to do nothing

January 24 2011

There's so much to do in life and i am unable to catch all times i compare my life with others' at times i try to catch up with them at times i project myself to match them i strive and struggle to reach near them.. and in all that i tend to forget my own identity my own individuality in search of others's excellence getting lost too much looking at them... too much.....and the individuality struggles to find 'my very own...' I pause, sit aside, do nothing and try to catch up with the world... trying to get all what i want, while keeping ma bum stable on the bed it feels as if it's a fight between two forces, two gravities the force of reality and the force of dream....

But all m able to do is "to do nothing"

Tooooooooo muchhhhh it is

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Arthi said...

ena sir deppressed