I think I won’t fall

December 16 2011

 A few interesting things happened to me today!

1. I found out a friend has a true friendship on me(Mr.Jothi).

2. I went to metupalayam.(and met up with lovely incident, one of my flowers that God had was fallen for me, cause who graciously brought me around this temple {MR.Thiyagu}).

3. Soon I’m going to have a foreign trip.

When I put it like that, they definitely don’t seem like much but I’ve been quite distracted last month, so much so that I’ve neglected my one new true friend(Mr.Krishna Kumar). well, these things and watching reruns of friends have pretty much occupied most of my life right now, besides work.

oh, and its 12am know?!. 

I’m looking forward to the trip with Thiyagu but it also feels like this will be happen with many travel buddies. We seem to be growing apart as friends. I’m saddened by many things, but I know by now that sometimes friendships don’t last and I just have to let go and move on.

But Thiyagu was wonderful person. He was the first friend to talk on my own, though technically it wasn't a  freshers talk because some restricted friends was with me most of the time. But staying with Thiyagu was it likes having perks, Like being in the bedroom to myself and not feeling guilty if I sneeze too loudly and I like that I can wake up when I want, come back when I want, go where I want – basically be as self-indulgent as I can be. and of course, the templing was amazing. I’m definitely coming back every friday with you. As for my friend… I could like him but I can’t hold for various complicated reasons. however, it hasn’t stopped me from exchanging flirtatious text messages. I feel like I’m playing with my bro am I rite Thiyagu?!. but as long as I don’t go beyond that, I think I won’t fall.

I have to say, it really feels nice to know Thiyagu thinks of me that way and is thinking of me. If only I’m not a cheat and will actually take a stand to be faithful – either be involved friendly or just stay strictly friends.
but it’s just a affection. He’ll get over it.

Letter to the future to Me

December 14 2011

Dated 14th December 2040

I mean hello.. Prabhu Sir.. How are you? I hope your health is okay.. If you have BP due to all the needless tension you took in your youth, I’m terribly sorry. I am also sorry for not eating enough curry to maintain your health. 

I hope you are very busy completing your next book or repairing your grand-daughter’s computer. If you are still deciding on a climax for your first book then you are such a loser!! (I know I have to respect your age and all but this is unforgivable). I know you’re retired from your company you had. Don’t sit and count your farewell gifts.. You’re 60 for heaven’s sake! 

Here is a list of things you should have seen by now at any cost!!. If you are able to tick all then good for you.
Statue of Liberty

Sydney Opera House

       Italy- Vatican city and Rome and all those places described in Angels and demons.

France- Effil tower with all those magical lightings.

Greece- all those greek temples from art history class.

Egypt- the pyramids..

Spain – for the Tomatina festival J and I……

One Indian village where there is no mobile network, TV, internet connection and beauty parlour. 

I am pretty sure those will be available for a long time from now… so if you can say “hey! I’ve been there” for all these places then I say “you have REALLY lived your life!!!” (I’m sure you would have gone to all these places with only one person)

I am sorry for all those days you spent as a college student, hanging out in college alone and stupidly crying because you’re always short of friends. Now that I’m reminding you, you’ll just say “don’t remind me of it! You were so dumb when it comes to choosing the right company!” yeah you’re right. But now you are fine with people, they all like you because you are nice to them all. I started that in you. So you’re welcome. ;)
I hope now you have realized that as long as you have your family, you’re just fine. As long as you get up every morning being wished by a 54 year old somebody, who still prepares you coffee and chicken……. As long as you both are planning on how you both are going to meet in the next birth.. Everything is going great!! Keep up the good work on your life!

PS: you need not be formal and thank me for all those memories I preserved in a dozen diaries. But it took a lot of patience and time.

PPS: if time travel is possible then mail me one feature/article and a documentary script on 14th December 2011, at 05:40 am. (my assignment… please help….) :(

with lots of expectations..

With Love…For My Dove..

December 13 2011

Smooth and silky, thick and bouncy,
And never frizzy here and there,
Feels beautiful from the roots today,
My long, shiny, black hair……………
All thanks to Dove oil care!

I know it is like a little kid’s poem but.. it just came into my head and I mean every word! A few more days of using Dove oil care products and my face will look so handsome I can apply for the next model in the Dove ads! Woohoo!

