friend
MmmMuaaah :)

Tamil Selvi & I

January 15 2011

Studying in a Co-education school has its advantages and disadvantages too. I studied in one co-education school. During High school, every boy would treat every girl as an enemy. Things will how ever change when we enter higher secondary school ( when we become 15). I was in class 4 then. I hated girls big time. I was even a part of the "We hate girls" gang.

There is a word in Tamil Called "Da". It is similar to "Dude". This word was then used to refer to boys. The female version of this word is "Di". It means " Dudette". No boy would like to be called as "Da" and No girl would prefer being referred to as "Di", because these two words were considered to be derogatory words. There was this girl "Tamil Selvi". She was a bright student. I hated her. She threw a lot of attitude. She would look at boys with a raised eye brow and I hated that. She would make me go mad by calling me "Da".

One day she was constantly using the word "Da" and I could not take it any longer. So I called her "Di" and that made her angry. Soon our verbal fight entered the next phase and we started pinching and slapping each other. No one was there to witness our awesome fight. Hence I took advantage of the situation by pushing her down to the ground and I punched her on her face three times and ran away from the scene and entered the class room. I had a sense of victory and I was happily sitting in the class room when the dreadful incident happened. Tamil Selvi entered the class room and started crying out loud. I was shocked and literally ended up wetting in my short trousers.

Soon Mahalakshmi ma'm (My tuition teacher) dragged me out of the class to the ladies staff room. I have heard that some women disguise themselves as angels. I always saw the angel in Mahalakshmi ma'm. But that day, I saw the devil in the form of Mahalakshmi Ma'm. She caned me with her full strength. It was the worst beating that I had received till that day. After receiving the royal treatment from Mahalakshmi ma'm, I slowly limped back to my classroom. When I entered the classroom, Tamil Selvi welcomed me with a giggle. Her gang of girls started laughing at me. The devil inside me started plotting schemes to take revenge on Tamil Selvi.

The very next moment our gang of boys Senthil, Ramesh, Krishnakumar & Shanmugamani had a group discussion. " This is a shame for the entire Boy community. From now onwards, we should call all girls using the term 'Di'." All the boys nodded their head in agreement. Very soon our enemy list started growing and in No-time, we had Gayathri, Reena, Rafia and Poogodi in our hate list. At least one of these girls would receive punches from us everyday.

We also increased our torture rate by pouring sand inside their lunch boxes, pouring blue ink inside their notebooks, making paper balls by tearing pages from their notebooks, filling their bags with sand, stones and leaves. They would Lodge a complaint against me to Mahalakshmi Ma'm. But due to insufficient proofs and witnesses, I would not be proven guilty. Our gloomy days were turned to joy. The boys started walking with confidence. But our joy did not last long. A new mathematic Ma'm joined our school. Her name was Moly. She was not a devil in disguise. She was the devil herself. I have already written a funny article about my Maths master click here [link]. Same as him this Ma'm is a terror. We were scared of the cane she brought along with her to the classroom. She had another bad habit. When we failed to do our homework or if we failed to answer her questions, she would ask the girls to knock our heads. We hated this particular act. During such instances, we would think that caning was much better than this. More often Tamil Selvi would be chosen to knock our heads. She would give a hard blow to our heads. I have been on the receiving end on many occasions.

Tamil Selvi would be waiting for Moly Ma'm to give her the permission to hit us, and when she gets the opportunity she would complete her task with precision. That gave her happiness. Very soon I was used to that too. It would be painful. But I would not show it outside. One thing I like about Moly Ma'm is that she is not gender biased. When a girl fails to answer a question, I would be automatically chosen to do the honors for them ( I was the only eligible boy for this role because I was the one who was on the receiving end more than any other boy). When such an opportunity knocks my door, I would make sure to knock the daylights out of the head of the girls. One day I got an opportunity to do the tribute for Tamil Selvi. That was the happiest day of my school life. I clenched my fists and kissed my knuckles and knocked her head and the next moment she was on the floor crying. The boys around me were happy and I could see it on their faces. I felt so happy as If I were receiving the Nobel prize.
There were some black sheep among the boys too. When they get an opportunity to hit the girls, they would do it so gentle and the girls liked such boys. They would reciprocate their gratitude by helping those boys in class tests by showing their answer papers to those boys. Then from class 5 to class 10 I attended a boys only school. Then for class 11 and class 12, I came back to the coeducation school in Chennai. I saw Tamil Selvi Once again. I realized that I had done the greatest mistake in my life by hurting her in the past. If only Moly Ma'm had given one more opportunity, I would have also become a Black sheep and would have entered the good books of Tamil Selvi. But that never happened.

