A birthday agony!

February 27 2012

Come February the month of love,
I go back into glimpses of the past
Whoever said that time heals everything
Didn't really know the pain of clinging.

Yet another year passes by,
With some old memories
Proving your deceitful existence
Beyond what my eyes can see.

Sometimes, just a glimpse of you,
In my dreams would suffice
But today its not a day of that kind
When I have logic on my mind.

Romantic stories and tales of laughter,
Kisses and your sprouts of pamper
Motorbike rides and paths of sunshine
Are still safe in my heart's old mine.

Four long years I count today,
Mocking me from the corners of my own eyes
They say, you have left for good
You are healthy, and in a happy mood.

I can only assume they are facts,
For, I know you forget me and 
You see me as  a  coward,
As always you are wrong.

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