What’s freedom… actually?

May 30 2010

When we were kids…Being waken from our sleep, Dragged to school through the years. Life seems like a bottomless peak…We can’t wait for freedom after graduations. When we started work, As bills and debts mountains. We can’t wait to get married… with someone to share our burdens yet after D’day… we lost ourselves trying to be good spouse, in-laws, and  parents..

Life is trapped once again and we lost completely, our freedom.When they are all gone… the young and old
The mountains of debts and bills and parenting guilt.Life finally found its freedom…Only to face with our body saying… it’s about time to draw down the curtains…

So… what’s freedom… actually?.


Arthi said...

Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

Sruthi said...

Now you choose what you need!! B coz u have freedom actually