During my recent trip to Coimbatore, I met Tamil Selvi in a train with her two kids. She is now the mother of two lovely kids. She told me that she reads my blogs along with her husband. Now this post would be a(n) (un)pleasant surprise for her.


January 13 2011

Hearing this song now... It's 14 years since its inception... This may bring tears to some of us...! 


January 12 2011

That morning sneeze…
That morning chill in the air….
That extra laziness to get out of bed…. [extra because I feel lazy to get out of bed daily!  ]
That reluctance to wash one’s face with that cold water….
Even more reluctance to have a bath….Thank god for geyser!
Applying lots of moisturizer on dry skin and lip balm on dry lips….
Eating ghee stuffed pongal, vegetable cutlets, carrots, spring onion….
Smaller days and longer nights….
That bump in the elbow hurting real bad….
Sipping that warm coffee….
When I got up this morning, I found that winter is here! In January!
But will it stay?
I am wondering this because the duration and the magnitude of summer season has been decreasing every year in my town. It gets cold for two days and then again it is as hot as in summer. Last year it was proper Winter only for two weeks, that too in January. December was quite warm. All my sweaters including the Allen Solly ones which I had been waiting to show off didn’t get a chance to come out of the closet. Sigh!

Those who say global warming is a myth should come and stay in my town for a year. The temperature in summer reaches 46 deg C , the monsoon is erratic, no more 4-5 days of continuous heavy rain like we used to have many years ago, no more cold winter months and the pleasure of sleeping under quilts. And after the so called winter, its Summer again. There is no Spring practically!

I guess all of you had read several posts on December 25  about Global Warming as many bloggers had participated in Blog Action Day 2010. As I was on my Christmas vacation during that time and as I don’t think blogging about an issue should be restricted to just one day, I am blogging about it now. Moreover I have not added my blog to that website [as it asked for my password] but still I feel strongly about the issue. Today when I felt the first winter chill, I was happy!! But that happiness was short-lived as I remembered last year’s winter season and the change in my town’s climate over the past few years.
Trust me, no matter how much water is found on the Moon or how many missions are sent to Mars, this is the only planet that can sustain life.

If only I tried

January 11 2011

Should I try my fingers in poetry?

I looked at my life,
With all the broken promises,
The shattered dreams,
I closed my eyes,
And kept walking to no direction,
In my direction,
There were many like me,
Many broken hearts,
Tears shed,
Followed by unbroken silence,
I had to be strong,
A time has come,
A light at the end of the tunnel,
An awakening voice from dreamland of weakness,
Determination to fight for my life,
And I believe,
I could be all I want to be,
If only I tried.

Someone you judged by their first impression

January 9 2011

Someone I judged by their first impression, I’ve always tried not to judge anyone by their first impression. But if I have done something so unfair to you, forgive me.

The person you know that is going through the worst of times

January 8 2011

Dear person going through the worst of times,

I can’t imagine the pain you must be experiencing. The truth is, I don’t even want to imagine. A certain death looming over one’s head must be a daunting experience.. I don’t even know how I’d take it. I’m so pathetic that I don’t even have the guts to face you and talk to you. What can I say to a person awaiting his death? I guess I can just say my best wishes are always with you.. may you get relieved from your suffering soon…

Your well wisher…

Two Minute Review : Manmadhan Ambu

January 7 2011

Manmadhan Ambu is a triumph of honest script writing. No choreographed songs, kuthu numbers, no skin show, no item girl, no villain or punch line spewing etc. Kamal Haasan’s script with some smart writing, brilliant casting, a designer look and great one-liners makes it a perfect family entertainer for the holiday season.
Ambujakshi alias Nisha (Trisha) is the numero uno heroine in Tamil cinema. She is in love with Madanagopal (Madhavan), a rich tycoon who is basically a Mama’s (Usha Uthup) boy. Madanagopal and his mom visit Ambu on the sets of a song picturisation in Kodaikanal with top hero Suriya (playing a cameo), and he suspects that she is two- timing him. This leads to an accident as Ambu on the driver’s seat of Madan’s new Hummer, almost bangs into a another car coming from the opposite side.

