I am back!!

July 21 2011

Finally, I am back on blogger!!! After 1 month of staying away.
I missed my friends, missed reading their blogs, I'll try to catch up and read as many pieces as I can! :)

Life has changed in a big way for me, I am presently in Chennai, doing my business projects and I've got bundles of new experiences to share, so I'll be back to writing!!

I was intending to get back with a poem as my 'come back post' but its really so hard to actually rhyme lines poetically, tried since last week to frame it properly but looks like I lost touch or may be I need more time to pen down those thoughts!!

I've decided to change my style of writing to being more narrative and casual, more like a conversation. I love blogging, cause its such a simple and easy form of expressing oneself :)


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