Head lines

June 21 2011

1. Pepsiboy has added a phrase on the number board of his bike. The phrase is yielding unnecessary stares from the Tiruppur crowd when ever they see his bike. The picture of the bike will be added in the next post

2. Pepsiboy has joined a gym now. You will soon see the Indian Arnold's photo in this blog

3. Pepsiboy will reveal another good news in this blog soon ;) 

Pepsi Bureau of Investigation

June 20 2011

The PBI (Pepsi Bureau of Investigation) on Tuesday made a noble deed by saving David Beckham. Apparently Beckham had tried to commit suicide. He had seen the above picture of Vijay and that might be the reason for his heartbreak. How ever the exact reasons for his suicide attempt has not been discovered.

Now let us forget about David Beckham and let us concentrate on our Illayathalapathy Vijay. He shot into fame through the movie Kaadhalukku mariyaadhai. He gave a series of hits and he soon became a super hero in the Tamil film world. But soon Vijay fell into bad company and ended up doing C grade movies. All these movies had the same story line and as a result 10 of his movies bombed big time in the box office. The story line of the ten movies is given below

Introduction of Hero through a song or through a fight. Usually Vijay emerges out of a Steel shutter or through a crowd or through his bike riding skills. In one movie he even emerged out of the sea.

One Kuthu song. It doesn't matter even if it doesn't fit into the movie.

Vijay will always have one sister in every movie and he will do anything for her.

His best friend will be killed by the baddies.

The heroine will be the daughter/bride/ sister of the Villain.

Vijay can fly.

The old ladies and grandpas in the locality always love our hero.

Punch dialogues with non-synchronising hand gestures appear every now and then.

Producer goes bankrupt.

After a series of 5 flops, Pepsiboy also started pulling Vijay's legs and hence ditched his brand loyalty towards him. Actor Vijay has acted in commercials too. He is the only actor in the world whose commercial also flopped big time. The commercial is not worth a single penny. How ever Vijay has bounced back with a beautiful commercial through Joy Alukkas again. Hope he finds his new rhythm in his forthcoming films.

Toughest days of my life!

June 19 2011

It was the year 1983. I was in Kindergarten. Many would know that I was in love with a girl in my kindergarten days.

The initial few days in Kindergarten were the toughest days of my life. I found it difficult to hold the small slate pencil and write all the letters in the English alphabet in a small slate; at the same time I found it difficult to cope up with the emotional pressures that became more and more. How much can a three year old boy handle?
I was a regular bed wetter during that time. I continued to wet my bed for many more years. Now this post is not about my bed wetting heroics. So let us get back to the topic.

As Romance for my girl bloomed in my small heart, I was not the same anymore. I would sit in the front bench in the classroom. She would sit in the adjacent bench. I would often give her a romantic look at her. She would sit in her bench like an angel and would throw an "I don't give a damn" look at me. At the same time, she would blush when others looked at her. This would make me feel so bad. I would feel like punching everyone on their faces. But I wasn't strong too. The agony in my little heart became increased and it was hard for me to bear. There have been times when I would break into little shudders while sitting in the potty. No one would see my tears.
One day, I gave my regular romantic look to her and she reciprocated with a smile. It was the happiest moment of my kindergarten days. I decided to make full use of the opportunity to win her Love. During the recess break, I went near her and offered her two milk bikis biscuits. She picked them from my hands and smiled at me. Was she smiling at me because of the biscuits? Did somebody threaten her that they would kill her father if she smiled at me? and Was that the reason for her not smiling at me all these days? What ever happens I was happy , because I knew that this was the best opportunity for me to win her love.

I said to her, " What is your favorite color?" ( A decent pick up line for a 3 year old boy)

"Pink" came the reply.

That was the moment pink became my favorite color too.

The next day, I wore a pink shirt and a pink short trousers to school(cause it was saturday. Only on saturdays we can wear color dresses). She was in a pink frock with pink laces . She was beautiful. I wanted to dedicate the song lady in pink for her. But I did not know the lyrics by heart. So I just hummed the tune. She smiled at me. During the recess time, I approached her and said to her, " Can We build a sand castle during our play-period. She said Yes. The next two hours seemed like eternity. I waited for noon to come.

Every afternoon, the kindergarten kids were allowed to play in a small room. We called it the sand box. We would have small plastic mugs and water bottles. We were given an opportunity to build clay castles. I never liked playing in the sand. I always picked the sand and sprinkled them on all the girls in the class. But today, I decided to behave like a good boy. She agreed to play with me, in spite of knowing that I was a brat.