The couple has a bitter fight and an emotionally disturbed Nisha calls Madan a ‘Sandeha Prani’ (suspicious guy) and part. To take off from pressures of work and personal worries Ambu decides to go on a European cruise with childhood friend Deepa (Sangeetha) who is a divorcee with two kids. Meanwhile Madan who is still madly in love with Ambu arranges a private detective Major Mannar (Kamal Haasan) to keep an eye on her and give him a regular update on whom she meets during her holiday. All this leads to a hilarious situation, with a dramatic twist in the climax.

Kamal Haasan script scores big time, as the film works due to characterization and commercial packaging done in a different style by KS Ravikumar. From scene one, you are drawn into each characters life, and when you put them all together on a cruise it crackles with human emotions and entertainment.

Remarkable casting has resulted in some fine performances by all players. The film boasts the best performance you will see by an ensemble cast in a long time, and that includes even the bit players Each and every character including the two small kids are perfect.

Trisha’s character as movie star Nisha sans make up is the pivot around which the film revolves. Be it her discomfort on the sets when her lover drops in, or her outburst over the phone, she is superb. She sprinkles her lines with confidence and emerges as one of the film's most lovable characters.

Armed with the film’s best-written role as Madanagopal, Madhavan is the scene stealer. His drunken scenes which brings out his hidden fears and suspicion is superb. Sangeetha as Deepa the divorcee who says “the matrimony was bad but the alimony was good” nails the practical woman of today who is frank and honest about her life.

Malayalam actors Kunjan and Manju Pillai as the wannabe producers after Nisha’s dates and Urvashi as the hapless wife who is fighting a lone battle by the side of her husband in the hospital are fantastic.

And finally the name is Kamal Haasan. Watch him meld effortlessly from casual to utter seriousness. His compelling, effortless portrayal of Major Mannar is the highlight. The star makes an appearance 22 minutes after the start and adds those little touches that make all the difference especially the scenes in which he speaks to Urvashi over the phone, and when he talks about his French wife who met with a sad end.

Technically the film is top class. Two new boys- cinematographer Manush Nandan and editor Shan Mohammed make a big impression. Manush camerawork give it a fresh tangy look, while editing is crisp. The film moves at a rapid pace with never a dull moment in the 2 hour 32 minutes running time.

Sync sound has been used, which has enhanced not only the narration but also gives it a real feel as though you were there on the ship with the characters. Devi Prasad’s music especially Neela Vaanam... told in a rewind manner, is innovative. The picturisation of Thagudu Thagudu.. comes at the right time and is different.

Constructed from a terrific script that’s strong on plot and packed with crackling dialogue, Manmadhan Ambu is consistently engaging. Cleverly written and sharply cast, it is a film that delivers hearty laughs. Don’t miss it. It is one of those rare Tamil films that’s funny and smart at the same time!

What ever else you do this weekend, don't miss this film.

Why craze on Barbie?!

January 6 2011

There were Love mails, hate mails, fan mails and it was fun reading them all. A couple of death threats also came to my inbox. Would make all the mails into a post and publish it soon.

I had bought a Barbie doll to gift my friends daughter. I remember the fuss my sister and her friends used to create with their Barbie doll collection. Barbie doll parties used to happen regularly at my place. I had a GI-Joe doll too. But I did not have friends who liked having GI-Joe parties with me. Apparently GI-Joe was not as famous as Barbie. My sister used to include me sometimes when she and her friends had the Barbie doll parties.

They used to give bubble bath to barbie and comb her hair and dress her up and it used to irritate me a lot. Barbie's legs look like chop sticks. Till now I don't know"Why the craze for such a doll?"