My mom was super excited when the package arrived home. She was waiting for me to open it. I asked her why she did not open it herself.. And she said “there was nothing written like confidential….!”
So I’ll just end this short childy post (like me!) by saying- thank you for the gift hamper IndiBlogger!


December 12 2011

On the occasion of Rajinikanth’s birthday I was watching a talk show on TV. The host asked several people as to when and how did they get attached to him or started liking him. It was a simple question but then I thought about it for a while and could not come up with an answer. I do not remember when I started liking him. It was one of those involuntary things children pick up; like a language or the tune of a song without having any clue of the lyrics. Usually we did not go to theaters to watch movies those days. But we always made an exception for every Rajini movie. Simply put: I just grew up adoring him!

Almost everyone will have his/her own reason for liking him. He has managed to entertain us in every possible way: by his on-screen persona, his off-screen charisma and even through countless Internet jokes. But that one thing that makes him rule the hearts of millions is the fact that he sheds the grease paint the moment he steps out of a studio. He never acts his life out; he lives it. Like any and every one of us. That is what makes him so irresistible. A great man living a simple life; trust me it is not easy. And I am happy that he just is!

It was his birthday today and as usual people were busy wishing him, fans celebrated his birthday in a grand fashion, internet was abuzz with a full collection of his jokes and celebrities tweeted away to glory. Here are some of the interesting ones.

TomCruise: Happy bday Rajni Sir. I have just completed Mission Impossible 4. I heard you have completed all 99,999 levels. I know you will call me “jujuubii”!

AnnaHazare: Today I am privileged to get the CNN Rajini of the Year Award. I dedicate this award to you on your b’day! And I request you to join our fight. Together we can send corruption to the hospital!

RahulGandhi: @AnnaHazare: Did you see the power of Rajini? He has made you offer him a bribe!

SRK: They tell me I can sell any brand. They also tell me that I sell every other brand. But I always wonder how brand Rajini is worth more than everything else. And you don’t even sell it. Happy b’day Sir!

KSRavikumar: Happy bday Rajini Sir. Hope we can start Rana soon. @JuniorB: I would like to discuss about signing BetiB for a movie with Rajini Sir.

DeepikaPadukone: @KSRavikumar.. I would love to do the role of Rajini’s mother in that film!

RamGopalVarma: Retweet of a retweet: Ra-One: A 2 1/2 hour cameo by SRK in a 2 minute Rajini movie!

SRK: @RamGopalVarma: At least in Twitter, try to be original!

Birthday: Rajni Sir, I am sorry on behalf of all these ignorant people. Happy Rajni to me!

Dhanush: Rajini sir thanks you one and all for your warm wishes.

An ardent fan who doesn’t live out of Twitter sends a birthday note to Rajini’s house.

“Happy bday thalaivaa. Thank you for being a superstar on screen and being yourself off it!”

The fan gets a hand written letter from Rajini: “Thank you for your lovely card. I am touched. May God bless you and your family!”

Well, jokes and tweets apart, he is a phenomenon. And that is not because he does impossible things on screen. It is because he does an impossible thing off it. He keeps himself grounded and real. He is a great man simply because he doesn’t think he is great. And he has touched and inspired so many people in ways even he doesn’t know. I am sure everyone wants to see more and more of him: be it on screen where he bashes 10 goons with ease or a rare off-screen glimpse of him in a cotton kurta-pajama and chappals. Well, as for me, a silent wish goes out from my heart to him which hopes to see many more such birthday Rajini sir!

Fumbling with my new camera

December 10 2011

This is about the hidden photographer.
A waste that doesn't look like one.

Macro Shot.


I ll always love you, no matter how tough the times.


No its not THAT finger.

Looking like a Prince.

Let the light make you free. Let it be your savior.

God is the master of my soul...

December 9 2011

First of all thank you to all my friends who kept dropping here to say hello and who kept in touch with me through emails. I have too much work at office and home and I feel tensed all the time thinking of unfinished work...Then I feel lazy to write too now...

I was not planning to write anything but cannot help after reading my friend's post. Many people believe in Bad Eye including our respected Pooja. This post is dedicated to all who make a mess of their life by believing such things...