During lunch time, I could not eat the rice and sambhar. It seemed that I was already full. I closed the lunch box and washed my hands. I was now ready to play the sand box game with her. The bell rang. I ran to the sand box room. She was already sitting inside the room. She looked like an angel. She did not have wings though. I slowly walked and sat next to her. But she was with her two friends. One is Shalini and another one is Radhika. I did not want them around. So I tried to make them understand through my facial gestures. Shalini thought that I was indulging in eve teasing. She took a fistful of sand and threw it on my face. If she had not been there, Shalini would have been dead meat by then. So I acted like a gentleman, I took an handkerchief and wiped my face and said, " That's ok Shalini. I forgive you". she smiled at me. I knew that I had created a good impression on her.

Immediately Radhika, who was sitting behind me emptied a handful of sand inside my shirt. Before I could react, Shalini attacked me from the other direction. I remained calm as a cucumber. When Shalini tried to attack me again, she stopped her. That was the happiest moment of that day. She came near me and wiped my face with her soft hands. Then she said, "Prabhu, I wanna tell something to you. Can you please close your eyes". The very next second, I closed my eyes. Then she told, " Prabhu, Can you please open your mouth?". My mouth opened automatically. Soon she filled my mouth with some sand. I realized that she also had played a prank on me. I controlled my tears and slowly walked out of the sand box room. As soon as I stepped out of the room, it started raining. I slowly walked into the rain so that no one could see my tears. Till date, I don't know why she did that to me; and I am not gonna crack my head in trying to figure the answer.

Butterfly Princess

June 18 2011

Prabhupepsi's head is a circus that operate 24/7. His brain is full of unanswered questions. Little kids have lot of questions too. When their questions are not answered properly they become mentally unstable. The unstable nature of Prabhupepsi is explained in this post. Most of the time, he does unimaginable, immature things that would make anyone hate him. But many such immature acts of Prabhupepsi has indeed saved the honour and pride of his girl friend Reks.

Many girls have crossed in Prabhupepsi's life. But the girl,"Reks" occupied Prabhupepsi's heart from the past  three months. Reks is Prabhupepsi's blog mate. She was/is a beautiful girl indeed. Let us hear the story from his mouth.

Pepsiboy  narrates
When I first hear her, I could hear Rahman's music in my ears. The first day a magic starts in my life, I realised that at least 33  guys may be fallen in love with her and I thought I was one among them.

The first week was over and by now the ice was broken by her. We started talking our stories every night in phone for hours. Reks and I were in the same feeling. We started talking every day at least 3 times asking had your food?! had your food?! had your food?!. After two three days, Reks and I had become great friends. She would share every matters with me.When I met her first time Our eyes started talking the language of silence. I knew that she was in love with me. I also knew that she was waiting for me. From my great experience with my relationship with girls, I had become an expert in knowing what a girl wants. All my previous assumptions had backfired. But I knew that this time,I was right when I realised that Reks was in love with me.

Reks was the blonde of my life. One day while I was waiting for her call, my mobile phone rang. It was Reks

Me: Hello Butterfly ( That's how I call her)
She: Prabhu! I am stuck here.
Me: Why? What happened? ( There was complete concern in my voice)
She: There is a power failure and the elevator is not working
Me: So what is the problem
She: I am stuck outside the elevator. I am waiting for the last 15 minutes.
Me: Oh
She: Prabhu... I do not know what to do now. Please help me.
Me: Ok Reks.. Why don't you use the stair case?
She: Thank you dear. I would do that.

We had many intelligent conversations like this. Reks was very popular in her place because of her stool (high heals). The stool ll be changed on a regular basis(ok ok cool Reks). In due course of time, we became an inseparable pair. Love You Reks!


June 17 2011

I'm not sick, there's nothing wrong with me, I just don't know how I can live, I don't think I want to, I don't think there's a way. Someone has fractured me by their actions and I realise now that, yes, the world really is the way I feared it was. I'm not sure whether that means anything or not. One of my friend has sent me a letter about my "Birthday Bonus". I get an extra 1000`. Yay, let's go crazy!

birthday tweets ;)

June 15 2011

Sridhar Ram Happy B'Day Prabhu - hope you had a blast !

Prabhu Pepsy with maya anni and your blessings anna

Kamlesh Venkat Happy b day

Prabhu Pepsy Thankz bro! God bless:)

Sudarshan Prakash Happy Birthday thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guru Kesav Kumar ‎Prabhu Pepsy porwar kalakkunga :)

Prabhu Pepsy @ ‎Sudarshan Prakash நன்றிங்க தல தளபதி!;)p

Prabhu Pepsy @ ‎Guru Kesav Kumarவேணா....வலிக்குது......அழுதுரவேன்!

