Enjoying Life

February 11 2012

Thanks Shreeja for reminding me that I have a blog to update.And since I have nothing to write and no inspiration whats-so-ever to cook up a story, here is what you wanted to read from me ;-) (I assume you and everyone else is interested to know each and every detail of the awesome life I have)

When I am not blogging, I am 

Decorating my newly-found cute-little-room-apartment :)
Giving advice, even if no-one wants it
Watching a movie
Organizing and re-organizing my stuff. Maybe I'll start color-coding things now. 
Sympathizing with friends who got married, and making them realize that there is more to life than being happy
Eating, Facebook-ing, all at the same time
Wondering how some boys around me would continue to wear the cotton pants in-spite of  simple jeans 
Home-Alone enjoying being with myself
Attending Weddings. Marriage is a such a communicable disease I tell you later
Reading Fountainhead. God knows when I'll be able to finish
Reminding people not to mess with my-highness
Being too lazy to type
Blaming about random people
Enjoying Life

But, I better be back soon.All I need is a story.Oh, maybe the real come-back post is just round the corner.

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