Discussion about America

January 5 2011

A ten year old Boy and his dad have a bed-time discussion about America

Q: Daddy, why did we have to attack Iraq?
A: Because they had weapons of mass destruction, honey.

Q: But the inspectors didn't find any weapons of mass destruction.
A: That's because the Iraqis were hiding them.

Q: And that's why we invaded Iraq?
A: Yep. Invasions always work better than inspections.

Q: But after we invaded them, we STILL didn't find any weapons of mass
destruction, did we?
A: That's because the weapons are so well hidden. Don't worry, we'll find something, probably right before the 2004 election.

Q: Why did Iraq want all those weapons of mass destruction?
A: To use them in a war, silly.

Q: I'm confused. If they had all those weapons that they planned to use in a war, then why didn't they use any of those weapons when we went to war with them?
A: Well, obviously they didn't want anyone to know they had those weapons, so they chose to die by the thousands rather than defend themselves.

Q: That doesn't make sense Daddy. Why would they choose to die if they had all those big weapons to fight us back with?
A: It's a different culture. It's not supposed to make sense.

Q: I don't know about you, but I don't think they had any of those weapons our government said they did.
A: Well, you know, it doesn't matter whether or not they had those weapons. We had another good reason to invade them anyway.

Q: And what was that?
A: Even if Iraq didn't have weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein was a cruel dictator, which is another good reason to invade another country.

Q: But wasn't Iraq one of our friends back in the 1980s?
A: Well, yeah. For a while.

Q: Was Saddam Hussein ruler of Iraq back then?
A: Yes, but at the time he was fighting against Iran, which made him our friend, temporarily.

Q: Why did that make him our friend?
A: Because at that time, Iran was our enemy.

Q: Isn't that when he gassed the Kurds?
A: Yeah, but since he was fighting against Iran at the time, we looked the other way, to show him we were his friend.

Q: So anyone who fights against one of our enemies automatically becomes our friend?
A: Most of the time, yes.

Q: And anyone who fights against one of our friends is automatically an enemy?
A: Sometimes that's true, too. However, if American corporations can profit by selling weapons to both sides at the same time, all the better.

Q: Why?
A: Because war is good for the economy, which means war is good for America. Also, since God is on America's side, anyone who opposes war is a godless un-American Communist. Do you understand now why we attacked Iraq?

Q: I think so. We attacked them because God wanted us to, right?
A: Yes.

Q: But how did we know God wanted us to attack Iraq?
A: Well, you see, God personally speaks to George W. Bush and tells him what to do.
Q: So basically, what you're saying is that we attacked Iraq because George W. Bush hears voices in his head?
A. Yes! You finally understand how the world works. Now close your eyes,
make yourself comfortable, and go to sleep. Good night.

Q: Good night, Daddy.
A : OK sonny!

Shame Shame Puppy Shame Uncle

January 4 2011

Pre-note : Be very careful when you have any 7 year old kid around you.

His name is Darshan. He is my neighbor's son. Darshan is just 7 years old and he likes spending time with me on weekends. Darshan would tell me all stories about his heroics in school. I would cook up some stories and fool him too. He never buys my stories but he just acts as if he believes them. He calls me "Prabhu Uncle". It is fun to have a 7 year old kid around you. He makes me feel young. But sometimes his questions can actually be gun shots aimed at my head.

"Prabhu Uncle! Have you kissed a girl?"
"Err.. Nooo Darshan.. I haven't.."
"Shame on you.. I have kissed Shravanthi.."
"Shravanthi! That 5 year old girl who lives next door"
"Yes! She is my girlfriend.."
At times like this, I would walk to the mirror, look at myself and I would see myself controlling my tears. Sometimes I fail to have a grip over my emotional-let-downs.
I sometimes tell Darshan, stories from the Ramayana. It is sometimes easier to tackle questions from an atheist. But Darshan's questions always end up leaving me running for shelter.On one such occasion, he was patiently listening to my story-telling skills.I was really happy that the kid was under my spell for more than 30 minutes.Suddenly he started speaking
"Prabhu Uncle. Does Rama look like Hrithik Roshan?"
"May be. He should have been good looking"
"So he is a good dancer?"
" He might have been a good dancer"