Sridhar Ram yeethu'ellam konjam ...hmmm ...ivarukku correct'ta than irruku

Prabhu Pepsy @ Sridhar Ram anna i think its not real anna that fellow is good in photoshop anna

Shubu Lakshmi Happy Birth Day Dear Anna! Love You!

Prabhu Pepsy Thanks shubu!

Shreeja Sanju Hpy b'dy buddy! you kept a special ringtone fr ur dad know that wish should come true i honestly dedicate this clip for u da porki sweet anna! must watch this man.......

Prabhu Pepsy en bit enake vaa?!

Prabhu Pepsy Thanks sisy!

Arthi Parasuram Dai annna hpy b'day da annnnnna un thangai unakaga prathanai seivathu unaku puriyavillaya annnna! intha pasamalarai maranthu vittaiya annnna!!!!!

Prabhu Pepsy thanks ka!

Adarsh Sakthi Happy Happy Birthday Thalivaaaa!!!!! love you da machaaaaaaa whoooooooo!

Prabhu Pepsy நன்பேன்டா!

Neevarp Pradhan happy birthday man........

Prabhu Pepsy hy! I don't know any thing about you.... but you wish me know.....what a great heart you "ve.....luv u kiddo!

Pooja Shankaran Machaaaaaaa! Happy b'day da! may all ur dreamz come true dear.....enjoy!;)

Prabhu Pepsy thankz deivame!

Guru Kesav Kumar wish u many many more happy b'day thala... :)

Guru Kesav Kumar ‎Prabhu Pepsy etho 1 solla varinga.ya..! we too luv u bro.thnx bro :)

Prabhu Pepsy I am feeling stronger!....why you know? Cause I 've my wonderful bro's than anyone in the whole world....u & vicky are my best kiddo's ever!

Malathi Saravanan Happy Birthday..

Prabhu Pepsy U r de best ANNI in the whole world and I believe that I ll always 've ur blessings.....bless me ANNI!

Sruthi Krishna im so happy i have my besss friends birthday tonight. I seriously donno what id do♥

Prabhu Pepsy I am sure I ll live for 100yrs cause you ll b wit me knw love you sruthi

Do you remember me?

June 10 2011

Do you guys remember me? Yes! I am Krithi. I am a big girl now and I am growing my hair like my Uncle- Prabhupepsi. I am now in india. Now a days , I don't get scared of the language; still I hate sleeping. But my folks put me to sleep by 8 pm. This is what happened last week. My mom tucked me in bed, gave me a good night kiss and went to the front room. After five minutes

Krithi: Mommeeeee

Mom: What?

Krithi: I want to eat cookies.

Mom : Not anymore. Now its your bed time. Go to sleep.

After five minutes

Krithi : Mommy! I am hungry. Can I have only one cookie?

Mom: I said no. If you ask again, you will be spanked.

After Five minutes

Krithi: Mommy

Mom : What?

Krithi: When you come to spank me, can you please bring the cookie?

My mom says that I have a good voice. My brother is my super hero. He can drive the cycle very fast. He taught me to use the iPhone. Now I know to operate the iPhone on my own. My brother is a very good dancer. In my humble opinion, my brother dances better than my uncle.

How do I look in sunglasses? This is how I throw attitude. I wear the glasses everywhere I go. Playground, Home or Malls, I have them on me all the time. I even wear them while taking a nap. These days everything looks brownish in color. Even white rice looks brown. I have fallen many a times because of the sun glasses. But nothing is gonna deter me from wearing glasses.
That is my brother Kavin. He is very strong. He can do somersaults and He can even perform Kattas on Karate. He can defeat Jaedon Smith. I know this for sure. The other day he broke a brick into two halves. My uncle is also a black belt in Karate or should I say that he claims that he is a black belt in the art. My brother likes the subject Chemistry. He writes lot of chemical formulas on his notebook. He says H20 is Hot water and C02 is Cold water. Do you agree with him?

Special Note: My Uncle was brutally attacked by three women as they were furious with him for writing the blog post about them. Hence I am posting an article on his blog today.
My brother and I love the snow. After school, we go out and play with snow. We tried making the snow man. But it ended up looking like our Uncle. Taking a bath in winter is a pain. I run around the house when mom calls me to take a bath.
Do I look like an Eskimo?. Too much of snow is not good for health. We might catch a cold if we remain here in the snow for a long time. Spray some Axe spray on your nose to be free from Nose-blocks. My Uncle did that last week and now he has dysentery because of that. So we are gonna go indoors and start doing our home work. You can also go back to your work. Stop using facebook during work hours and stop using proxy sites to access blocked sites in office. This is my sign-off message.

Bye, Love you all. 

