Blog Commenting For Dummies

February 7 2011

Are your friendships suffering because you don't have enough time to comment on all your friends blog? Are you finding yourself spending hours reading blogs but still not able to fulfill your social obligation of commenting?

Fear not. Help is here!
A Dummies book designed especially for time strapped bloggers like you. It has hundreds of time-saving tips to make your commenting more efficient. Once your read the book we guarantee that you will be able to comment on all your friends blogs from work without your employer suspecting a thing!

Here are some sample tips for you:

If you have 30 seconds
In 30 seconds you can barely get past dreaded word verification. So don't even try to read the title of the post. Just enter Wow! Great post in the comments.

If you have 2 minutes
You still don't have time to read the entire post. So glance through the post and pick any sentence with pompous words. Quote the line and write, Man, how do you find such perfect words to express your thoughts.

If the post is a poem
The good and bad thing about these poet-bloggers is that they think each line of their poem is a gem. Just pick any random line, quote it and say, I love this line. This is the best line.

If you actually have time to read a post
Then don't follow the first rule and enter some random compliment. Read the post carefully. But in most cases the post makes no sense and you are left wondering if the post is in Pig Latin. In such cases simply say, Wow great post.


Arthi said...

brilliant job yheeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

love u and ur blog

Sruthi said...

your blog has a life keep rocking!