Krishna! You made my day !

January 15 2013

Krishna... Proof of good honest people in this world.
I was in his cab today at kottayam. 10 minutes after I got off, I realized I had left my smartphone in the cab. 

I had seen him drive off after dropping me. The phone was in the rear seat, in silent mode. I had not noted the number of the cab. 

Nevertheless I tried calling on the number. 3 times. It kept ringing. No answer.

My heart sank and I slowly trudged back to the spot I had disembarked. And suddenly there he was ! Walking towards me !

He said he had covered quite a bit of distance. Then his next passenger noticed it. And he immediately decided to drive back to where he had left me. 

I requested for a snap and told him I would post it on the net, since while we often complain about how cabbies behave, such integrity should also be lauded.

Thank you Krishna! You made my day !

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