Pepsi Bureau of Investigation

June 20 2011

The PBI (Pepsi Bureau of Investigation) on Tuesday made a noble deed by saving David Beckham. Apparently Beckham had tried to commit suicide. He had seen the above picture of Vijay and that might be the reason for his heartbreak. How ever the exact reasons for his suicide attempt has not been discovered.

Now let us forget about David Beckham and let us concentrate on our Illayathalapathy Vijay. He shot into fame through the movie Kaadhalukku mariyaadhai. He gave a series of hits and he soon became a super hero in the Tamil film world. But soon Vijay fell into bad company and ended up doing C grade movies. All these movies had the same story line and as a result 10 of his movies bombed big time in the box office. The story line of the ten movies is given below

Introduction of Hero through a song or through a fight. Usually Vijay emerges out of a Steel shutter or through a crowd or through his bike riding skills. In one movie he even emerged out of the sea.

One Kuthu song. It doesn't matter even if it doesn't fit into the movie.

Vijay will always have one sister in every movie and he will do anything for her.

His best friend will be killed by the baddies.

The heroine will be the daughter/bride/ sister of the Villain.

Vijay can fly.

The old ladies and grandpas in the locality always love our hero.

Punch dialogues with non-synchronising hand gestures appear every now and then.

Producer goes bankrupt.

After a series of 5 flops, Pepsiboy also started pulling Vijay's legs and hence ditched his brand loyalty towards him. Actor Vijay has acted in commercials too. He is the only actor in the world whose commercial also flopped big time. The commercial is not worth a single penny. How ever Vijay has bounced back with a beautiful commercial through Joy Alukkas again. Hope he finds his new rhythm in his forthcoming films.

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