Wonder Years

February 20 2011

I was going through my photo album.Pictures taken when I was just a three year old kid to pictures taken till last month.I have this habit of collecting pictures(hard copies) and pasting them in collage form in albums.

But the last few years, with the advent of digital photographs and high-pixel storage capacity of computers, I seldom take a printed copy anymore. But the feeling of holding a hard copy printed picture in your hand is entirely different. I am sure everyone will agree with that.

Now coming back to this post, I decided to start a tag. The rules are very simple. Go back down your memory lane by adding your childhood pictures and write some lines that correlate to the picture. Finally when you are done with it, just tag the names of those you wish to add their childhood pictures too...I am tagging everyone who reads this post
So here we go... Major incidents in my life

I am just 3 years old(1983)
Started writing the alphabets fully with great efficiency.
I started walking without any support.

I am seven years old (1987)
My parents make me mottai every year. I still have straight hair. I never knew that I will get a gel to keep my hair in control.
I fell in love with my cousin Sharmi.

I am fifteen years old (1995)
Where did my beard go?
I had 2 girls in my life now.

I am sixteen years old (1996)
My first stage performance with my first suit got over ( Will upload the audio soon. I do not have the video of the performance).
Anitha is my only sweetheart in my life.

I am eighteen years old (1998)
I just entered my college. Having a small trip at weekends with Anitha in my TVS50 bike. Anitha is so beautiful now.
I am the king of my college & I ragged my seniors too.

I am twenty years old (2000)
Why do I cut my hair short.
I am doing my second year computer science.I have a back-paper too (Binomial Theorem -Discreet Mathematics).

I am twenty three years (2003)
I have started my post graduation again. 
Anitha and I planned for a new business together.

I am twenty five years old (2005)
I have applied for my passport.
I have got a job in Bangalore.

I am twenty seven years old(2007)
Started my new business AirVoice showroom in Pollachi.
I am diving into the sawmill (logs & timber) field now.

I am twenty eight years old(2008)
I never expect this could happen in my life yes I lost my business, Anitha, and every thing.
I suffered being a schizophrenic.

I am twenty nine years old (2010)
I shifted to Tiruppur.
I have started my Google Valet Store.

I am thirty years old (2011)
I sit in front of the computer and type this...
Note:I am single.


Sruthi said...

great post..i did with weight and you did with age. I really like all the pics. I was trying to figure out which one would be my favorite. Cud not really decide. fantastic.

Arthi said...

woooow...thats stupendous:)
i so wanna take this tag...hell but i dont have any of my childhood pics with me..they are all lying with my mom...:(
wonderful..i loved the pics,,and all d little stories:)

Tamil Selvi said...

wow Pepsi boy
wht a beautiful compilation of pix!
I wanna know more about Anitha :)

Anonymous said...

I like the part where you spoke about the emotions of holding a your photo..............the feeling is more beautiful than the picute you hold, even though it might be your best pic................

Just happen to come across your blog............Loved it...Self Confessions of Prabhu, nice read yaar....