Restless always…

August 7 2011

I see the boy chasing the yellow butterflies down the street.
I see the boy running barefoot through the burning sand, only to reach the ice cream vendor on time.
I see the boy climbing the lower branch of the tree and peeping into the pigeon’s nest to enquire whether its eggs hatched or not.
I see the boy sitting in the classroom and day-dreaming. It’s an important lecture and our boy is busy building castles in the air.
I see the boy climb up the hill within minutes to meet his pals, the shepherd and his flock.
I see the boy in mango orchards, stealing a mango in the gardener’s absence.
I see the boy drench in the rain and make paper boats float on the stream of rain water.
I see the boy playing the game of goli gundu with his neighbourhood friends.
I see the boy roaming with his friends at the town fair, intending to buy every toy on display.
I see the boy fleeing from the town and reaching the shrine on the outskirts.
I see the boy pull a blade of grass and throw it as high as possible into the air and laugh aloud.
I see the boy hanging along with his friends from the tree branches, like a monkey.
I see the boy running through the paddy fields and drinking water from the field pumps.
I see the boy wandering aimlessly in the streets, like the flowing river water through a valley.
I see the boy flying a kite and feeling proud as the kite soars high into the sky.
I see the boy celebrate his birthday and share gifts, books, and toys with his friends.
I see the boy singing in chorus with his friends, in loud jubilant voices.
I see the boy swimming in the lake waters, trying to catch the tiny fish that are touching his feet.
At last he is back home after sunset, with pocket full of marbles which he won in the game. When his mother questions him why he was not home after school, he just chuckles and goes running into his room.

The sound of marbles dropped on the floor by a running child was echoing inside the room.

The boy is shocked to find a hole in his pocket, maybe while climbing the mango tree the pocket might have torn, but he is content that he did not lose any marble. Finally, in the darkness of night, the tired boy is in his bed. After being restless the whole day, Is the boy calm and relaxing now? No, though he is sleeping, he dreams of doing all that he had done the whole day again and again.

the little boy is restless always…till now!

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