Ten Truths

 April 12 2016
Ten truths about this photo

1) Either the photographer  (Ramesh) or I must have been under the influence of alcohol when this photo was clicked. The slant frame is a testimony for that. This picture was clicked with a 8 mega pixel Nikon camera. During those days an 8 MP picture was supposed to be HD.

2) The computer that is in front of me was still intact. That's the only stuff from this picture that is still left  with me.

3) The get to know yourself poster behind me changed the way I approached life. It also helped me to know myself better. The poster was left behind in that room to inspire my cousins.

4) Don't think I am wearing a shorts or a pant in this picture. If you try to zoom in for evidence your eyes will become nollai.

5) The blue bag that is lying under the desk has been a hiding place for thousands of movie CDs, and food items during those days.

6) I am wearing my roomie Joseph pius's glasses. That is to get the geek look.

7) I am not hooked onto the mobile because smart phones had not come into India in a big way back then. I did not have to be in WhatsApp groups as a participant or an admin. I talked with people face to face. I did not have to be removed from WhatsApp groups like this. I did not have to read crap news papers like ToI too. I did not have to read news like this

8) Toiler Paper of India- as it is popularly called also comes from the same prestigious Economic Times family. Not sure how the same group hires journalists for one paper and porn reviewers for another paper they produce.

9) I was 23 years old when this photo was clicked ( It is a 12 year old photo). The solace is I have not aged much in the last 12 years.

10) Lot of things to achieve in life. So Please ......

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