Towards 30

May 31 2010

I noticed that a few close friends that I have at this point of my life now will be entering 30s this year.   For the past 4 weeks, my conversations with them have evolved around life after 30s.  Now that they have a steady career, steady streams of in-come, some are deciding on their next dream family, some brand new car, few thinking of investing into businesses.

I will be turning 30 in a few weeks and have another 10 years before the big 40.  I have been asking myself what do I want to have achieved by 40.  What do I want to have accumulated to prepare for my life  journey into years of 40s.  The list is getting longer.  Here’s few that I want so far..

Driving my dream car(Ambassador)…
Be d’ Man of  Business (only few will know what is this)
Have my own Digital Condo set up by 33 with the latest wireless and home IP gadgets.
Sufficient cash to start up a new business in Pollachi or my google valet franchise (by than it might be something else).
Cover AUSTRALIA or US or CUBA or SINGAPORE (all countries) by 40s.
I have no idea how I am going to achieve all these including my dream car… .  As for now, I think I need more money.  The question is how do I make more risk-free money other than my business & investment now? I have no idea..

I will just continue to persue my number 1 dream for now and start working on the rest once it is stabalized. Pray fully too it will fullfill all the rest of my dreams in my life.


Sruthi said...

All the best da!! U ll Succeed

Pooja said...

hope a bright feature!!

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