He nodded his head and was silent. I was glad that Darshan was happy with my answers. Suddenly he started speaking again

"Uncle I have found something"
"What is it?"
"Rama has 59 thousand step mom huh?! "
"No Darshan! You haven't paid attention to my story"
" I was. But I lost my concentration when I started imagining you clothed in leaves"

Sometimes it is better not to carry on such conversations. I have paid heavily by replying to such comments. So this time I just ignored his statement. I went into my room to type a post for my Blog.I Logged into my mail account and started checking my mails. Darshan was busy playing in the drawing room. While I was checking my mails, one mail caught my attention. The subject line of the mail was " Never disappoint her again". The mail was sent to me by some girl by the name,"Amirtha". Out of curiosity I opened the mail. It read...

Just one small strip 10 minutes before the fun starts,and the magic begins!

There was a small hyper-link next to it. I thought it must be some great illusion-magic-trick site. My love and interest for magic made me to click the link.A pop-up screen opened up and I was shocked to see the pictures of people in that screen. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me,"Shame Shame Puppy Shame Uncle". It was Darshan. He had seen the pictures too. I immediately switched off the computer. He gave me a sheepish smile and left the room.

The next day, I got ready to catch up with some work. I changed to my casual wear and came out of my house. I met Darshan and his Mom on the corridor. On seeing me Darshan said ," Mommy! Do you know what Prabhu uncle does with his computer?". The next second, I was inside my house. It has been two days and I have not gone out.

Poor man's world

January 3 2011

Now I know that I have your attention. So let me get to the point. The point is that this post of mine doesn't talk about any specific point. I hope that you are still not ogling at the girl in the picture. Are you not ashamed? When I saw her picture, I cried. I felt sorry for her poor condition. I have made it a habit to empathize every day for poor girls like this.

For every page visit, UNIZEF(please don't ask me what it stands for. I really don't have any idea) has promised to donate ten rupees to me. In turn I would give all the money to poor girls like the one in the above picture and also to girls like this[link]. I request my readers to send pictures of such poor girls, so that I can empathize with you.

When I was doing my +2 in Chennai, an ad-firm approached me and asked my advice to help them promote Indian made products. I immediately called the chief minister and asked him to stop all foreign-goods-imports. But he didn't listen to my advice. So I gave an idea to the ad firm. They executed the plan and it instantly had a great effect. The tag line I coined caught every one's attention as it was written in all buses in Tamil Nadu.
Now you would have realised that this post is going no where. So I take this opportunity to talk about my neighbor Mouri's dog. She has named it Julie. Julie is a very ferocious dog and everyone in our neighbourhood knows about it. She is the classic example of how a security dog should be. 
This is the type of posts that Pepsi boy comes up with, when he is drunk. The subject line has nothing to do with the post. Should he write another post in a drunken state???

A New Venture

January 1 2011

Along with
Our new products are...
For More Details Contact 
@ Chennai Mr. Ramesh Babu 9500090663
@ Coimbatore & Tiruppur Mr. Prabhu 9566422220, 9788116669 
E-mail :

Wishing You All A Happy New Year

January 1 2011

People make mistakes. They're allowed to. We're allowed to. We're human.
Forgiveness is greater than revenge.

Many people are afraid of losing face. When we make a mistake, we look around to find a scapegoat to point the finger at. We should always remember that when we point one finger at a person, the other four fingers are pointing at ourselves.

You can never have everyone praise you, nor will everyone condemn you. Never in the past, not at present, and never will be in the future. 

It is not easy to change.And it's foolish to expect people to change. Only because 'we' believe they're foolish the way they are. It would be less painful to change ourselves and lower our expectations.

Everything we do and believe is at som level a manifestation of our love and hatred for ourselves. "I" is the most dangerous word.

Life resides not in a momentary anger, and the insignificant pain we feel.There's a lot of pain around ur, and a lot of happiness too, Life resides in the rare moment we see that pain, and 'know' how trivial the I is.

Life lives in the tiny feeble hands of the three year old who helps his grandfather cross the road.
Once Again Welcome 2011 & Prosper Our Lifes