Introduction to CCTV Camera's

January 20 2011

Google Valet Store along with Green Vision Technologies started making wonders in CCD Camera's with NAT Technology. Having a CCTV camera installed in your residential and commercial areas is not a new thing. With the changing times humans have adapted well to the environment with the use of gadgets for a safer tomorrow. These days the world is faced with many potential hazards be it in your home or work place, everyone wants to prevent them. This has given a rise in the increase of surveillance in all areas, it has become more than a necessity. We work hard all our life for making the home it is or building an empire. We want to safeguard our belongings and loved ones in the best way possible; these security cameras are an ideal solution to all your problems.

The closed circuit television alias cctv nanny spy camera will do wonders in any place where you install them. These devices provide you with in hand physical proof if any unfortunate thing were to happen. At the work place the buildings are having these models and preventing thefts and causing intruders to be at bay. They reinforce a sense of uniformity among the staff and increase interpersonal skills when they are installed in the interiors.

Features of a CCTV camera:

The advanced features seem to increase by every minute, as with the advances in technology you can benefit from the additional features to benefit you. The features such as controls for foreground and background color, split image, color or b/w presentation. Depending on the number of CCTV cameras you want to install depends on two major criteria's; firstly the vastness of the room you want to cover, for a mansion one would never suffice, Secondly the value of the investment that needs surveillance. You can go for a higher end model like color rotating camera with remote if you want constant monitoring of the valuables be it money or papers in a firm.

Additional Features you might want to consider:

Ask as many questions as you can to yourself which will give a clearer picture and help you narrow down your needs and the list of choices you have in mind. Some more additional questions, that are back of our mind but you do not consider are-

What is the level of magnification controls provided by the device? This is of crucial importance to distinguish a potential and suspicious intruder from a guest at home or workplace. It is of great value to catch him right in act of crime.
Is the camera color or black and white?
What is the size and weight of the system?
Will the CCTV accept video input from a computer?
Does it support split screen (horizontal and/or vertical)?

Since quite some time now they have been around be it in airports, museums, government buildings, hospitals and major industrial market, you name it they have this gadget for security purposes. The other alternative the security guard cannot be at all places, the investment made in a security camera is one time any place big or small can incorporate them to reach great heights.


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