Kriuthika - The sexy hot chick!

March 5 2012

Men are lovers of flesh. Am I making a generalized statement? I might be.

Exceptions are there. Click this [link] to see the only man in this world who has the power to control temptation. Yes, No woman can tempt him.

99 % of Road accidents happen due to women showing skin. ~ Source : Nithyananda Publications

So, should all women in India wear a Burka when they walk on the roads? If I say yes to this question, I am pretty sure that all the women in this country will start to hate me. Not just women, the men will also hate me.

Two days ago, my friend Ferrous rang me up and said, "Hey Pepsiboy! Tomorrow, I am going to my village called Makinampatti in Interior Tamil Nadu with a group of friends. I want you to join us"

" Why do you want me to join you all?"

" The Village is very beautiful and it is green and lush and the climate is beautiful"

" That sure sounds good. But That doesn't catch my attention yet. I can switch on the AC and stay at home and have a great time. Tell me some other reason why i should come"

" The Village has great archaeological importance caves"

" I can watch the same on Discovery Channel"

" Ok we can listen to traditional rural music in the village"

"Not Interested"

" There is a glamorous chick called Kriuthika and she is HOT"

"Pick me up on your way to  Makinampatti".

The next day, Ferrous picked me on his car and we drove to sokaverranpatti. It was a dry place and it was nothing close to what Ferrous had mentioned on phone. But we did not mind it. We were waiting to see kriuthika. Ferrous started to narrate about Kriuthika and her beauty.

" She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. Though she is married, she still maintains her figure. Her lips are small and cute and she has a lovely neck"

Now we were all eager to see Kriuthika. Ferrous then took us all to Kriuthika's house. Ferrous walked around the house and we all hid behind a bush and he gave us the thumbs up sign indicating that Kriuthika was all alone in the house. He slowly climbed the wall to see Kriuthika. He stood there like a statue for a minute. Then slowly he got down and ran to us and said , " She is not wearing anything but an underwear."

"Did she see you?"

"No she did not see me. Come soon. Let us all go and admire her beauty"

We all followed Ferrous and climbed the wall and saw the Hot chick Kriuthika wearing nothing but an underwear.

Click this [link] to see Kriuthika's beauty.

Note : Ferrous is no more and we buried him in Makinampatti.

Did I just post my 1150th post?

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