Lessons learned from Swathi's murder

July 02 2016

1. Girls married or unmarried should be selective in accepting friends request in facebook and other social media.

2. Avoid posting photos in different attires.If interested to post such photos paste it in relatives group.

3.Don't entertain boys whom you find suspicious on the first acquaintance .

4. Don't confirm friend requests from anyone who disguises himself with names of popular figures.

5. Don't post your views in groups which are very often entertains unwanted chats in any social media.

6. Don't trust anyone just because he is professionally qualified as you are.

7. Don't disclose any of your personal likes and dislikes in such groups.

8.Avoid people who have inherent hatred against working and high earning people.

9.It is highly advisable to limit your friends circle with close friends, colleagues and relatives.

10. Don't open the social media sites at tea breaks and during busy traveling hours.

11. Don't decide your life partner without parent's knowledge or concern.

12. Don't get into any sort of relationship Without knowing the background or family details of person.

13. Don't disclose your cell numbers to strangers at any cost.

14. If anyone approaches you for request of friendship or love affairs without your consent immediately inform your parents and if necessary inform to police.

15. Don't go out with the person whom you don't trust or believe. Take care..

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