A hug a day keeps the blues away

July 25 2011

When was the last time you were hugged by someone, was it months ago, weeks, days or just minutes ago? Hugs are so special, no matter how many we get or give, there is still space for more :)

"A hug a day keeps the blues away" is so true, cause hugs boost our happiness levels, they relieve us from stress, nervousness, anxiety and pain. A hug is considered as the rainbow after rain.

There are different types of hugs based on who gives them to us, some carry love, care, affection and some are just casual, conveying friendship. But every hug is special in its own way!
On a day when you feel so down, when hope seems to fade and feel you are lost, a hug from someone who cares, be it family or friends, makes the heart light. Hugging is such a wonderful tonic which makes us feel energized and gives sufficient emotional boost.

Opening of arms, a warm embrace, a gentle pat on the shoulder, a few words whispered like "take care", "good luck" and that takes hardly a few seconds, but hugs, like miracles, surprise you as to how precious they are in churning out contentment and happiness.

A hug never goes in waste, it gifts us with happiness through the warmth and care of hearts embrace. So start hugging more and see your life turn more beautiful :)

How many hugs do you get or give on an average day? Did you hug someone today?

Well, heres a friendly hug to all those who are reading this post, have a wonderful day ahead :) take care :) cheers!!

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