Vikatan goes Unicode

November 11th, 2008

After a long frustating decade of Tamil on the internet, mainstream magazines are starting to use to Unicode fonts instead of propietary fonts. And that’s a great news.
Ananda Vikatan, probably the number 1 magazine of tamil media is now completely on unicode. All you need is a computer with IE/Firefox/Safari installed to read Vikatan. With this change, Vikatan also cleans the clutter of it’s site and sports a cleaner design.
The in-direct benefit for bloggers is that they can now quote(note the point, just quote and not completely copy) vikatan articles on their blogs without having to transform the vikatan font to unicode.
Ofcourse, you need to be a paid user to read the content on but if you are a NRT(yeah NR Tamilian), you should think about paying them $22/year as subscription. But if you are one of those lazybums who wouldn’t want to read tamil, watch tamil videos on

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