I was sick 4 months back and my doc said I need to take medicines for lifelong. I was even thinking of quitting my business since I could not do justice to my profession. But then suddenly I felt, I cannot quit living the way I want. So along with medicines I started telling myself that I am perfectly fine...believe or not, my condition improved and I stopped medicines when the test results reached normal after 2 months. 

Though my Doc said that I need to continue medicine in lower dose to retain my normal stage, I stopped taking it. Every month I took a test to make sure that I am okay...now it is nearly 4 1/2 months after all that and by Grace of God I am fine..

I do tests every 6 weeks now and so far no issues. My experience taught me that we can control our health issues and anything else if you have will power and belief on God. Many of my friends and even my partner have weight issues but for me none. The secret... however tasty the food is, I never over eat. Always stops when I feel that I can still have a few more handfuls.

My Mom and my partner too believe in all these superstitions. I tell them that if a person can make bad things happen to you by just wishing, what is God doing that time? God is here to protect us. When our belief in God is not strong we believe in such stuff. Good or bad ( ;) yeah...I am not so good sometimes... I always feel that God understands my action and will forgive and protect me...

My Fav Quote

I am the captain of my ship
God is the master of my soul...

mood swings...

December 8 2011

. . . Prabhupepsi experiences mood swings, which includes periods of extreme low mood and elation or "high energy". Prabhupepsi has also experienced psychotic symptoms and dissociative episodes. Currently Prabhupepsi is reasonably well at the moment but does require ongoing support to motivate and encourage him to maintain and develop his recovery and prevent relapse . . . his sleep pattern is erratic . . . Prabhupepsi has become socially isolated . . . Prabhupepsi has little experience of positive relationships outside of contact . . . Prabhupepsi finds it difficult to organise daily household tasks and at times he struggles to carry out basic tasks . . . Prabhupepsi's support needs are around encouragement and support to complete household tasks and to get out and about in the community, also encouragement to work, eat and attend to his personal hygiene needs when he feels unwell.


December 7 2011

வெள்ளை தாடி

வரண்ட கேசம்

உலர்ந்த சிரிப்பு

பற்றற்ற மனோநிலை

ஒரு சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் என்றால்

2200ல் கூட எவரும் நம்ப மாட்டார்கள்! 

இனிய பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் தலைவா - பிரபு

Childhood Simplicity

December 6 2011

Little Pranav, my friend's son, all of 4 years, attended his first sports day at school, where all the kids participated in various sports activities and regardless of their victory or loss, every child was awarded a medal as an appreciation of their participation. I was amused to know that Pranav refused to take off his medal, proud that he was of his achievement. He wore the medal the entire day and even went to sleep wearing it.

This took me back by about 24-25 years when I, a little boy at that time, had had a similar experience. 

As kids, we valued such simple joys and were proud of our little achievements. Today, we are more materialistic and fail to find happiness in the simple joys of life. I miss those days!!

WOMEN - the sex that leaves me baffled !

December 5 2011

Note: This is a sexist post and my heartiest apologies to those who do not see eye-to-eye on the subject. Well blogging is freedom of speech, no? Hence I shall use that freedom to the fullest ! 

I wish I could get to know women better. Understand their point of view, rip them down to plain flesh and see through them, to find out how they can make statements of undying love to one and then utter the very same, with the same conviction and the
same gazing intent to another?
How can they keep their hearts rekindled with the same passion and desire-like fire as though he's the only they intend to love, touch and hold for the rest of their lives - being fully aware of the fact that it is only a matter of time before the testosterone rush guides them to another who befits the mould of what they believe to be just perfect ! And then forget him too, for another who pleases the eye, tempts the heart, embarks upon and glorifies the horizons of their fantasy...

What I want Rite Now

December 4 2011

1. More Money
2. To fit UK Jeans
3. To be able to actually talk to someone who actually cares about me and whom I actually care about
4. To be brave enough to face my fears
5. To pay this month car loan 
6. To feel good about myself again
But see, I don’t deserve to get what I want. It’s easy to whine about what’s lacking in my life, but if I’m not going to do anything to change that, then it sure as hell ain't gonna happen.

What’s the point of this post? I’m not sure.

You’re free to lecture me, but don’t expect a response. because if scolding myself doesn't work, 

What makes you think your words will have any impact?

