Few relations are never old.....

August 16 2012

Ten years seem a long time. Memories start ditching us if we try to remember even schoolmates. But sometimes, time isn’t strong enough to cut chords drawn between hearts. Some names are written in a special ink; decades cant fade them away…….
May be it wasn't that long back, at least it doesn't seem to memory, unless I try calculating the number of calendar years that passed in between the two Rendezvous. The last time I met Adarsh, he was twenty three, yes one year younger than me. Not that he looks any older now, but his impeccable beauty does make me feel that perhaps I am a little too old to create ripples!!

You may be miles apart, but at times, shadows are solace to a longing heart. He took me back to our years of togetherness. Our everlasting moments when talks just wouldn't end! Two teenage boys had all the burden of the world to handle! From what to wear, to which song to dance on, to whose mother was stricter (!)...to those teenage crushes which occupied the largest chunk..

As life grows, situations change and we change to adapt to them. But something within us remains the same. 

A little gesture, a little visit, a little remembrance, and perhaps a little note like this, makes us remember that from inside, we are still those teenage boys overburdened with the world’s most difficult decisions!

Yes, may be it really wasn't that long back.. because to heart, it still is the closest phase of life.I didn't have anything to gift your birthday. But the silent tears flowing through our cheeks as we hugged after ten years, told both of us that the bond we relived yesterday, is one of the best gifts anyone could have given to you.

Anxiously waiting for more such moments to come Adarsh.... This time with you...... So as to feel... That I am really living!!

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