Super Star

June 09 2011

வெள்ளை தாடி

வரண்ட கேசம்
உலர்ந்த சிரிப்பு
பற்றற்ற மனோநிலை
ஒரு சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் என்றால்
2200ல் கூட எவரும் நம்ப மாட்டார்கள்! - பிரபு


June 08 2011

பணம் எப்போதும் தனியே வராது, அது தன் சகோதரனாகிய பிரச்னையைக் கூட்டிக்கிட்டுதான் வரும். முதல்ல பணம் வந்துரும். பின்னாடி பிரச்னை வந்து சேரும். அதுபோல, வெளியேறிப் போகும் போது… முதல்ல பணம் போயிடும். ஆனா, பிரச்னை போகவே போகாது. நம்மால விரட்டியடிக்கவும் முடியாது. இதுதான் பணத்தோட உண்மையான தன்மை

King of the rooms

June 06 2011

Bathroom is one place where many people invent and discover new things in life. Bathroom is just not a place where one takes a bath. Many enter into a self-actualized state inside this room. The Lion is the King of the jungle and likewise the bathroom is the King of all rooms. You might ask ," Which is the Queen of all rooms?". I have an answer for that too. Let us call the Toilet as the queen of all rooms. Now the feminists will go on a rampage and call me a MCP for addressing the Toilet with a feminine term.

Till the late 1980s most Indian houses had a separate bathroom and Toilet in their homes. The bathrooms were normally built somewhere in the back of the house. In the olden days the toilets were built outside the house. I remember that in my grandpa's house the toilet was in the backyard. I used to be scared to go there in nights. The long passage in the garden would scare me. So I would tell my grandparents that I am gonna wash my face in the bathroom and the urinating activity will be done in the bathroom itself. I was a young boy then. No body knew this secret all these years. Now you know.
As days went by, the toilets were attached to the bathroom and they looked similar to the one you see in this picture. The western commodes came into the scene in the late 80s and soon Indians started getting accustomed to the new age technology. A small mug is an integral part of every bathroom.

The Indian bathrooms are the birthplace of the greatest singers in the world. Many sing their heart out as soon as they enter the bathroom. I am a bathroom singer too. I open the shower and stand under it and sing aloud. Some times I open the mouth and face the shower and sing too. This would give different fibrillated effects to the singing pattern.

Bathroom is the favorite place for almost every teenager. Young girls use their mobile phones inside the bathroom at midnight when they talk with their boyfriends especially when their parents are strict with them. Many parents are dumb on this matter. The tap is turned on and the bucket gets filled up with water. Sometimes the bucket gets filled up for more than one hour. Some parents are so dumb that they don't even realize that one hour is too much of a time to fill one bucket with water.

In some bathrooms one can find cobwebs on the walls. One favorite activity of mine is to pour water on the cobwebs and have sadistic pleasure in seeing the spiders run. I have did many spiders like this in my life time. If you are also a spider enemy, give me a five.

In school life, class 12 is the most difficult phase in every student's life. He or she has only one activity in life and that is studies. Parents would wake their children as early as 4 am in the morning and they would ask their children to study. Even in the nights, the children would be made to study till 12 pm. 4 hours of sleep seemed so less then. But now we sleep for only 4 hours and we don't regret it. A teenager would not mind talking on the phone for 4 hours at a stretch. But studying for more than 1 hour is like being in hell. When I was in class 12, my family members would wake me up at 4 am too. It is the highest degree of torture one could do to someone. I would be in the middle of a very romantic dream with Anitha and when my Perimaa(mom's sisy) wakes me up, I would get irritated.

As soon as I wake up, coffee would be served to me and I would have to go and sit in the pooja room and study. I hated this procedure and I started thinking of ways to avoid this procedure. "Bathroom" came to my rescue. So as soon as my Perimaa & my family members woke me up, I would directly head to the bathroom and would sit on the tub and start sleeping again. My parents would call me from outside, "Why are you taking so much time?". I would reply that I am suffering from constipation. Everyone thought that I was suffering from a serious constipation issue. But very soon they figured out that I was actually sleeping inside the bathroom. (I have no idea, how they found it. There were no hidden CCTV cameras involved anyways). Now as I type this post, I can hear my neighbor shouting at her teenage daughter -"Why are you spending too much time inside the bathroom?". That is a million dollar question which can be answered only by that girl. I know all the things that I used to do in the bathroom and I have a wry smile when I think about it. Bathroom is indeed the King of all rooms.

If you ask me the reason behind Julia Roberts's picture for this post, my only answer is "Should I give an explanation for that? Let Obama release Osama's dead pictures. I will tell the reason then".