May 16 2010

I am a dreamer… at least in my sleep.  I dream very frequently as often as every night since very much younger.  Sometimes I love it, especially when I have sufficient sleep and woke up with a smile on my face.  Some times I hate it… especially when I was chasing something or be chased, teeth falling out, falling, fights between love ones, arriving late to some important functions.

Sometimes dreams can be very helpful… a solutions to an issue which I have been working on.  Sometimes it is a warning… like ‘drive carefully!’.  Sometimes it’s a mystery… Sometimes it’s boringly black and white, and sometimes I can remember the colour, the touch, the smells, and the feelings… especially when it is a beautiful dream.

As I aged teen, I began to enjoy dreams more… especially dreams that repeats my Anipra and my daily errants in life.  Whenever I am stressed, my dreams evolve around the situations that I was stressed about…. to the point I have to ask myself , ‘…did I actually made that promise, call that decision, met the person or did that happened in my dream?’…  Whenever that happened, I woke up feeling like I have not slept!.

Tonight, I yearn for dreamless night to have a complete rest after few days of eventful dreams!


Sruthi said...

Nice dream da macha!!LOL

Pooja said...

Shall I ask u one thing?
are u a crap? idiot! forget anitha da!. She doesn't deserves that much da.... sorry!!