Some Wisdom On A Saturday Afternoon

November 9 2013

I have so many thoughts that swirl in my head and my attempts at trying to swat at them sometimes means I get the less insightful ones come to the less blurry part of my brain.

So sometimes I will read something and I will think, "This. A million times this." 

And I feel like a hoarder for keeping it to myself, so here is some wisdom that I would like to share with you from someone who is not me. Because a lot of the time, people can just verbalize so much better what I am thinking.

For Anyone Who Needs It:

Let's just do whatever it takes, ok?

Everything's hard. Days are long. We're getting older. Friends are being diagnosed, family members torn apart by internal demons, Feature is on its way on every front, and we have no energy for the next task.

And especially this: we will all make mistakes.

None of this will ever change. How you look at it is the only thing that can.

You're welcome.

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