Wanted P.R.O (கொ.பா.செ) & AVE's

January 12 2013
 P.R.O (கொ.பா.செ)

The P.R.O (கொ.பா.செ) of this blog will get the highest privilege to manage the PR activities of the page. The activities include organizing press meets and releasing exaggerated statements about Prabhupepsi.

Remuneration: The P.R.O (கொ.பா.செ) will be allowed to wear Prabhupepsi's red underwear during his/her tenure as P.R.O (கொ.பா.செ)

Applicants are requested to send the passport size picture of their right ear and also a detailed CV explaining their skill set to prabhupepsi@gmail.com

Selected candidates will be called for a face-to-face interview with the Prabhupepsi. During the interview, Prabhupepsi will be wearing a RayBan coolers for build-up purpose.

Executives (அண்ணனின் விழுதுகள்) AVE's

The AVE's has to perform the role of advertising about Prabhupepsi blog where ever they can. They can run around the streets shouting the URL of the page and slogans like வருங்கால அமெரிக்க ஜனாதிபதி அண்ணன் பிரபு வாழ்க. They can also paste the slogans & URL as comments in many facebook pages.

Remuneration : The AVE's will get a special place in the heart of Prabhupepsi

Applicants can walk in and have a face-to-face interview with PowerStar Dr.Srinivasan.
PowerStar Dr.Srinivasan is the CRO (Chief Recruitment Officer) of Prabhupepsi Incorporation.

... More Job openings to be published soon (Watch this page)

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