1/2 step forward out of 999 steps...

May 11 2010

Within the last 2 weeks:

1. I started my job.

2. Unemployment gone.

3. I have money coming in now.

4. I've visited about 5-9 companies per week and have gotten maybe 3 phone calls and
worked out for 2 and got succeed 1.

6. I'm almost 1 week advertisement payment behind.

7. Also 2 months on phone/internet.

8. I just spent the last of my money on dinner(last night), Cell Phone top up for 50rs.

9. Sruthi and I are now friends.

If anyone in the Coimbatore area needs a top notch Hardware and Networking Engineer Just call Google Valet-9788116669 that can rescue your computer, oh...yes, please let me know.

Actually, if anyone in the Coimbatore area needs anyone to do anything in computers, please let me know. Um, legally speaking.

Please please please send good thoughts this way ya'll - I don't know what I'm going to do. Just Help me....


Pooja said...

Cold war ends huh?

Sruthi said...

Thanks Prabhu we are now friendz

Sudarshan said...

Thala u Can thala b coz u are the pepsi thala!!