Check list for moving to your new home

September 2nd, 2009

My New Home

You will need to cancel:

Newspaper delivery
Milk Delivery
Water *
Security company if house alarm is monitored
Sky TV (they require prior notice)

Other things to arrange:

Arrange for the furniture removal van (if required)
Apply for transit insurance
Obtain a supply of packing cartons that’s if you are packing items
Arrange contents and fire insurance for your new home
Organize shifting times with the Purchaser of your home and the owner of your new home
Pack each room leaving the boxes stacked and labeled
Arrange for any rubbish to be removed
Pack all bedding
Pack perishables very carefully
Identify any breakable items to the removal men
Explain your packing procedures to the removal people and be at your new home when they arrive
Ensure that you have keys to all external doors to pass to new owner
Ensure parking are left with property
Leave instructions or advise new owners in regard to security systems etc
Advise your children's school that your children are leaving and the name of the new school so all files can be forwarded on to that school
Enrol your children in new school

The week before moving:

Reconfirm dates/times/locations for furniture removal people
Reconfirm moving in/moving out details and key arrangements

Things you will need to arrange for your new home:

Ensure that gas, electricity, and phone are connected before you move in
Ensure you have access to your new home before the furniture truck arrives
Arrange for newspaper and milk deliveries
Arrange for Sky TV or other connections
Arrange connection of security system (if monitored)
Ensure taps are available for connection of washing machine
Does your new home have smoke alarms
Find out what day is rubbish collection day

Moving can be a very stressing time and planning should ease it somewhat. We hope that after all this planning your move goes very smoothly.

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