99% vs. 100% honesty

May 1 2010

Two days ago, I stopped telling little stupid lies. Since then, my life has improved by a ridiculous amount.

There is a big difference between 99% and 100%. 100% committed is far more powerful than 99% committed. 100% confident is far more useful than 99% confident. And 100% honest is far more empowering than 99% honest.

99% honest is pretty good, it’s true. The 1% of my dishonesty was mostly either “fudging by rounding” or “little white lies”.  Here are some examples.

Mom: “Did you see that actor sivakumar's speech in vijay tv ?”

Me: “Yeah, it was really nice!”

My thoughts: “Huh, why did I say that? I didn’t see it at all.”

Dad: “Are you okay with this plan?”

Me: “Yeah.”

My thoughts: “I’m mostly okay with this plan, and that’s close enough that I don’t feel like making a big deal out of it.”

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Asuka said...

Man, this is a good one too. I have been pretty consistently impressed with the kind of content y’all are putting out here.