Yes, I am Wrong...

July 26 2011

“Yes, I was wrong, I admit it was my mistake”, the room turned silent and everyone looked surprised. It was a brave confession indeed.

Aiming to be a perfectionist? No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, it is part of being human; but the question is....

How many of us have the guts and courage to admit?
How many of us accept our mistakes?

Ego stops us and we start sensing an inferior feeling when accept our mistakes. We teach the modern day kids about the virtues of being truthful but when we commit mistakes, we are always looking at a scapegoat who can take the fall. 

Along with courage, it even takes a lot of integrity to admit to one's mistakes. It is so difficult to practice this.
“There are no mistakes, only lessons”, says my mom.

We justify mistakes for the sake of our ego. Sometimes it is best to say, very simply, “Yes, I made a mistake”, marking an end to an argument.

Accepting the blame, even when you have not done any mistake by resisting the temptation of justifying, for the sake of loved ones is the quality of a wise man.

There are people who deny their mistakes; they even go for counter allegations. But a dignified apology can go a long way to restoring trust.

The most powerful trait of a person is to readily accept his/her shortcomings. Nothing can be more appreciable and so truly respected.

Yeah, the best thing is to stick to the truth. Simply accept what we are and what we did. This way, we can improve a lot.

I accept my mistakes and make sure not to repeat the same again. It is the key for my much better life.

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