30 Major Barriers to Success

May 25 2010
  1. Unfavorable Hereditary Background
  2. Lack of Well-Defined Purpose in Life
  3. Lack of Ambition to Aim Above Mediocrity
  4. Insufficient Education (Education is defined as ability to learn to get whenever one want in life without violating the rights of others)
  5. Lack of Self-Discipline
  6. Ill Health
  7. Unfavorable Environmental Influences during Childhood
  8. Procrastination
  9. Lack of Persistence
  10. Negative Personality
  11. Lack fo Controlled Sexual Urge
  12. Uncontrolled Desire for ‘Something for Nothing’
  13. Lack of a Well-Defined Power of Decision
  14. One or More of the Six Basic Fears
  15. Wrong Selection of a Mate in Marriage
  16. Over Caution
  17. Wrong Selection of Associated in Business
  18. Superstition and Prejudice
  19. Wrong Selection of a Vocation
  20. Lack of Concentration of Effort
  21. The Habit of Indiscriminate Spending
  22. Lack of Enthusiasm
  23. Intolerance
  24. Intemperance
  25. Inability to Corporate with Others
  26. Procession of Power not acquired through Self-Effort
  27. Intentional Dishonesty
  28. Egotism and Vanity
  29. Guessing Instead of Thinking
  30. Lack of Capital

If you are reading this, take time to reflect where you are now in your life.  How happy are you now with what you have achieved so far from the scales of 1 – 5 in the are of your family life, social, health (physical, mental, emotional), financial, career, spiritual, compared to where you want to be.

What’s stoping you from achieving your desires.   Take time to go through the above list again and identify the top 5 reasons that stop you from achieving your goals.
Meanwhile, just as Success does not define who we are, our Failure does not define us too.

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