Birthday Poem

February 19 2012

This poem is exclusively dedicated to Thiyagu, my super awesome friend who celebrated his birthday today.

On this very special day, I’ll just say,
that poems travel a long long way
that’s why this one was always ‘on the way’ 
but here it is today!!
Wishing you a happy happy birthday!
Of course I know that won’t do!
This verse is something old and new
for you this year that fleetingly flew
behind us, as we grudgingly grew;
reminding today, 
Of all the memories that lay afloat
in my mind, it is hard to quote
the most memorable, hard to note
the funniest joke, for me to gloat
what an awesome person I got to know! ;)
I hope, Someday on your birthday,
A poem like this will travel a long way
and blink and beep on your  Samsung black berry
while you’re listening to your favorite tune
driving on a highway in your alto  (or ur Inova!)car
Off to a day of mountain climbing,
backpack full of  carlsberg beer cans… 
I wish you everything nice, earth to stars.
And Every year on this day 
(might be late, I can’t say happy birthday))
my poem will travel a long way
Like it did today
to wish you a happy happy birthday Thiyagu!

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