I know all details :)

July 23 2011
Hi everyone!

This is Krithi here. I am writing this post as my chitapaa is busy on the phone with his girlfriend. The other day, I over heard him speaking on the phone. He tried cracking some jokes, that were not funny even for a six year old girl like me. I feel sorry for my future aunt (Butterfly) for listening to all the PJs that my chitapaa cracks over the phone.

He also tries to be romantic over the phone. He uses some funny names to address her. A few of the names are "Kutti, Chellam and Thangam". He uses more funny names. I will reveal all those names soon.

The other night, he was reading bed night stories for me, when his mobile phone rang. He picked the phone and started talking on the phone. I was angry with him because he did not complete reading the story for me. He started telling all romantic stories to my aunt. I acted as if I did not understand anything. But I know all details and I bless him his tale should end happily:)

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