January 12 2011

That morning sneeze…
That morning chill in the air….
That extra laziness to get out of bed…. [extra because I feel lazy to get out of bed daily!  ]
That reluctance to wash one’s face with that cold water….
Even more reluctance to have a bath….Thank god for geyser!
Applying lots of moisturizer on dry skin and lip balm on dry lips….
Eating ghee stuffed pongal, vegetable cutlets, carrots, spring onion….
Smaller days and longer nights….
That bump in the elbow hurting real bad….
Sipping that warm coffee….
When I got up this morning, I found that winter is here! In January!
But will it stay?
I am wondering this because the duration and the magnitude of summer season has been decreasing every year in my town. It gets cold for two days and then again it is as hot as in summer. Last year it was proper Winter only for two weeks, that too in January. December was quite warm. All my sweaters including the Allen Solly ones which I had been waiting to show off didn’t get a chance to come out of the closet. Sigh!

Those who say global warming is a myth should come and stay in my town for a year. The temperature in summer reaches 46 deg C , the monsoon is erratic, no more 4-5 days of continuous heavy rain like we used to have many years ago, no more cold winter months and the pleasure of sleeping under quilts. And after the so called winter, its Summer again. There is no Spring practically!

I guess all of you had read several posts on December 25  about Global Warming as many bloggers had participated in Blog Action Day 2010. As I was on my Christmas vacation during that time and as I don’t think blogging about an issue should be restricted to just one day, I am blogging about it now. Moreover I have not added my blog to that website [as it asked for my password] but still I feel strongly about the issue. Today when I felt the first winter chill, I was happy!! But that happiness was short-lived as I remembered last year’s winter season and the change in my town’s climate over the past few years.
Trust me, no matter how much water is found on the Moon or how many missions are sent to Mars, this is the only planet that can sustain life.

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