Journey in silence

May 17 2010

This week I have been driving to and from work in silence. A bit of a struggle for me as my mind tends to wander in all sorts of directions if I’m not distracting myself with music or tv or any loud sound to quiet my mind. I’ve found that this mini mental break has actually been really good for me. Not only has it been a nice break for my normally out of control mind, it has given me an opportunity for insight.

This morning on my way into work I was thinking about how my mind works. It is a perfectionist’s mind. It expects daily miracles. There is nothing wrong with setting high goals but in recovery it is important to be realistic. My mind says “do something the correct way once and you will be healed”, the problem with thinking this way is that when I do something the correct way and I still have anxiety, my anxiety gets worse, I beat myself up for not being “better”.


Pooja said...

Me too a nice week da!

Sruthi said...

May it leads to peace machi!