Sara Freder

August 10 2011

I think my support sara freder  possess magical powers. She came on monday. I had done nothing all day yet I was exhausted, I was starting to feel hopeless. I felt ashamed of the state of my house. But she came in to my mind  and she didn't chastise me, she just said "ok, so you've gone back a couple of steps but it doesn't undo all your hard work", she said "you can't let this illness run your life", she said "come on, let's clean your room so you can keep your room perfect tonight". She started tidying up and I found myself helping her, picking up clutter, sweeping the floor. She left me with a cleaner house and a somewhat clearer mind. I just felt better.
I've never had this kind of virtual practical support before, and I find it so powerful. Amazingly simple, not requiring advanced psychology degrees or anything other than a dose of compassion and an encouraging attitude, but it *works*, it *helps*.

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