Infinite nothingness

August 5 2011

What would you do when you are alone at a lake during the hour of dusk? Well, here is an account of what I’ve done today, late this evening:

It was the hour when birds started returning to their nests; in each flap of their wings I could smell the scent of sun.

The sky being god’s own coloring book, you find him always filling it with his favorite colors. Now, let us observe here, the quiet colors of dusk.

After collecting a few pebbles from the ground, I happened to step on a dried leaf and as it got crushed under my feet, out came a "crispy sound" - the leaf was long dead so it couldn't shed a tear drop like we humans do.
I then sat on a bench close to the lake and began dropping the pebbles, one by one into the lake and watched the ripples dance…

Every time a pebble touched the lake surface it gave out a cry, “plop” was the sound which echoed deep into the empty halls of my heart.

As each pebble sank down the throat of the lake, the fish below whispered tales of silence to each other.

A squirrel nearby took courage to question me, “Why did you put such a blank expression on your face, your silent eyes tell stories of emptiness”.

“Dear little squirrel, it’s not sadness that touched me, it’s not happiness that tickled me, it’s the infinite nothingness that filled my heart”.

“Infinite nothingness? What does that mean?” asked the cute squirrel twirling its tail.

“Though life’s journey remains a mystery, just observe carefully around and you will understand the inner meanings of our existence”

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