Self Pride

December 3 2011

I’m feeling quite chuffed at the moment.

I just found out that I won an award that’s given out yearly at work. It’s a real boost to my confidence and I’m really pleased to have this piece of good luck. (I say luck because there are better CCTV camera centers which were unrecognized in the past sadly because they were not nominated. silly, right?)
The real icing on the cake has to be the news that some of  the camera prices will be getting low only for dealers, and I happen to be part of the lucky people. yes, how awesome is that?

I’m planning to pay off my car loan with this little bonus. if it’s not enough, I will wait for the year-end bonus then. I can’t wait to put up a status on facebook and twitter saying something like, "I’VE PAID MY LOAN DEBTS! ONE BURDEN LIFTED OFF MY SHOULDERS!" yes, I really don’t like the idea of being in debt. So much so that I’m hoping that the day I should finish my car loan I bought. but that dream remains very far away.

Rite now, I just want to bask in a little self pride, happiness and that feeling you get when you feel you’re getting too much money and you’re not really sure why.

I am back to being my chirpy self!:)

December 2 2011

Finally, I got the time and energy. 
Life in Tirupur is a roller coaster. I have literally been 'on-my-toes' since the day I landed here. But, it is not what I had imagined it to be. Sometimes, I feel it is much much better and sometimes I feel I shouldn't have taken the decision to relocate. I still am not at peace with myself, as there are n number of things disturbing my equilibrium.

There are moments when I am really really happy and moments when I am really really sad. Somehow, I have not been able to attain a balance between the extremes yet. Life is changing every single day. Maybe it is the 'Tirupur' factor or maybe, personally, I am at such a point in life. Or is it the quarter-life-crisis? I don't know, I really don't.

Happiness comes in splashes. I am happy when I see an invitation to marriage and the fact that I can plan to go (Every day, I received the invitation and got sad about not being able to attend), I am happy when I feel the cold winds, the temperature dripping. I am happy when I eat(anything and everything), I am so happy when I shop, I am happy for friends who have found love and for those too, who'll soon be entangled in wedlock. I am happy with the fact that I can catch a train, anytime I want and still it would not cost me 10K bucks. I am happy when I have mutton instead of chicken which sucked big time. I am happy that the weather keeps changing. I am happy that I am within easily approachable distance from near and dear ones. I am happy that Tirupur still rocks! I am happy that I took the decision to come back. I am happy that Tirupur is a second hometown for me. I am just plain happy.

But, letting go, has never been my cup of coffee and I always cling to people and things I love. This was supposed to be my world,and now that finally I have made it my own, I sometimes really miss the one which I have left behind. And then, I again need one of those splashes of happiness to bring me to the real life. Thankfully, someone or the other sprinkles those on me and I am back to being my chirpy self!:)

I do not make a good friend at all

December 1 2011 

I’m slowly losing the friends I took time to grow close to. some by my doing and some not. Some are leaving the country for good. Some are still around but I don’t feel the closeness to them anymore. Some I’ve totally cut off all ties with.
I have this awful way of cutting loose when I think I’m about to lose someone because I think it would hurt me less. I know in past experiences that this theory doesn't always hold true, but I still do it. Maybe because I also learnt in the past that trying to hold one to someone who’s already ‘gone’ in that sense hurts a lot. Maybe because of pride (there’s no maybe about this one, actually). Maybe because I don’t know how to appreciate friendship. Maybe because I hold my standards way too high.

I like the casual friendships I have at my office. when I'm working at my clients place fixing camera's, I made some good friends there but there was always a gap, be it age or academic/cultural background. At my office, I have friends my age, friends who love to read, friends who love to eat, and friends who are just plain friendly. I feel like I belong here and I couldn't be happier about the relationships I have at work. But of course I do want to feel close to someone, in both the romantic and platonic sense. I find myself gravitating to books, TV's, Movies and Dvd's because I lack these relationships that I crave. And I live my fantasy through my favorite stories via these mediums.

I suppose I could do less of that and go out more, meet new people, form new friendships, lower my standards, swallow my pride. But knowing me, I’ll find a way to screw up anything that shows a tiniest potential to be a beautiful friendship or a long-lasting romance.

I guess what I’m trying to tell myself is that I do not make a good friend at all.