Happy I am!!

January 18 2011

'U have gained some weight', said my trainer!

'more than some', I replied

'No fried, no sweet, less carbs, no choclates', he barked!

I stepped back, took out chocolate bar from my bag & bit it twice before offering him! Shot 'F' word twice & hopped on tread mill...

'M moving on with Cardio...Can we start', I said!
'Prabhu....', he paused
I am a foodie....'F....'
WOW...& I rejoined Gym after 6 months!!

“They’re not empty calories if they’re full of AWESOMENESS!”
Let's take a pledge 'we'll not Diet until......whatever...whatever... " :P
Happy I am!!

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Anonymous said...

lol :) i just cant get over the laughs am having.. oh dear oh dear..

good read as always