Nurse Nimmy (School Play)

July 04 2017

Row L-R: Mahalingam, Praveen(Nurse Nimmy), Krishna, Mathew(Doctor), Me(Green shirt dress changed), Suresh & Ravi (Krishna's wife Radha) .

This was the skit crew during my 10th standard (1996). When everyone were busy preparing for their public exams, we were busy practicing for a skit performance for our annual day function.

The Story: Krishna goes to a doctor with a problem in his tummy. The doctor finds out that he needs a kidney transplant. As no one comes forward to donate a kidney to him, the doctor decides to take his dog's kidney and perform a transplant for Krishna. I was the dog. We had a glamorous nurse (Praveen) in the play too. Everyone would try to hit on her. But no one would get her. In the end, Krishna would turn into a dog and behave like a dog.

Yes, that was our story. That was the epic marana mokka script that we came up with and we had double en tender throughout the script.

I seriously have no idea how Suresh became a part of the script. He just wanted to be around Praveen all the time and hence he was roped into the team. Suresh acted as a patient suffering from cough. The doctor would write "vicks" on a piece of paper and hand it over to Suresh. Suresh would eat it and leave the place. 

This scene was later introduced in a tamil movie " Pennin Manathai thottu". Our mokkai jokes were copied in mainline cinema too.

I was selected as the dog, because I could bark well, and behave like a dog too. I would jump up and down everywhere, wag my butt and even lift my legs to pee. I was a male dog and not a bitch.

How ever the main attraction of the skit was Praveen. To add glamour to his image, we placed balloons inside his shirt to boost his self confidence. On the day of the event, Suresh pricked the balloon just before we entered the stage. Praveen's glamour quotient went down by a large margin. Immediately Krishna gave two coconut shells to Praveen and Praveen became more glamorous than before. His onstage name was Nurse Nimmy. Our classmate Hafeesa gave voice for Praveen from backstage.

The skit was supposed to end with Krishna barking like a dog and leaving the stage. We practiced it to perfection. But Krishna had other ideas. Before entering the stage, he strategically placed a water bottle and a straw in his pants and he decided to raise his legs and at the same time press the bottle so as to make it appear as though he is peeing at the audience. Unfortunately on that day, our Principal was sitting in the front row and he was subjected to water abhishegam.

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