The 10 drunk men

February 23 2011

I got a few pictures in the internet. A few pictures were sent to me by my friend. I took a picture.The result...
" The Ten best drunkards of our time"

10. I just Hit the pedal

9. Before and After

8. My dream stinks

7. I am doing my masters in Urine Technology

6.Is that my shoe in the air?

5.The door opened by itself

4. I call it the wet wet wet jogging

3. Beer-de-france

2. I can sit like my dog

1.Is it the Prabhupepsi?

1 comment:

Sudarshan said...

You are a MESS Pepsiboy I mean seriously! lol

MY GOSH! Come hang with me and my gals and I will guarantee you some picks like this!!!!