August 9 2011

I was travelling on Blue Mountain  Express from Chennai to Tiruppur. After having dinner, it was time to sleep.

Soothing songs on my mp3 player made me float like a feathery cloud in deep blue sky of sleep - all of a sudden, a thunderbolt struck me. Yes, a big, loud, weird and a deadly thunderbolt.

From the middle birth, I bent down to find that the tall hefty man on lower birth was snoring at his best ever. With every exhalation, the snore grew even louder surpassing the maximum decibel limit inside a railway compartment.
Immediately I turned the volume high on my mp3 player, but still the snore was able to murder every song that played on(if Rahman ji heard this, he could never win Oscars). I wondered whether I was sleeping inside a lion's den with the lion roaring straight into my ears.
And another surprising thing was, the way others were able to sleep with such loud sound in the air, so loud that it could tear apart every ear drum that it kisses. May be God was kind to them, blessing them to turn deaf for this one night? Or maybe everyone is afraid of disturbing the extra tall, hefty gentleman.

In the middle of the night, I somehow got the idea to wake him up and request him to sign a deal - you sleep for a few hours then give us a chance - wake up, stay awake, allow us to sleep for the same time.

But I was so doubtful whether I could convince him or not? And as I continued to ponder, the train reached its destination. I realized then that I was awake almost the whole night, unable to sleep, not even for a few proper minutes.

Well my dear friend, do spare two minutes to tell me when was the last time you were exposed to snoring at its peak levels while travelling?

Please share your experiences and suggest me any tips or tricks so that I could shield myself next time from this deadly weapon - SNORING :)))))))))))))))))

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