I'm not sinking. My head is definitely above water.

June 29 2013

Looking at my bank statement, I feel like the kid who ten years ago was still learning how to balance a budget that worked.


I figured that by now I'd have a lot more saved. Well, when I crunched numbers a few months back it seemed like I'd have a lot more saved. The fact is that I've been so used to seeing five digits in my savings account, I'm having a hard time only seeing a measly four. 

I guess I need to be more realistic with where my money is going. 

I managed to decrease my phone bill significantly, but I know I can do better. Once my contract is up, that will be the first thing to make a drastic cut. 

My home rent and electric bills are laughable. Those do not worry me in the least. Gas for my car does not stretch out as far as it could considering I like to joy ride a little too much.

Aside from a few more things that I want to get for my place, I don't anticipate spending a lot more money. 

I had to fork out much dough for my a special celebration for my nieces recently. On the bright side, I didn't have to technically take it from myself. 

Been picking up extra work on the side so that is helping the money flow as well. I'm very, very grateful for the opportunities that have been and continue to present themselves to me. I am definitely grasping at them when I see them coming. 

Bottom line: I need to set (and stick to dammit!) a realistic budget. My fixed expenses are going to be there no matter what ... I signed up for this. 

I guess I'm still learning how to tread through it. But, I'm not sinking. My head is definitely above water. 

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