ParisHilton calling...

February 24 2011

My phone rang very late the night-before-last night. I checked my watch. It was 11 pm.Late night calls are always reserved for public personalities.I looked into my mobile. It read ParisHilton calling...

"Oh No! Not again", I thought to myself. It was the same girl. She was crazy about me. She even told once that she fantasizes about me. I finally decided that it is high time that I made her to change her mind. Her name is Paris Hilton. I hope my readers know that she likes to act in front of the camera.

I picked the call
ParisHilton : Hey Pepsiboy ( Low voice)... Mmmmmmuuuuuuaaaaah
Me : Yes tell me! What do you want? (Rough voice)
ParisHilton : I was just thinking about you
Me : OK
ParisHilton : Can I come over to your place?
Me : No My Mom is here!
ParisHilton : Please! I am looking at your photo now
Me : OK
ParisHilton : I am going for the Oscars tomorrow. Can I pose with your photo?
Me : You can! But do not trouble me any more.
ParisHilton : OK....Mmmmmmuuuuuuaaaaah
Me : Bang (Call Disconnected)

I do not know what happened the next day. But I was stunned to see this photo in the papers this morning.Some people are really crazy about me. I can't stop them.
Can you guys give me some tips to snub people like ParisHilton?
Note: Thanks Guru(my little bro) for introducing me to Photofunia.


Sudarshan said...

Dude, Paris Hilton? Seriously??யாரு நம்ம கூட ஒன்னாம் கிளாஸ் படுச்சலே அவளா Euuuuuuuuwwwwwwwwwww!! Would the next one be Julia Robert??? Just curious da மாமா!

Anonymous said...

Nice One....

Daffodils said...

Nice One.....