Butterfly Princess

June 18 2011

Prabhupepsi's head is a circus that operate 24/7. His brain is full of unanswered questions. Little kids have lot of questions too. When their questions are not answered properly they become mentally unstable. The unstable nature of Prabhupepsi is explained in this post. Most of the time, he does unimaginable, immature things that would make anyone hate him. But many such immature acts of Prabhupepsi has indeed saved the honour and pride of his girl friend Reks.

Many girls have crossed in Prabhupepsi's life. But the girl,"Reks" occupied Prabhupepsi's heart from the past  three months. Reks is Prabhupepsi's blog mate. She was/is a beautiful girl indeed. Let us hear the story from his mouth.

Pepsiboy  narrates
When I first hear her, I could hear Rahman's music in my ears. The first day a magic starts in my life, I realised that at least 33  guys may be fallen in love with her and I thought I was one among them.

The first week was over and by now the ice was broken by her. We started talking our stories every night in phone for hours. Reks and I were in the same feeling. We started talking every day at least 3 times asking had your food?! had your food?! had your food?!. After two three days, Reks and I had become great friends. She would share every matters with me.When I met her first time Our eyes started talking the language of silence. I knew that she was in love with me. I also knew that she was waiting for me. From my great experience with my relationship with girls, I had become an expert in knowing what a girl wants. All my previous assumptions had backfired. But I knew that this time,I was right when I realised that Reks was in love with me.

Reks was the blonde of my life. One day while I was waiting for her call, my mobile phone rang. It was Reks

Me: Hello Butterfly ( That's how I call her)
She: Prabhu! I am stuck here.
Me: Why? What happened? ( There was complete concern in my voice)
She: There is a power failure and the elevator is not working
Me: So what is the problem
She: I am stuck outside the elevator. I am waiting for the last 15 minutes.
Me: Oh
She: Prabhu... I do not know what to do now. Please help me.
Me: Ok Reks.. Why don't you use the stair case?
She: Thank you dear. I would do that.

We had many intelligent conversations like this. Reks was very popular in her place because of her stool (high heals). The stool ll be changed on a regular basis(ok ok cool Reks). In due course of time, we became an inseparable pair. Love You Reks!

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