It becomes harder to pretend

February 20 2012

Please don't ask me what it is
Its very difficult to tell
The grief, the pain, has gone deep within
Deeper than you can smell

Don't wonder whose fault it is
Is it fate or my own creation
I have pondered enough on thoughts like these
And realized there's no conclusion

Every morning when day should start afresh
I have thoughts lingering over mind
And you think, certain things are wrong
Oh! why, but few are right!

Please don't try to search my eyes
I don't hide emotions there
You don't know, but I have mastered the art
Of hiding feelings nowhere

The little smiles I tried to preserve
Have become difficult to upkeep
And you thought I m such a jovial guy
You don't know whats there in deep

Don't ask me about my silent hours
I may not disclose them ever
I keep talking for long long hours
But my silence is hidden forever

The shell was hard, not easy to break
But has now been broken and bent
Don't question how I live like this
It becomes harder to pretend.

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