Solve this Murder case

January 18 2013

Challenge huh?!
A man was found murdered on 15/8/2007 Wednesday afternoon at 12.35 pm in his house...... His wife called police.. The police questioned everyone.

Wife: I was sleeping..

Neighbors: We went for a marriage..

Driver: I went to the bank..

Cook: I went to the market..

Watch Man: I had gone for my relations marriage..

Police arrested the murderer immediately..
Who was it? 

"Reply if u r brilliant with correct reason"

Krishna! You made my day !

January 15 2013

Krishna... Proof of good honest people in this world.
I was in his cab today at kottayam. 10 minutes after I got off, I realized I had left my smartphone in the cab. 

I had seen him drive off after dropping me. The phone was in the rear seat, in silent mode. I had not noted the number of the cab. 

Nevertheless I tried calling on the number. 3 times. It kept ringing. No answer.

My heart sank and I slowly trudged back to the spot I had disembarked. And suddenly there he was ! Walking towards me !

He said he had covered quite a bit of distance. Then his next passenger noticed it. And he immediately decided to drive back to where he had left me. 

I requested for a snap and told him I would post it on the net, since while we often complain about how cabbies behave, such integrity should also be lauded.

Thank you Krishna! You made my day !

Wanted P.R.O (கொ.பா.செ) & AVE's

January 12 2013
 P.R.O (கொ.பா.செ)

The P.R.O (கொ.பா.செ) of this blog will get the highest privilege to manage the PR activities of the page. The activities include organizing press meets and releasing exaggerated statements about Prabhupepsi.

Remuneration: The P.R.O (கொ.பா.செ) will be allowed to wear Prabhupepsi's red underwear during his/her tenure as P.R.O (கொ.பா.செ)

Applicants are requested to send the passport size picture of their right ear and also a detailed CV explaining their skill set to

Selected candidates will be called for a face-to-face interview with the Prabhupepsi. During the interview, Prabhupepsi will be wearing a RayBan coolers for build-up purpose.

Executives (அண்ணனின் விழுதுகள்) AVE's

The AVE's has to perform the role of advertising about Prabhupepsi blog where ever they can. They can run around the streets shouting the URL of the page and slogans like வருங்கால அமெரிக்க ஜனாதிபதி அண்ணன் பிரபு வாழ்க. They can also paste the slogans & URL as comments in many facebook pages.

Remuneration : The AVE's will get a special place in the heart of Prabhupepsi

Applicants can walk in and have a face-to-face interview with PowerStar Dr.Srinivasan.
PowerStar Dr.Srinivasan is the CRO (Chief Recruitment Officer) of Prabhupepsi Incorporation.

... More Job openings to be published soon (Watch this page)


January 10 2013

My Cow used to give only 4 liters of milk in a day. One day, I took a print out of Prabhupepsi's blog and fed those papers to my cow. Now she gives 48 liters of milk every 5 hours
- Mani
(Milk Man)

Prabhupepsi was conducting experiments on a secret nuclear project in an undisclosed territory in Antartica  and he was on the verge of vasectomizing a female python when he decided to start this blog. His services for our firm will never be forgotten
- Late Osama Bin Laden
(Currently being recruited as the 72 virgin)

Things I believed when I was a kid

January 3 2013

Many things that I did in my childhood had been silly things. I still do many silly things in life. One classic example is writing blog posts without even knowing how this blog post will end.

When I was young our teacher told us "Children you should CREATE history one day". Now a days we are doing the exact opposite of what she told ~ Deleting History. 

You might have just deleted your internet history. Your parents, friends might still think that you are clean. But you know who you really are. Even when we delete stuff on internet, some back up is stored somewhere. Today I remembered a lot of things I used to believe when I was a child. Now they indeed look silly; but during those days I seriously believed them. 

Things I  believed when I was a kid (Read as "I was made to believe)

1) I used to believe that doctors never die.

2) I was made to believe that if peacock feathers will give birth to baby peacock feathers when they are kept inside a notebook.

3) I used to run around naked inside the house and when someone comes to our house, I would close my eyes thinking that no one could see my nakedness.

4) I used to think that news readers were actually sitting inside the Television. I used to go behind the TV and search for them

5) I was made to believe that if you fart silently while writing exams you will get 100 out of 100. I never got those full marks; but I used to do my part during the exams.

6) I was told that spider man creates his web using chewing gum. I had the habit of chewing gum and pulling it out of my mouth with hopes of flying like spider man

7) My uncle used to tell me that my parents found me in the orphanage and I had a elder brother named Anand and he was studying in Ooty. I used to believe that also.

8) I used to collect HMT from the Indian One rupee coins with hopes of buying a HMT watch.

9) I thought that babies were born through the belly button. I used to close my belly button with my index finger while sleeping. Later when I realised that only women give birth to babies, my belly button was not disturbed anymore.

10) I was told that evil spirits are scared of the bible. Many a night I used to hug the big oxford dictionary while sleeping thinking that I was actually hugging a bible.

11) I was made to believe that if we sit on top of eggs, the eggs will hatch. 

Have you got any such memories? If so share in the comments section in this blog.